The Death of Bollywood Superstar Rajesh Khanna Floods Twitter with Tweets and Hashtags

Rajesh Khanna revolutionized Indian film and the ascent of the bollywood actor into the realm of mainstream stardom. Khanna stared in a substantial number of films over a 5 decade period with his peek periods in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He stared in over 160 films. Khanna mastered the craft of acting as he perfected the romantic roles that made him so admired.

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Rajesh Khanna died Wednesday in Mumbai, India at the age of 69. Khanna’s death was not totally a surprise as he had been a frequent visitor to hospitals and clinics for several months prior to his death. The nature of Khanna’s illness and manner of death is still undisclosed information at the moment. However, you can follow the Twitter tweets and hashtag links within this post to get up to the second news on the cause of death as well as tweet tributes to the most respected actor in Bollywood.

Some of Khanna’s most popular films are¬†Aradhana, Safar, and Anand.

@bollywooddotcom: the official Twitter account of Get the latest Bollywood tweets and news with links to articles, blogs, news, information, pictures and videos. The latest tweet from Bollywooddotcom pays tribute to Rajesh Khanna.

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So what are people saying or tweeting about the death of Khanna, Bollywood and the public’s reaction in India on Twitter?

You can follow all the latest Rajesh Khanna tweets and hashtags on this developing story on Twitter now:

#rajeshkhanna  hashtag

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