The London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Twitter, Tweets and Hashtag Guide

This Friday’s London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony¬†plans to be spectacular in many ways. Danny Boyle is the artistic director of this year’s event which will last a total of 3 hours. With over 4 billion people having the opportunity to watch the Opening Olympic Ceremony the event as it coincides on Twitter is surly going to come close to record tweets per second as devoted Olympic fan Twitter users from all over the world take to their mobile devices and computers to tweet their thoughts on this sporting¬†spectacle.

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Here is what we know about this year’s Opening Olympic Ceremony and how some people will be tweeting about it on Twitter. It’s a British affair highlighting all the greatest people and cultural achievements of this great land. This is somewhat the order of expected events at the Olympic Ceremony but not completely verified. I collected a series of hashtags relating to these events and people and placed them with links at the end of this post to make it easier for you to follow the Ceremony without having to type in all the possible hashtags floating out there in the Twitterverse.

  • The ceremony is based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest
  • Opening with a James Bond helicopter entrance
  • A huge Olympic bell will begin the ceremonies
  • A pastoral landscape with animals is the next scene
  • There is an Edwardian Village cricket team
  • Glastonbury Tor
  • Last Night of Proms
  • Background music includes Chariots of Fire
  • A darker world in ACT 2 is set with the British Industrial Revolution
  • Could have music by the Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols
  • ACT 3 is post industrial times
  • Tribute to the Beatles and other British historical figures
  • Fittingly, former Beatles Sir Paul McCartney will end the first part of the ceremonies
The riveting historical entertainment section ends and the Olympic formalities begin with the receiving of the Queen, entrance of the athletes carrying national flags, speeches, the Olympic Anthem, and the Olympic Flame and the lighting of the Cauldron.


@London2012: the official verified Twitter account of the 2012 London Olympics with over 877,000 followers and 2,500 tweets to date. Latest tweets include following the Olympic Flame through London as it visits the London Eye and tweets with links to behind the scenes look at the latest news, pictures galleries, videos and links to articles about the all important competitions with medal updates and nation medal totals.

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You’ll want to follow this event on Twitter with the #openingceremony hashtag first. The following hashtags will be tagged in tweets in surges at different stages of the 3 hour event.


London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Popular Twitter Hashtags




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