The Movie Carrie Tweets and Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook,YouTube and Google Plus

The 1970’s movie Carrie was always due for a remake. The story written by the legendary Stephen King is timeless. Finally, we can now anticipate a new Carrie movie on the way in the fall of 2013 starring Chloe Grace Moretz and the her endearing mother Margaret White played be Julianne Moore.

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Follow the build-up to the new Carrie movie on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest by following all these relevant hashtags. Each hashtag is linked to a general page on the website where you can easily track each hashtag on all the popular social networking sites right now.


a new Carrie movie is out starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore


playing the role of Carrie in the new Stephen King Carrie movie


plays the mother of Carrie in the Carrie movie, Margaret White


prolific author of many horror novels including Carrie


played the original Carrie in the 70’s classic


director of the new 2013 version of Carrie


will play Miss Dejardin in the new Carie movie


portrays Chris Hargensen in the 2013 Carrie movie


will play Billy Nolan in the 2013 Carrie movie




will play Tommy Ross in the 2013 Carrie movie


the central character in the Carrie movie


this is the hashtag promoting the new Carrie movie


another popular hashtag promoting the Carrie movie


the power that Carrie White possesses that causes the destruction at the end of the film


bad things happen at this Ewen High’s Prom night


a normal event in most high schools except Ewen High (see Movie Carrie)




the unforgettable mother of Carrie White in the Carrie movie







the high school where Carrie attended



one of the all time classic lines that the mother tells her daughter who wants to head to Prom

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