The Official Hunger Games Directory of Movie, Fan Blogs and Actors Facebook and Twitter Accounts

The numbers are coming in strong for the Hunger Games movie which was reported to have couped an opening day tally of 68 million. This puts the Hunger Games at the top of the list for the best opening day revenue for a non-sequel feature film and in the top 5 for best opening day of all time. The weekend is predicted to bring in a take of around 140 million.

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There is no doubt the popularity of the Hunger Games is soaring right now.  I’ve been monitoring the reaction on Facebook and Twitter this morning reading tweets under various hashtags and comments on Facebook posts and the reviews of the movie are coming in strong. It goes without saying this movie is the trending thing right now on Facebook and Twitter this weekend and most likely for the next several weeks.

I’ve gathered some of the hottest Hunger Games hashtags with links being tweeted this weekend and placed them for easy convenience here on this post. I’ve also found many popular official movie sites,  blogs and fan pages on Facebook including the 12 District’s Facebook Pages. You can practically monitor the pulse of the reaction to this movie on these 2 social networks as tweets and posts both provide links to news articles, reviews, actor news, movie facts and trivia, games, contests and more.

Trending Hunger Games Hashtags on Twitter

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#hungergames  (you’ll find many relevant tweets about the movie are using this primary hashtag).



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#katniss (find out fan’s reaction to the central character in the movie by following tweets with this hashtag)



#catchingfire  (tweeting about the second book)

#district12 (tweets about the 12 districts of Panem)













Hunger Games Twitter Links:

@mockingjaynet (the top Hunger Game blog and Fan site Twitter account).










Facebook Official and Fan Sites Hunger Games Links  (the official Hunger Games Facebook movie page)  (the production company official Facebook page)  (plays Katniss Everdeen, the central protagonist) (plays peeta) (plays Effie) (plays Gale Hawthorne)  (top Hunger Games fan site’s Facebook page)

The 12 Panem District’s Facebook Pages

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