The Official New Dallas TV Show, Ewing Family and Rise to Power Twitter, Tweets and Hashtag Media Guide

The new Dallas series made its network debut on TNT, June 14th, to a viewing audience of over 6.8 million people. No doubt the show is already off to a great start. But what is more remarkable is how the show is being promoted on Twitter.

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All the main characters have their own verified Twitter account feeds exclusively handled by While this is not a unique idea, to have characters tweet to promote a series, the Dallas TNT Twitter promotion looks quite involved as each main character has their own Twitter handle already tweeting and generating followers daily. If you quickly take a glance at some of the feeds you’ll see some fun exchange tweets between the characters that mirror what’s happening on the show.

Part of the fun is’s attempt to launch their social network online game called “Rise to Power“.  It’s a fun and easy game to follow. In order to play you must first sign up and then “declare an allegiance” to a character that you believe will shine in the upcoming episode. When they mean shine they mean will really work over the rest of the characters good allowing them to move up the charts in the power rankings.

For every truly maniacal and successful bad deed attributed to your chosen weekly character the more your character moves up in their weekly power ranking chart and the more points you can earn.  

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Interact with characters on Twitter and Facebook and earn even more points. The object of the social game is of course to earn as many points as possible so you have a better chance of winning prizes.  There are 1,000 real prizes with the grand prize winner awarded a trip to Southfork.

Here is the point system chart for interacting on social networks like Twitter and Facebook while playing Rise to Power.  To help those who are interested in playing Rise to Power or for those who just want to follow the cast of characters on Twitter as well as the real actors who play them I put together this Twitter Dallas TNT Media Guide. It includes the characters, the real actors, TNT’s main Dallas website, and the official fan website’s Twitter pages. See what percentage of characters are aligned now.

Official TNT Network On Twitter

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@Dallas_TNT: the official Twitter account of Dallas on TNT with over 20,000 followers and over 1,000 tweets. This is the premiere must follow Twitter feed for this brand new series based on the old popular Dallas show. Latest tweets include the new expanded tweet interface with a youtube video called “Dallas-The Story Behind Dallas“. Tweets include embedded links to articles, pictures and videos to the website. Tweeting using the hashtag #Dallastnt.


The New Dallas TNT Characters On Twitter

@RealJREwing: some light hearted tweets and fun from the characters of the new Dallas series on TNT. These are verified Twitter characters created and run from the official Dallas TNT website. Tweets from JR Ewing are true to character so to speak as he has picked up over 12,000 followers already. Follow his charcater during the series as Ewing interacts with other charcters like @RealSueEllen, @TheBobbyEwing and @TheOneJohnRoss.


@TheBobbyEwing: the brother Ewing is ready to fight for his family and of course against his brother and nephew if need be.  Bobby anchors this side of the family well on Twitter with over 6,00o followers.



@RealSueEllen: another verified character from the new TNT Dallas series. The RealSueEllen has over 4,300 followers. Tweeting with the hashtag #DallasTNT. This is only a sample of some of the tweets you can expect from Sue Ellen as this series develops.





@TheOneJohnRoss: like father, like son whether you like it or not. John Ross, the son of JR Ewing, is ready to restore honor to the family name. Team John Ross has amassed over 4,000 followers.

@theElenaRamos: a life long friend of the family and particularly friends with Christopher and John Ross Ewing,  Elena’s Twitter account has over 3,100 followers.



@TheChrisEwing: Christopher Ewing represents his family well, even on Twitter.  Here’s his Twitter bio: I’m going to revolutionize renewable energy and change the way people see my family once and for all.  If your team Christopher then it goes without saying that this is a must follow Twitter feed.



@RebeccaSutter: Rebecca, the fiance of Christopher Sutter, has over 2,500 followers.  She’s practicing law. Throw a lawyer into the mix and you know her tweets will get interesting as the show progresses.



@TheAnnEwing: Bobby’s wife Ann has over 2,600 followers.


The New Dallas TNT Actors On Twitter



@Linda_Gray: the official account of Linda Gray who plays Sue Ellen with over 5,400 followers.

@therealpduffy: the official account of Patrick Duffy with over 4,300 followers. Has picked up the tweeting lately with the launch of the new Dallas series.

@Larryhagman1: might be the official Twitter account of Larry Hagman. Hasn’t tweeted since Oct. 26th, 2009.



@joshhenderson: the official verified Twitter account of Josh Henderson with almost 20,000 followers. Josh is getting a lot of love lately as the new Dallas show premiered recently on TNT playing the John Ross Ewing character.

@jessemetcalfe: the official verified Twitter account of Jesse Metcalfe with almost 130,000 followers and 1,700 tweets. Metcalfe plays Christopher Ewing on the new Dallas series.

@JordanaBrewster: the official verified Twitter account of Jordana Brewster with over 60,000 followers and over 2,100 tweets to the date of this post.

@julie_gonzalo: the official verified Twitter account of Julie Gonzalo who plays Rebecca Sutter with over 3,000 followers.

@Brenda_Strong: the official verified Twitter account of Brenda Strong who plays Ann Ewing with over 10,300 followers.


Official New Dallas TNT Fan Club On Twitter

@UltimateDallas: the official fan website of with over 2,700 followers and over 1,300 tweets. New Dallas TV Show Fan Club Twitter site tweets links to articles and reviews about the new show.

 Dallas TNT Characters, Actors, And The Rise To Power Game

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