The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care Reaction on Twitter with Tweets and Hashtags

The Supreme Court will announce sometime this week an important ruling on the constitutionality of Obama’s health care bill. At the crux of the debate is whether or not a provision in the bill violates the Constitution. This provision mandates that every American who meets the criteria buy some form of health insurance or face strict fines and penalties.  

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The Supreme Court has several options. They can decide if only this part of the bill must be thrown out or they could rule to throw out the whole bill entirely or rule on some sort of compromise. You can bet the people of the United States and the world for that matter will be extremely interested in this decision. For one, the rising costs of health care for individuals is universally and undeniably a problem in which most people agree. Exactly how to slow the escalating costs of health care while opening up the door for more access for everyone is still an issue.

What are people tweeting about the Supreme Court health care ruling? The best way to follow the people’s reaction to an announcement or ruling of this magnitude is to follow some of these health care, Obamacare and U.S. Supreme Court Twitter accounts, tweets and hashtags including some pro and anti Obamacare feeds as well as all the related Obamacare and health care hashtags.


Supreme Court Related Twitter Feeds

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@USSupremeCourt: from the with over 32,o00 followers and 1,600 tweets to the date of this post. Tweets decisions as they are announced.

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SCOTUSOpinions: tweets the latest opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court. Tweets include links to articles to the documents of the opinions of the court from the website.  You can bet this opinion will be viewed quite substantially when this Health Care decision is announced.

President Obama Twitter Account


@BarackObama: the President of the United State very own official verified Twitter account with almost 17 million followers and over 4,400 tweets. The occasional personal tweet approved by the President will come through. Many tweets are announcements and support the Party and the President. You can bet there will be a follow up tweet in response to this landmark health care decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Pro and Anti Obamacare Twitter Feeds

@Obamacare411: official Twitter account of which tweets the latest news on Obamacare with over 2,200 followers and almost 5,000 tweets to date.  Tweets links to important blog articles and news sites reporting on the latest Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of Obama’s health care plan.

FreedomWorks: a anti-Obama care Twitter account from with over 58,000 followers and 9,600 tweets to date.  Latest tweets want Obamacare fully repealed. See what they have to tweet when the ruling is announced.


Health Care Supreme Court Ruling Hashtags on Twitter


When the ruling from the court hits the press see the people’s instant reaction on Twitter by following these related hashtags. Tweets will be coming in by thin seconds. This is an important and controversial decision which is sure to have ramifications for years if not decades to come.














Stories and Tweets about Obamacare

 @ThanksObamacare: a pro Obamacare Twitter account that tweets stories of people that have been helped by Obama Care with over 900 followers and almost 1,000 tweets to date.  Latest tweets include consumers will get back 1.1 billion from insurance companies from being over charged in the form of insurance rebates.


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