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With the 84th Academy Awards fast approaching I’d thought I put together a Twitter, tweet and hashtag guide so you can follow the action more easily all in one place. I chose some of the more popular movies, actors, actresses, entertainment media news accounts and trending hashtags and listed them here below. Follow the 2012 Oscars on Twitter tonight while you watch the show and see what everyone is saying about the nominees and winners.

Besides comments tweets below will have embedded links to articles, videos and photos related to this year’s 2012 Oscars, 84th Academy Awards show.


The Academy

@TheAcademy: the official verified Twitter account of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences with almost 140,000 followers and 2,000 tweets to date.  Tweeting links to behind the scenes Oscars photos, sneak peek of the Governors Ball, and links to fill out your Oscar picks before the event tonight.  Tweets also include some cool Oscar trivia questions and the Oscar After Party. log into Facebook to make your pics.

@BillyCrystal: Is Billy Crystal on Twitter? Well, yes but not as active until now. The official verified Twitter account of the 2012 host of the Oscars Billy Crystal has over 127,000 followers. Billy hasn’t tweeted a lot overall but recently he has been tweeting actively as he gets psyched for this year’s Academy Awards show. Some recent tweets are typical Crystal where the natural humor just flows:


The Media

@eonline: the official verified E! Online Twitter account with over 4,100,000 followers and 45,000 tweets. Latest tweets include news and articles covering the 2012 84th Academy Awards.  This is the premiere Oscar news Twitter feed out there. A must follow.


@redcarpet: the official verified Twitter account of with over 177,000 followers and 4,400 tweets to date. They will be tweeting live from the red carpet under the #oscars hashtag tonight.

@RedCarpetTeam: this is the offical Twitter account of E! production team made up of writers and producers with over 20,600 followers and 3,100 tweets to date. Tweeting live under the #eredcarpet hashtag tonight.

@getglue: the official Twitter account of the social network for entertainment with over 169,000 followers and over 20,000 tweets to date.  During the Oscars they will be tweeting links to contests and other cool featured articles.

@thecarpetbagger: the New York Times official Twitter news of awards seasons with over 8,200 followers and 2,600 tweets to date. Tweeting by the hour as it leads up to the Oscar Ceremony.

@MuppetOscars: the official Twitter account of the Muppet Oscars with over 13,800 followers and 314 tweets to date. A Twitter account page to get a petition out there to have the Muppets host this year’s Oscars.  The Muppets will presenting an award at tonight’s Oscars.

 The Nominated Movies Official Twitter and Fans Accounts

@helpmovie: this is the official Twitter page for the movie The Help which is up for an Academy Award for best picture with over 23,000 followers and 371 tweets to date.  The Help is tweeting support for its 3 Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress,  Best Actress and Best Picture categories.

@WarHorseMovie: the official verified Twitter account of the movie War Horse nominated for Best Picture with almost 5,000 followers and 420 tweets to date. Check out the latest tweet to see what Oscar categories this movie is being considered for.


@MoneyballMovie: a Twitter account dedicated to the movie Money Ball with over 1,500 followers and 90 tweets to date. Latest tweet supports the movies bid to win an Oscar.

@HugoCabretMovie: Twitter account tweeting about the captivating 3D masterpiece Hugo with over 803 followers and 121 tweets. Tweeting pictures and reviews of the movie.

The Actors and Fan Sites on Twitter

@SoBradPitt: real time news about Brad Pitt this Twitter account has 6,500 followers and over 5,100 tweets.  Some of the latest tweets include a Brad Pitt handbook, everything you need to know about Brad Pitt.

GeorgeClooney__: another George Clooney fan Twitter with over 18,500 followers and 1,200 tweets to date. Latest tweets include links to articles on Oscar predictions for 2012.

@JeanDujardinOrg: a fan site about Jean Dujardin tweets to photos and articles.

@GaryOldman: the Twitter account of Gary Oldman, not verified but has just 1 tweet and over 13,700 followers so it’s a likely candidate that it is.

@demianbichir: another dormant Twitter account of Demian Bichir with over 3,200 followers but no tweets to date.

@JonahHill: the official verified Twitter account of Jonah Hill with over 1,384,0oo followers and 800 tweets to date.

The Actresses and Fan Sites on Twitter


RooneyMara: the official Twitter account of, not verified, with over 8,600 followers and 390 tweets. Tweets links to articles about the latest news on the career movies.

@officialMStreep: a Twitter fan page account of Meryl Streep with over 9,400 followers and 120 tweets. Tweets follow the fabulous career of Meryl Streep including news about this year’s best actress nominee for the movie “The Iron Lady”.

The 84th Academy Awards 2012 Oscar Hashtags on Twitter

#Oscars    hashtag









#eonline    hashtag





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