Thousands of Pinterest Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas

In the process of selecting these 5 Pinterest Halloween trick or treat boards I concentrated my efforts on the ones I felt had plenty of trick or treat ideas including how to present and display the candy, Halloween goody bag ideas, how to make creative trick or treat bucket and bags, and how to make yummy Halloween treats.

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These 5 Pinterest boards are loaded with thousands of trick or treat ideas. For each board below I wrote a short description featuring several trick or treat ideas that stood out for me plus some pictures to help you get your sugar craving taste buds going. Enjoy and be safe trick or treating this Halloween.


 Thousands of Pinterest Halloween Trick or Treat Ideas


1. this board has over 1,500 Halloween pins. This is as Halloween as it gets on Pinterest. You’ll find a little of everything here including Halloween decorations, house decor, outside yard Halloween decorations, foods, desserts, treats, costumes, pumpkin carvings, scary and spooky props, and so on. Here is a short sampling of some of the trick or treat pins that I thought were interesting: bubbly cauldron treats, Halloween fruit cups, zombie eyeballs treats, candy corn cookie dough pretzel, pumpkin treat bags, scarecrow cookies, and easy Halloween treats kids can make.

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2. another massive Halloween pin board; we are talking over 1,400 pins. Again, this is a comprehensive Halloween idea board that is loaded with creative and imaginative concoctions. Here are a few examples: shrunken heads in cider, ghostly brownie S’mores, owl Halloween topper treat bag, ghost cookies, day of the dear decorated gingerbread man, pretzel pumpkins, healthy Halloween snacks, and creepy glove goodie bags. 

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3. this board has lots of cool ideas for paper projects such as Halloween party invitations, kids coloring activities, free printable designs, arts and crafts, and more. On this board you will find Halloween fonts, homemade costumes, ghost cookies, and colorful marshmallow treats. 



4. this board has a nice variety of Halloween trick or treat ideas. You’ll discover great house decoration ideas, indoor and outdoor Halloween decor, foods and treats, costume ideas, and lots more. Here are some decorations that stood out: painted pumpkins, several models of witch legs sticking out of a cauldron, mason jar crafts, and some creative Halloween trick or treat bags




5. are you looking for a Halloween treat bag idea? If you are this pin board has some great treat bag and trick or treat candy ideas. Take a look at these treats: graveyard pudding cups, simple how to make homemade Halloween trick or treat buckets, ghost poop marshmallow bag (funny), goody bags, adorable Halloween treat bags, ghost popcorn bags, spooky candy card templates, mummy twinkie pops and witches broomsticks with reese’s cups. 



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