Tim Tebow John 3:16 Tweets on Twitter Give Us Hope In A Depressed Economy

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever  believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

John 3:16

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What do Tim Tebow, 316 passing yards, biblical passage and tweets all have in common? Twitter went off Sunday night after the upset win by the Denver Broncos against the Steelers on the first play of overtime. Tim Tebow tweets were setting an all time record. But ironically, Twitter’s reaction to Tim Tebow’s win was not what was garnering all the attention, but instead it was the cryptic alignment of numbers in the win that had everyone baffled and tweeting.

What were the numbers exactly and what do they mean? Tebow passes for 316 yards in the game. This is somewhat of a surprise as Tebow is not considered a pass first quarterback. But then it gets more interesting. He completed 10 throws out of 21 passes for 31.6 average. Again, nice numbers but what’s all the fuss?  Well, Tim Tebow’s favorite biblical passage is John 3:16.

316, 31.6 and 3:16, Now do you get it?

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First, Tim Tebow sets the all time tweets per second mark on Twitter with 9,420 tweets per second. That’s remarkable in itself. But now we have the 3:16 and equivalent passing yards reference. Could this be a sign from the heavens?

The economy is reeling; people are out of work, out of money, losing hope and in many cases feeling overwhelming depression and despair. Athletes thanking God for their on the field successes is nothing new in football or in any sport for that matter. However, during the pre-recession days many people would have been turned off by the excessive and outwardly displays of faith by Tim Tebow as he celebrates wins and touchdowns.

People would also have been tolerant of Tebow’s conviction and beliefs, but not so supportive of him interjecting them so verbally during every interview or off the field appearance (see Bill Maher article below). But because of the economy and lack of confidence in a broken government people have softened up a little and are becoming more tolerant and accepting of the phenomenon known as Tebowing (Tebow’s prayers to God).

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As the Great Recession lingers people are looking for signs of better times ahead and on Sunday night people from all over the country seemed to get behind this small beacon of hope named Tim Tebow. Maybe a good dose of an emotional display of faith is what we all need right now. Seeing Tebow’s humble gratitude prayer stance after a winning score is quite comforting. Tweets on Twitter following the Tebow and 3:16 hashtags confirm this most emphatically (see hashtags below).

With the 316 number sequence aligned in unison people are starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, Tim Tebow gives us a little hope in a world that is starving for some.


Tim Tebow Tweets and Hashtags on Twitter







@TimTebow: the official verified Twitter account of Tim Tebow with 911,736 followers and 473 tweets. Tebow tweets after the win:

  • Praise the Lord! Thanks to all my great teammates, coaches and fans…This win was for Bronco Nation

@TimTebow_News: an official Tim Tebow news Twitter feed from fantasysp.com with over 3,725 followers and 1,300 tweets. Tweets include links to articles about the game and the 316 passing yard statistic highlights Tebow’s best passing game of the year.

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Have you noticed a more accepting reaction to Tebow’s outwardly display of his faith and do you believe it’s because of the state of the economy and the times we live in? Please feel free to comment below.