Tips for a Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 Viewing Party

Are you thinking about having a viewing party for the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017? ┬áIf you’re the one putting this viewing party on or helping a group of family, friends, or helping even an organization here are some handy tips and ideas to make this year’s solar eclipse a success:

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1. Choosing a location isn’t really difficult, unless you want your group to travel all the way to the totality areas towards the middle of the country. If you’re not one of those people then any place for a eclipse viewing party will do including your own backyard, frontyard, school playground, friend’s house, the roof of your house, on top of a building, and so on.


2. Be sure to check the weather for August 21, 2017 just in case your viewing party has to turn indoors.


3. Make sure you have the right amount of snack foods and drinks, adult beverages included.


4. Need to decorate? You bet. Your chosen location needs to have some astronomy related decor and hanging objects. The skies the limit here.



Looking for more solar eclipse viewing party ideas?



5. Try to procure some specialized solar eclipse glasses. You can check out this article for more on searching for eclipse glasses.

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6. Make sure you have your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat phone app handy so you can comment, tweet, send pictures, videos, live feeds and more to friends, colleagues, and family members who might reside in other parts of the country. Following the twitter #solareclipse hashtag in real time will be fun.


7. Play some pre-post games with the viewing party members. These could be just about anything related to science.


8. Do some solar eclipse activities at your viewing party. You’re never too old to get out the paper and scissors out to make a pinhole camera. The pinhole projects an image of the sun on paper where you can easily observe the shadow moving in front of the sun.


9. Finally, say goodbye and share your experiences together on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter and any other social media site. Enjoy and have a safe solar eclipse viewing party.