Today’s Apple iPhone 5 Announcement Reaction on Twitter with Tweets and Hashtags

The first really big post Steve Jobs media event by Apple will be taking place this September 12th, 2012 in San Francisco. Apple is expected to unveil the next version of the popular and revolutionary iPhone series.

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The new iPhone 5 promises to be faster, have a larger screen, display better resolution and hold more battery life than the latest predecessor iPhone 4S.

With the much anticipated release iPhone 5 announcement finally here you can follow all the latest Apple iPhone 5 tweets and hashtags on Twitter by following some of these popular iPhone 5 Twitter accounts:

@iphonenews: this is one of the best iPhone news Twitter sites out there with over 208,000 followers and 28,000 tweets to date. Tweeting links to articles on the including news about the latest iPhone 5 cases, latest tweaks, iPhone sales predictions and of course tweeting about the big event Wednesday,  September 12th.

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@iphone5news: the official Twitter account to the iphone5newsblog with over 2,970 followers and 1,180 tweets to date. The latest tweet has a link to the September 12th iPhone 5 announcement on the iPhone5newsblog.

@iphone5stream: another iPhone 5 news blog Twitter account tweeting with the #iphone5 hashtag. Check for tweets concerning the iPhone 5 release date news.

@iphone5ers: tweeting the latest iPhone 5 news with links to blog articles including any future release date.

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@news_iphone5: another news site that tweets general information about the latest iPhone with links to articles.

@iphoneteam: the latest news and advice the iPhoneteam Twitter account has over 274,000 followers and 1,800 tweets to date. The latest tweets include the launching of the iPhone 5 in San Francisco on September the 12th, 2012, sell your iPhone 4S now to get more bang for your buck, the latest iPhone 5 battery life increase and cases, cost of the phone with a 2 year contract, and look out for Apple stock to surge to an all time high as this phone is predicted to lift the markets and GDP.

iPhone 5 hashtags on Twitter:






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