Top 10 Breaking Bad Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Download Websites

Breaking Bad the TV series is now a cult phenomenon. This is not your typical teacher inspiring story. No, in fact its quite more. Walter White is on his way out being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Seeing that his life has only a fraction of a time left Walter turns to the one thing he knows in order to secure a financial future for his family before he dies.

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Walter turns his passion for chemistry into a mega crime business by producing and distributing meth. Walter teams up with his partner in crime Jesse Pinkman and carry out the unending burden of growing and securing their meth empire.

If you love this TV series already or are new to it then you must have a collection of Breaking Bad Facebook Cover Timeline Photos at your disposal. And if you haven’t seen the series you surely will be able to catch it again in syndication.



Here are my top 10 Breaking Bad Facebook Cover download websites



1. fbcoverstreet: has probably the nicest collection of Breaking Bad Facebook Covers I’ve come across.  There is a lot here including  a cartoonish Bad Jesse and Walt Hazmat Cover, a green Drawing sketch of Jesse and Walt, Breaking Bad quote image “I’m in the Empire Business”, Season 5 main cast, a Vector Face, a Respect the Chemistry quote, a cool Heisenberg skull logo, a Breaking Bad funny cartoon, Simpsons Edition, Jesse Pinkman Photo, Heisenberg pixelated face, “I’m the one who knocks” quote, Warning Extremely Volatile, “Better Call Saul”, Relax and the Breaking Bad Logo Facebook Cover. 

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2. coverlayout: has some unique Breaking Bad Covers; all of the photograph type showing Bad Jesse and Walter in various situations.

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3. firstcovers: is one of the premiere Facebook Cover websites out there and has a few high quality Breaking Bad Cover Photos including Jesse and Walter in their yellow lab suits.


4. amctv: get some official released Timeline Covers from the amctv Breaking Bad season 5 download page.



5. fbcovers: has some interesting Breaking Bad images including a cool cartoonish animated silhouette of Jesse and Walter Facebook Cover Timeline Photos. 



6. deviantart: has a nice Breaking Bad Facebook Timeline Photo page with several different colorful background textures of Jesse and Walter out in the desert protecting their stash of drugs. Just click on the image below to magnify then right click and save the image to your computer, laptop or mobile device.

7. coverjunction: Walter White holding up a stash of cash.


8. coverphotobox: one of my favorite Walter White Facebook Covers; it’s straight to the point with Walter White looking menacingly down starring at everyone who gazes upon his bearded face with the small Breaking Bad logo to the right.


9. thiscovers: a cool abstract purple image of Walter Facebook Cover sitting in a chair.

10. allfbcovers: this post concludes with 2 more awesome photos of the cast of Breaking Bad and a great quote from Walter White, “I Won“.



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