Top 10 City and Urban Landscape Facebook Cover Free Download Websites For Your Timeline

Fascination with cityscape or urban landscape art can be traced back hundreds of years. The inherent beauty of the architectural designs of historic villages, towns and cities such as London, Paris and Venice inspired painters from all over Europe. Initially many of these small villages and cities made their way onto the canvas as background images with more emphasized human subjects being the focal point.

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As cities and towns became a more integral part of a person’s existence it became equally reflected in the artwork at the time as painters made these towns more prominent subjects in their art. The Venetian artists created what is considered the first real attempt at producing paintings depicting perspectives or “views” of villages, vistas and larger cities. These paintings were called a “veduta” or simply meaning “a view”. 

In the middle of the 17th Century the Dutch began another tradition of cityscape painting most notably called the Delft School of painting.  The Delft school was a new genre of painting which highlighted different aspects of the city including street views from all angles, small home dwellings, architectural designs of buildings like churches, interior views of homes, distant “camera eye” views and outside public courtyards.

Delft became the first major city as a continuous subject of cityscape paintings. This beautiful Western Holland city inspired what is considered by many to be the first great cityscape work: Johannes Vermeer’s “View of Delft”.

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With cityscapes now becoming an established genre other later artists took their shots at recreating the inherent beauty of these city subjects including the Impressionists, the American Realists with examples like the lonely city genre paintings by Edward Hopper, the urban Avant-Garde painters with the Cubists, the “School of Paris” and the French painters, Abstract Expressionism, the Photorealists and today’s 21st century digital photos.  

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The aesthetic beauty of a city landscape is undeniable and the large dimensions of the Facebook Cover accomodate cityscapes quite nicely. I searched over 100 websites looking for the best representation of city images and digital photos. I found that the following 10 websites have some of the best examples of a variety of city photos and images. All these images are free to download to your computer or upload to your Timeline using special apps provided by the websites themselves.

There are hundreds and hundreds of city and urban images to choose from with almost every major global city represented. You will also find that many of these images and photos have been reworked for visual effects and artistic styling. I’m sure your eager to check some of these city pictures out to see if they are good candidates for your Timeline so without any further delay here are the top 10 city Facebook Cover websites.

10 City and Urban Landscape or Cityscape Facebook Timeline Cover Website Downloads


addcovers: a global representation of cities all from all over the world addcovers has around 60 images in their Facebook Cover City and Landmark category. Addcovers will give you a nice layout of around 20 images per page of cities that are truly remarkable to look at. Featured titles include San Francisco, Vegas, New York City Night Lights, Lower Manhattan New York, Paris, Waikiki, Moscow, London, Hong Kong, and the beautiful Dubai. Click on the green “Add this as my Facebook Cover” and allow the app to log you in to your Facebook account for an easy upload of your chosen city Cover.

hercovers: a website exclusively for women the city Covers are neutral in their presentation but romantic in their effect. Hercovers has almost 70 images of towns and cities in this category. Titles and cities include Black and White Cityscape, City Night Skyline, Tokyo, Taipei, and Sydney Opera House.

Coverphotoz: has over 60 images of city night scenes, street views, night and day skylines, black and white, colored, aerial view, fantasy city and lightning. City photos presented here are colorful, artistic and full of fantasy. There are several cool lightening background shots, red and blue lens cityscapes and large moon backdrops. Truly some unique and one of a kind city pictures that can easily be saved to your computer with the right click save option.


Addacover: one of the premiere Facebook Timeline Cover websites out there. I’ve featured Addacoveron the majority of over 50 blog posts on Timeline Covers. It goes without saying then that you will find a vast selection of beautiful city pictures and photos in their cityscapes category, over 80 in fact. Here is a sampling of some of the featured cities: Hong Kong, Toronto, New York, Venice, Nashville, New Jersey, Brisbane Queensland Australia, San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Dubai, Tokyo, and Chicago. Pictures are easy to download,  just right click and save to your computer.

freeprofilecover: there are over160 City Facebook Covers to choose from with a nice layout of 18 images per page for easy previewing. Just hover your mouse over the image and see a larger picture pop up. Images are easy to download just right click and save to your computer. There are no titles but many of the cities are easily recognizable.


fbookcover: has over 50 pictures of city landscapes and panoramic skylines. Some beautiful panoramic views of many of the following cities: Toronto, Tokyo Night, Hong Kong, Boston Sunrise, Venice, Las Vegas, and New York City. Click on the image and then the download button to acquire the image of your choosing.


get-covers: there are over 40 beautiful, towering city shots you can download for your Timeline. There are several black and white photos of cityscapes including New York Manhattan, Paris and time lapse light city views. Right click on the selected image and save as or click the large “click to upload to Facebook”.


Coverswag: one of the largest selections of Cityscape pictures for your Timeline out there with over 160 city images. Some of the major metropolises around the world are featured including London, New York, Mexico City, Vatican, Seattle, Venice, Hong Kong at Night, Rio De Janeiro, London and Paris. Just right click and save as or upload by clicking on the “click here to add to Facebook”.


FacebookCovers4U: there are 20 incredibly bright and colorful city scapes images under the City Lights/Urban category. Just click on the save picture as to get the Cover you like. Many of the major cities are represented.


Pickacover: there are over 2o unique city pictures you can download for free or upload to your Timeline using the special app. Some beautiful city shops include Barcelona, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Buenos Aires and Bangkok. Right click and save as to download to your computer.


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