Top 10 Colorful Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites

The world we experience is full of vibrant colors. There are hidden energies and meanings for each visible wavelength of the color spectrum that we humans feel and perceive. When an array of colors are blended together in a harmonious or contrasting conjunction some magnificent images can emerge and our senses can get overloaded with strong emotions.

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It is no secret that because of these seductive and hidden energies color can be correlated to your moods. For instance, people’s reaction to various colors can be stimulating or sedating, intense or relaxing. In fact the meanings and moods associated with color can be quite extensive. As this Color Meaning Chart  explains color choices are being subconsciously made everyday by humans all over the planet. The hues of color and combinations are almost endless. For example, take a look at over 30 various hues of blue.

With color having such a prominent role in the creation of images many digital artists have given this reverence to color by creating Facebook Cover Photos primarily centered around various hues and blends of distinguishing colors. The social and personal charateristics of Facebook make it a perfect place to display colorful images associated with moods, perceptions and feelings on your very own Timeline.

I’ve searched well over 100 websites dedicated to making and displaying Facebook Cover Photos and selected these 10 outstanding websites that offer Facebook Covers with a specific category just for colors.

All Covers are free to use on your Timeline. They can make a great stand alone Cover or can be used as a background image with other overlaying photos and graphics. Quantities in bold below are subject to change daily as new images are added every day.  

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10 Colorful Facebook Timeline Photo Cover Free Download Websites


1. 99covers: over 320 beautiful and unique Colorful Covers with a nice layout of 16 per page for easy preview. There hundreds of titles on this site but here are a few standouts: Swirl, Flowers, Butterflies, Twisty Rainbow, Abstract Fish, Nature, Party 2, Colorful Wall, Vibrant, Plants, Guitar, and Spiral. Easy to save, just right click and “save as”.


2.firstcovers: there are around 70 bright and colorful Facebook Cover Photos that you can select from. Featured Cover titles include Dancing, Colorful Heart, Zebra, Balloons in the Sky, Gummy Bears, Imagine, Color Splash, Dots, Jelly Beans, Skittles, Fruit Loops, Be Different, Silly Bandz and Colorful Makeup. Just click on the image, right click and use the “save as” option to download the picture to your computer or click on the “click here to make this your profile cover” blue button to allow the special app to upload your picture straight to your Timeline photos.

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3.Coverjunction: there are around 130 colorful Timeline Cover images that you can download for free with titles like Rainbow Reflection, The Color is Great, Umbrellas, Bubbles, Fireworks, and Romantic. There are some user submitted images scattered around as well but a nice selection of color photos early on. You can save the image to your computer by right clicking on the image and use the “save as” option.



4.facebookcovers: features 60 bright and extremely colorful Cover Photos with bright prime colors, various shades, pastels and blends. Some amazing objects and designs are represented in spectacular visual spectrums. Some featured colors include Colorful ipods, Balloons, Jelly Beans, Collage, Cake, Want to Be Colorful Quote, Imagine, Splash, Music, Smiles and Rainbows. Right click and “save as” to download the image to your computer.


5.coverlayouts: there are over60 unique and expressive Facebook Cover Photos to select from. Titles include Distant Land, Great Perspective, Black Light, Soap Film, Rainbow Reflection, Tie Dye, Crystal Method, Mass Ascension, Incoherent, and Floral Shield.  Click on the “upload colorful color to my FB Timeline” and allow the app to upload the image straight to your Timeline or right click and download it to your computer or mobile device.


6.fbcoversking: there are around 30 super bright color Cover Photos with highlighted Cover titles like Trippy Lines, Beautiful Parking Lot, 2012 Sparkles, Nuclear Art, Smoke, Jump and City. Images can be downloaded with the right click and “save as” option.


7.freewebcovers: here you’ll find over 30 images in their Colorful Patterns category. There are some one of a kind Covers here with featured titles like Love Hearts, Paints, Flowers, Swirls, Circles, Squares, Rainbow Socks, Random and Vertical. Use the freewebcovers app to allow a log in to your Facebook account for an easy upload to your Timeline or right click and “save as”.


8. Profilegen: has around 20 examplesof very colorful Facebook Timeline Covers including titles like Flowers, Sky, Piant Splatter, Waterfalls Rainbow, Neon, Stripes and Fireworks.

9.fbprofilecovers: features over 25 colorful images with applied bright colors to titles like Piano, Ribbon, Be Happy, Stripes, Creatures, and Life is a Game. Click on the blue “Make My Facebook Cover” button to allow the app to upload your selected image straight to your Timeline photos.


10.FBCoversPhotos: has 11 high quality colorful images to select from including a Colorful Splash, Waves, Swirl, Chameleon, and Pencils. Easy to save with the right click “save as” option.

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