Top 10 Colorful Rainbow Facebook Cover Photo Free Download Websites For Your Timeline

Rainbows paint the sky in color and wonder. The creation of a rainbow is based on a simple concept of light refraction. As white light passes through water droplets in the atmosphere it slows down and bends. This bending of white light divided it into a color spectrum of 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. This is why we see rainbows in the sky after a rain storm. Well, enough of the science lesson.

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So why do we love rainbows? Is it because of the beautiful arching array of colors? When you notice a prominent rainbow in the sky observe how many others will stop in their tracks to gaze awe struck at its beauty.

Rainbow metaphors are also part of our consciousness. Who can’t forget the immortal classic song sung by Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz entitled “Somewhere under the rainbow“? Rainbows give us hope and belief in our own perseverance.

Rainbows are everywhere. Rainbow colors can be expressed in our clothing, accessories, art, wallpaper, room decor and personal items. Rainbows can compliment other earthly things like unicorns, butterflies, birds and trees. Rainbows are also featured in stories and songs.

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Many people love collecting rainbow colored “things”. It is with this in mind that I created this post. A post for those who love rainbows and are looking for a convenient way to find colorful rainbow Facebook Covers for their Timeline.

The following 10 websites have many rainbow themed images that you can download and upload to your Timeline almost immediately. All images are free to use and require either a special online app or just a simple right click of the mouse to download them to your computer.


Top 10 Colorful Rainbow Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites


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1. myFBCovers: has 50 striking photographs of rainbows in nature along with many digital images and pictures of rainbow themed subjects. Perhaps you’re looking for the illusive Double Rainbow Cover, Rainbow Over Desert, Sparkle, Splatters, Animated Umbrellas, Bananas, Party, Checkerboard, Hair, Sky, Effect, Music Clef, Street Lights, Jelly Beans, and Dots. Like one of these Rainbow Facebook Cover Photos? Simply use the special app, log into Facebook and upload the selected image straight to your Timeline photos.


2. Get-C0vers: I’ve featured this website a lot on Tweeting because it has some great high quality Covers Photos. Some images include a beautiful Rainbow Skies, Glitter, Wood, Dash, Waterfalls, Sunset, Smoke, Abstract, Waves, Prisms, Eye, Keyboard Piano, Rose, Sparkles, Stripes, Flame, Leaf and Love. Like an image? Just right click and choose the “save image as” option to download the image to your computer or click on the “Upload Cover to Facebook” button and allow the app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.



3. covermyfb: has 8 rainbow Facebook Cover photos that you can download and upload to your Timeline for free. Use the special app to upload the image or download the photo to your Timeline using the right click and “save image as” option. Some of the featured titles include Funny Rainbow, Self Portrait, Rainbow Wallpaper, Stars, Retro Wonderland, Japanese Graffiti, Over The Rainbow, The Color of Music, Little Town and Neon Space.

4. coverjunction: another great Cover website which has around 20 rainbow type images. Titles include Reflection, Leak, Rainbow Hair, Head, Rope, Bob Marley, Sea, Quotes, Hearts, Flag and Arrows. Users submit covers and you can share them on Facebook and Twitter.

5. pagecovers: has around 20 unique and very colorful rainbow pattern Facebook Cover Photos. Here are some of the titles: Flower, Twizzlers, Double Rainbow Cover, Friendship, Cookies, Hearts, Skulls, Lights, Lightning, Electro, Clouds and Checker Rainbow Patterns.


6. Kawaiicovers: has around 35 wallpaper rainbow sequence images that are in animated style. There are some cool images for rainbows including Owls, Stripes, Soccer, Popsicles, Leopard, Clouds, Peace and various small Rainbow Patterns.

7. sharecovers: has over 20 quite unique rainbow images and word art including a cool Abbey Road Beatles Cover, Dash, Don’t Care Now, Happiness, Parking Lot, My Little Pony, Love Needle, Tree of Life, Arm Hearts, Metal Unicorn, and Rainbow Sailboats.

8. firstcovers: has some popular rainbow quote Covers like “You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain” and “You are beautiful like a rainbow“.

9. 123fbcovers: some unique Covers like a clear Rainbow Water Drop, Guitars, and 2 abstracts.


10. 99covers: has around 25 rainbow colorful Facebook Covers like Music Piano, Trippy Abstract, Stars, Between Islands, Glow Music, Colored Glass Piano, Dripping, Twisty, Apple, and Happy Island.


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