Top 10 Cute and Cuddly Facebook Timeline Cover Photo free download websites

There is something about a picture that just shouts cute. Cute displays of behavior and physical appearance shows us a vulnerable, innocent, charming and playful side of ourselves as well as other living creatures. Cute can be cuddly and warm. Cute can be hugs and kisses. Cute can be happy and fun. Cute can be whatever you fancy and like. Whatever you think cute is there is sure to be an image out there that captures it.

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Cute Facebook Cover Photos are some of the more popular Timeline Cover categories on many websites that specialize in making and collecting these new types of images. I’ve searched the Internet to bring you 10 examples of websites that have an extensive variety of cute pictures.

All these cute images are free to download, upload and use on your Timeline. Most can be saved with the right click and save option while others can be saved using special apps.  Quantities listed are subject to change as new images are added daily. Enjoy.

Top 10 Cute and Cuddly Facebook Timeline Cover Website Downloads


1. hercovers: another logical place to start for cute Facebook Cover Photos hercovers specializes in images and categories geared towards a female audience. If you love cute, your reaction to these cute images will surely show a smile. Hercovers has 43 cute images to select from including titles such as the following cute things: mouse, marshmallows, dog, creature, puppy, flowers, box boy, and fluffy creatures. You can use the app to allow a log in to your Facebook account for an easy upload of the image to your Timeline. You can always right click and choose the “save image as” option to download it to your computer.

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2. a nice mixture and wide variety of cute and fanciful Timeline Covers including titles like Only My Cat Understands Me, Hello Kitty Rainbow, Let’s Roll, Lion Cub, Spongebob Faces, and Domo and Dino. There are several cute quotes as well. Easy to save, just right click and save the image to your computer or use the automatic uploader app and upload the image directly to your Timeline for ease and convenience.





3. addcovers:there are 95 (at the time of this post) cute photos and digital images that would make great Facebook Covers. Titles include Cute Rawr, Rawr Dinosuar, You Rock You Rule (funny), Origami Elephant, Happy Star and Cloud, Peanut Butter Jelly, Cute Birds, Cookies and Cute Ice Cream.

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4. Coverjunction: has a massive collection of over 300 Cute Facebook Cover Photos with some unusual and unique designs submitted by individual graphic artists from around the world.  Some titles include 8 Dalmatians, Baby, Super Cute, Unicorn Cartoon, Bang on the Door Girls, Justin Bieber is Beautiful, and kittens. You can use the special app by clicking on the “Add as my Facebook Cover” button to upload your chosen image straight to your own Timeline or just right click and save the image to your computer.






5. covermytimeline: has a small selection of cute bunny rabbits and cats. You can right click and save these images by downloading them to your computer.  You can then log into your Facebook account and use the add/change Cover to make changes to your Timeline.


6. firstcovers: has almost 60 cute Facebook Timeline Cover Photos to choose from with some catchy cute sayings, awe-quotes, little cute images and pictures.  Some featured titles include Pretend To Hug You, Cute Things, Tatty Teddy, Smiling Cookie, Dogs In Hat, Danbo Family, Colorful Pops, Practically Impossible (Penguin), and Ipod Dog.  You can click on the image to get a larger image then use the right click and “save image as” option to download the image straight to your computer.






7. addacover: one of the top Facebook Cover websites out there. Here you’ll find 200 exquisite and incredible examples of cute and indelible images you can instantly use on your Timeline. Featured Covers include LOL Expert, Cats Cover, Happy Food, Cherubs, Cookie Monster, Girl With Her Teddy Bear, Heart in Hands, Lil’ Monsters, Dream a Little Dream, and Little Baker. Images are easy to save to your computer with a right click and save option.







8. fbprofilecovers: has around 30 unique and adorable Facebook Cover images like the I’m Feeling Sick (Teddy), Cute Snowman, Let’s Be Lovebirds (Angry Birds), Rawr Means I Love You, and a Cute Welcome Quote. You’ll have to use the special app to upload your favorite covers to your Timeline.






9. Facebookcovers: has a nice layout of around 50 Cover images with some irresistible cute pictures. Select from titles like Cute Couple Finger drawings, Cute Dog, Gimme a Hug, Kitten Playing Piano, Give Me A Hug, Feelings For You, and Hug Every Person. Just right click and save the image to your computer.



10. Get-Covers: another excellent Cover website which has over 90 cute images to choose from like Donut Baby, Smiley Face, Danbo In A Cup, Cute Monsters, Finger Art, Baby Seal and Cute Pills. You can use the special app to upload your selected image straight to your Timeline or double click on the image, right click and save as.



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