Top 10 Free Domo Kun Facebook Cover Photo Websites For Your Timeline

What can you say about Domo Kun? This interesting yet simple character has become quite popular world wide. Domo Kun appeared first in several Japanese TV shorts shown on NHK’s Satellite Broadcasting over 10 years ago using the classic technique of stop motion animation. The odd square shape, brown color and permanent open-jawed toothy expression has endured and captured the fascination with people across all cultures.

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Domo has become a global icon starring in video games and social networking apps. There are Domo Kun fan clubs and Facebook Pages all over the Internet. It goes without saying that there are lots of Domo Kun fans looking for this quirky character to place atop their Timeline.  If your one of those fans and have a Facebook page you’ve probably asked this question: “where can I find Domo Kun Facebook Covers?”

I took some of the headache out of this process and found 10 sites that have the featured Domo Kun Timeline Covers quite well. Most sites have anywhere from 5-10 Domo images with more to added in the upcoming months. All Covers are free to download to your computer or upload with special apps straight to your Facebook account.

Top 10 Free Domo Kun Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites


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1. hercovers: has 13 Domo Kun pictures to select from including some classics “Domo Kun Love Music”, ” in clouds”, “Domo Kun gets attacked”, “Attackes City”, “Cabbage Patch”, “Can’t Sleep” and “DJ”.  Either click on the “Add Banner To Your Facebook” or right click and save to your computer.


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2. fbookcover: there are 7 colorful Domo Kun Timeline Covers under the keyword search results with titles like “Hello”, “Walkman”, “Up Close”, and ‘Running”.

3. firstcovers: there are 5 Domo Kun Facebook Timeline Covers to select from including Domo and Kitten, Domo animated and Domo running.

4. get-covers: has 3 Domo Kun images: Domo Kun Yellow Flower, Nerd Glasses and Attack City.


5. iwantcovers: there are 6 Domo Kun photos including “Hello”, “City Destruction” and “Cartoon Buildings”.  Another easy right click and save to your computer.

6. there are 3 aswesome Domo Kun Covers to see here. Just click on the picture and right click and save as to your computer.

7. pagecovers: has 2 traditional brown Domo Kun pictures. You’ll have to let the Facebook app upload the image to your Timeline.

8. sharecovers: there are 4 interesting and unique Domo Kun Covers such as “Stars”, “Wearing Headphones”, “Yell” and “Tiled Domos”.  You can easilly save and use these images for free on your Timeline, just right click and save to computer.


9. wall-covers: under search there are 7 Domo images with some completely original and never before seen ones like ‘Domo Pink Flower”, “Rise of the Sun Running”, “Domo Kun Easter Egg” and “Up-Close Yell”.  Another right click and save to your computer.

10. 99covers: has 6 featured Covers of Domo Kun but several are duplicates. Haven’t seen the Domo Cartoon City image yet on any other site. If you like a Domo image just right click and save to your computer.

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