Top 10 Free Funny Facebook Timeline Picture Cover Photo Download Websites

Funny Facebook covers are showing up everywhere on people’s Timeline. A funny, humorous cover can go a long way in brightening up your, a friend or family member’s day. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then so oblige them every once in a while by adding a funny Facebook cover. These 1o sites offer free downloads of their covers so enjoy browsing through them.

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These 10 websites are all linked straight to the funny or humor categories on the site. I’ve chosen the best 10 I could find and listed them here all on one page. Simple and easy. Each website link will have the number of covers listed in the categories and several example titles to give you a preview. There are hundreds and hundreds of funny covers to look at. I was entertained for hours while writing this post and choose several of them to use for my own Facebook Timeline.

Top 10 Free Funny Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites

1. customprofilecovers: has 23 funny pictures and hilarious sayings to scroll through for your Facebook Timeline cover.  Perhaps you might like a funny fingers cover, Stop Following Me, Puss and Boots or I’m Not A Perfect Girl Facebook Cover. Just right click and save to disk (computer), log into your Facebook account and add/change cover, browse your Timeline cover folder, choose the image you want to upload, click it an upload your new cover. That’s it.

2. myfacebookcover: there are 56 funny Timeline  picture covers with hilarious sayings and play on words. There are some good ones here like Popcorn at the movies, Dear Google, Brunettes Do It Better,  “Like” Facebook Cover, Most Interesting Man, and WTF. These are easy to save, just right click and save to your Timeline Cover folder on your computer.

3. addacover: this site is one of the best out there with 73 funny, unique Timeline covers. There are some incredible, well designed covers with some great titles like the Perfect Psycho Cover, Rainbow Fart Cover, the Evolution of Man Geek, A Happy Pill A Day Keeps the Grumpys Away, Bipolar picture, Very Sad, Funny Facebook pictures, Farmville Addict and This is My Happy Face. Another free download site, just right click and save.

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4. firstcovers: another popular and premium site firstcovers has 115 funny, high quality Facebook Timeline cover pictures to choose from. A sampling of cover titles include Single Taken Awesome, Liking Your Status, Life Gives You Lemons, Getting More Awesome, I don’t know, Google it, and Sometimes I pretend to be normal. Just click on the cover picture you like to go to a larger view of the picture, then right click and save it to your computer or click on the “click here to make this your profile cover” button.

5. facebookprofilecovers: another reliable cover website with hundreds of Facebook covers to choose from. There are 76 total cover pictures to select from with some unique and quirky humor. For instance tell everyone how your feeling today or what mood you’re in with some of these examples: 404 Cover not found, Angry Birds Anger Management,  Do Not Disturb and I’m Feeling Sick.

6. trendycovers: has a nice selection of 34 hilarious Facebook covers to choose from for your Timeline. Some catchy and funny titles include WASSUP! Garfield, International Symbol for Marriage, Smiley Moods and Glass is Always Full. You’ll have to log in to your Facebook account from the site to get these covers.


7. myfbcovers: one of the best Facebook cover sites out there. Featured in MSNBC, TechCrunch, Yahoo and C/net with 169 funny covers to choose from. There are listed under their humor category. This is one of the largest inventories I’ve come across, and I enjoyed seeing all the humorous covers in this category. Some examples include Luke Skywalker is 99%, Jedi Penguin, Warning Heavy Sarcasm May Be Present, I am Single Ready to Mingle and Milk…I am your father.

8. fbookcover: has some interesting and different funny covers with cartoon characters. There are 26 Timeline covers in all including domo kun, cat kung fu, funny birds, cool emoticon and spongebob.

9. CoverizeMe: has 71 hard to find funny Facebook picture covers with some hilarious ones including a Beer Facebook cover, Heavily Medicated For Your Safety, Cover Loading and Go Away. Just right click and save to disk.

10. pagecovers: save one of the best sites out there for last. Pagecovers is another quality premium free Facebook Timeline cover download site with the largest database of funny covers I’ve come across, 328 funny, humorous covers. There are some good ones like “The only thing we have to Fear is Fear itself, and spiders”, “More Cowbell”, “Rock, Paper, Scissors-Can’t we all just get along”, and ‘Drama Queen”.


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