Top 10 Free Girl and Women Facebook Timeline Cover Picture Download Websites

With this post my goal was to try and narrow Facebook Timeline Covers to images, feelings, emotions, actions, scenes, statements, places, quotes and other forms of expression that identify with girls and women of today.

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The 21st century girl or woman has many admirable personal qualities. She is compassionate, successful, caring, beautiful, graceful, playful, supportive, confident, artistic, devoted, rebellious, strong, altruistic, athletic, wordly, and intelligent.

Women’s roles are just as impressive. Women are mothers, entrepreneurs, wives, friends, single mothers, breadwinners, mentors, caregivers, professionals and role models.

Now, with the new Facebook Timeline Cover photo and banner girls and women can express these qualities and roles in a more visually meaningful and profound way.

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I’ve searched well over 100 Facebook Cover websites and discovered these 10 outstanding example websites that feature girls, women, Girly and cute Facebook Timeline Cover pictures. With so many covers to choose from there’s bound to be one or more that speaks to you.

Note: quantities in bold below are subject to change daily. All covers are free to download or upload to your Facebook Timeline.


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Top 10 Girl and Women Facebook Timeline Cover Pictures





1. Hercovers:a Facebook Timeline Cover, photo, picture and banner website dedicated entirely for girls and women around the world (no boys allowed). Some categories include Fashion, Cars for Girls, Colorful Patterns, Butterflys, Bands, Heart Break, Hearts, HeartThrobs Guys, Marriage, Nature Sceneries, and A + celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Swift. Some standout covers include a Pink BMW Hello Kitty Car, Pretty Rose, Chanel, Coach, Juicy Couture, Victoria Secret Pink, Ed Hardy, LouisVuitton, Prada, Jersey Shore Guys, Peace and Breast Cancer Support.


2. Addacover: has 144 Girly cover photos, banners and pictures including titles like Colorful Dreams, Vintage Beauty, Large-Hearted, Portrait of a girl, Peace and Love, Uptown Girl, Geisha Girl and Sweet Girl Cover.  Just right click and save to your computer.



3. pagecovers: there are 83 Girly covers to choose from in this category at pagecovers. Select from titles like “What a cute Girly Girl”, “Girl Studying”, “Baby Feet”, “Beautiful Girl Thinking”, “Enjoying Life” and “Heart Butterfly”.  You’ll have to upload your selected cover straight to your Facebook account straight from the pagecovers website. Just click on the “add this cover to your Facebook profile”.

4. firstcovers: there are 46 fabulous and exquisitely unique girl and women Facebook Timeline covers and photos to select from. Some featured titles include “Girls Life”,”Act Like A Lady Think Like A Boss”, “Stay Strong”, “Nothing to Wear”. “A Great Girl” and “Flirt and Tease”.  



5. Coverjunction: this website has 35 outstanding Girly covers to choose from. Unique titles include “Chilicat Cool Women”, “Friends Forever”, and ‘Blue Eyed Beauty”.  Just right click and save to your computer.


6. Coverize: this featured site has a large growing inventory of girly covers with 78 standout girl and women picture banners to select from right now. There are some good ones here unique to this site with some quality Cancer survivor, Tie Dye  covers, Stripes, Cats and Marilyn Monroe quotes. Here are some example titles: Breast Cancer Survivor Flowers, Pink Ribbon Survivor, Leopard Print, Abstract Tie Dye, Rainbow Stripes, Only My Cat Understands Me, Think Pink, Mother Teresa Quote, Marilyn Monroe Laugh, Love Happens, Quotes and Where I’d Rather Be.

Note: Coverize instructs you to upload your cover picture straight from their website as any saved picture to your computer will look grainy because it is smaller than the actual recommended picture size.


7.Trendycovers: has 16 excellent Girly quote and saying covers including “I Am Just Me”, “Act Like A Lady”, “I Love My Boyfriend”, “I Love Shoes, Booze, Boys and Tattoos”, “I Am The Girl” and “Not Your Average Girl”.


8. myFacebookCover: there are over 120 covers in the girl category with a nice variety of girl celebrities (Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez), art, quotes and boy celebrities (Justin Bieber and Drake). Here is a nice collection of standout covers: “This is How I Feel”, “Hand Heart Love”, “Because of You”, “You are my Everything”, “Delicious”, “Fruit Covers”, “Lips” and “Listen To Your Heart”.  Just right click and “save as” to your computer to save these covers.


9. Get-Covers: there are 34 illuminating Girl Facebook Timeline Covers in the “For Girls” category. A lot of things girls like are here such as “Cute Shoes”, “Eye Make Up”, “Heart Diamonds”, “Lips”, “Shopping” , “Sweet Hearts”, “Jewellery”, “Purple Butterfly” and “Dolls”.  Just right click and save to your computer or upload cover to your Facebook account straight from their site.



10.  CoverSwag: this site has 36 cute, lovable and just plain girl and women pictures you can use for your Timeline cover under the Girly/Cute category. You can enjoy these cover titles: Hug Me, Be Happy, I Don’t Want To Play This Game Anymore, Dreams, Cheetah Prints, Cute Puppy, Colorful Flowers, Born to be Wild, Roses and Daises and White Tiger.



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