Top 10 Free Hello Kitty Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites


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The 80 Best Internet Websites for Free Download Facebook Timeline Cover Photos



Hello Kitty Facebook Timeline Covers are some of the more popular and downloaded images on many Cover sites.  In fact many of these sites have a Hello Kitty specific category with new pictures being added daily. This global powerhouse trademark image produced by Sanrio has amassed a huge following of fans of all ages while simultaneously spawning a mass production of global merchandising.

Many people have used Hello Kitty themes to decorate their rooms, parties or personal possessions (Hello Kitty bracelets, purses..etc..).  It would make sense then that these same admirers would want to decorate their new Facebook Timeline page as well with this iconic image.

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I’ve searched the Internet for websites that have small and large inventories of Facebook Timeline Hello Kitty Covers and found these 10. There are lots of cool variations of these images with the traditional pink logo, striped backgrounds, wallpaper, bracelets and fingernails and more.

All of these images are free to download and upload to your new Facebook Timeline. Either use the app to allow permission to log into your Facebook page for easy transfer of these pictures or right click and save to your computer. You can then log into your Facebook page and select add or change Cover. Note: quantities in bold are subject to change as new Covers are added daily. Enjoy!

The 80 Best Internet Websites for Free Download Facebook Timeline Cover Photos


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1. Hercovers: I’ve featured this amazing site before on several other posts. It’s a site dedicated to pretty much a female only audience. Women and girls alike will surely find a Cover that will satisfy. They have over 1,500 Facebook Timeline Covers and suffice it to say you would expect to find some wonderful examples of the iconic Hello Kitty adorning a Cover picture portrayed in various poses and settings.  There are 21 picture Covers listed in the “Hello Kitty” category. Some featured Covers include a delightful “Hello Kitty Loves Pink”, an international “Hello Kitty, in Paris France”, and a ‘Bad Hello Kitty with Attidude”. You can use the app to upload the image straight from their site to your Timeline or right click and save to your computer.

 Check out the Hercovers fanpage on Facebook:

2. KawaiiCovers: this website caters to those looking for some cute type images. There are 7 of such these representing the Hello Kitty brand. There is a “Hello Kitty Harajuka”, “Red”and a “Kawaii Hello.”  Just right click on the picture and download straight to your computer.


3. firstcovers: has 5 featured Hello Kitty Cover pictures including a cool “Hello Kitty Collage”. You can right click and save to your computer or use the app and upload straight to your Timeline.


4. Addacover: another featured website I’ve done many posts on has a nice collection of around 20 Hello Kitty Covers. There are some interesting titles including “Colorful Hello Kitty”, “Hello Kitty and Danbo”, “Emo” and “Rainbow“.  Images have a nice chart indicating the creator, when it was added to the site and how many current downloads. You can right click and save the image to your computer. Be sure to check out their design your own Facebook Cover free online editor.

5. Blingify: if your looking for more wallpaper Hello Kitty decor than Blingify is the site for you.  As of the date of this post there are 28 well designed Hello Kitty type wallpaper Covers that you can preview with your smaller profile picture and then download to your computer.  Just click on the image you like and then click on the “download” button below the picture.  Be sure to check out some of their other Cover categories. They have a lot of specific ones like lips, flowers, cupcakes, and rainbows.

6. pagecovers: another quality Facebook Timeline Cover website with lots of categories and thousands of images. There are 9 rather unique Hello Kitty pictures like “Fairy”, “Hearts”, “Stripes”, “Lightning”,  “Bracelet” and “Sanrio”.  You can use their app to upload the Cover straight to your Timeline from their site with the allowed permission.

7. facecoverz: has a small inventory of Hello Kitty images but they have their own category which I’m sure more images will be added over time. There is a cool Hello Kitty Oriental and Unicorn. Just right click and save the picture to your computer, log into your Facebook account and add or change your Cover.

8. Get-Covers: there are 5 traditional Hello Kitty images to choose from including a cool colorful garden theme and pink stripped background. If you like a Cover just right click and save to your computer.

9. 99covers: I pulled up a search with Hello Kitty mixed in with some traditional cat photos for the total cat enthusiast. There are 3 very pink Hello Kitty Covers to selec from for those looking for a more logo type picture. These are easy to save to your computer just right click and save.

10. fbcoverlover: another good site that offers a huge selection of Facebook Covers. There are 4 Hello Kitty Covers as a result of the search term including a teddy bear and bunny. Use the fbcoverlover app to upload the cover you like straight to your Timeline page.


The 80 Best Internet Websites for Free Download Facebook Timeline Cover Photos


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