Top 10 Gift Basket Pinterest Pinboards

Occasions for giving gift baskets are many including all holidays, get well soon, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, Easter, birthday and baby showers just to name a few.

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Finding that perfect gift basket can be a challenge. But fret about this no longer; Pinterest is here. Pinterest is a great place to find many examples of gift basket ideas and DIY arrangements for almost any occasion.  To make this search a lot easier I’ve collected in this post my top 10 gift basket Pinterest pinboards that include some of the most popular gift giving occasions.




 Top 10 Gift Basket Pinterest Pinboards



1. what a great place to start off, the Pinterest “explore” gift basket pinboard. Here you’ll find an enormous selection of gift basket ideas for almost any occasion. There is surely something here you can find as an idea or inspiration. Here are just a few tantalizing gift basket pins:


DIY gift basket ideas Pinterest

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  • how to create a perfect gift basket
  • gifts of jam-perfect packaging ideas
  • DIY gift basket ideas Pinterest pin
  • beachcomber spa gift
  • perfect for Father’s Day
  • mason jar ideas
  • a whole bunch of gift basket ideas and free printables
  • birthday gift basket ideas Pinterest pin
  • for kids
  • classic coke snack pack
  • inexpensive
  • pregnancy survival kit
  • wine basket
  • food ideas
  • tea assortment
  • frugal and fast
  • movie night
  • teacher holiday


2. there are over 1,100 gift basket pins features on this awesome board. Here is a small sampling of ideas you can try:


fisherman gift basket

Wellness gift basket

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  • Oreo lover’s assortment
  • get well basket
  • mommy survival kit
  • snack basket ideas
  • housewarming
  • things for the summer
  • Christmas gift basket
  • Father’s Day fisherman’s towel
  • young person’s house warming
  • girl baby shower
  • care package
  • holiday mug
  • peanut butter cup theme
  • unique
  • DIY gift baskets
  • teacher gift baskets idea
  • princess cake towel arrangement
  • Mother’s Day gift basket ideas
  • end of the year teacher appreciation gift basket
  • new mother snack
  • DIY baby shower
  • for men-patriotic barbecue
  • toolbox idea
  • wellness


3. enjoy the themed Pinterest “explore”gift basket board where your sure to find something to inspire. Enjoy looking at some of these featured on the explore board:


Starbucks gift basket

Mother gift basket theme Pinterest

  • gift card flower pot
  • Valentines
  • 15 DIY gift basket ideas
  • Father’s Day ideas your dad will love
  • cupcake cooking theme
  • International
  • baby shower gift basket ideas
  • ice collection theme-yummy
  • for the baseball fanatic
  • all Starbucks
  • board games, cards and snacks
  • Valentine-you float my boat
  • gift basket ideas
  • how to put together a fantastic affordable gift basket
  • in a jar
  • purple pleaser
  • doable ideas for every occasion
  • Halloween-snacks
  • Pop theme for Father’s Day-clever
  • inexpensive creations
  • DIY breakfast
  • sports
  • hunting theme
  • more Christmas gift basket ideas
  • “Mommy to Bee”-perfect theme


4. Christmas is certainly the most popular holiday for gift baskets giving. So why not dedicate an entire Pinterest explore board to it?  Maybe something on this list will jump out at you:

gift basket ideas for women

  • silent auction gift basket ideas
  • hot chocolate theme
  • create the perfect gift basket
  • DIY Christmas ideas and presentations
  • Hershey’s chocolate candy theme
  • happy holidays and wine
  • handmade
  • chefs kit
  • wonderful gift basket ideas
  • top 20 best gift baskets for women
  • just for him for Father’s Day
  • coffee fanatic
  • cheap and easy arrangements
  • from the kitchen
  • corporate
  • Christmas for women


5. a romantic gift basket idea for Valentine’s Day is sure to impress. Your spouse or sweetheart will surely be pleased with some of these examples:

pomegranate gift basket

outdoorsman gift basket

  • easy and affordable men’s Valentine’s gift basket ideas Pinterest 
  • romantic rose Valentine
  • lady’s purple pamper basket
  • gifts for him on Valentine’s Day arrangements
  • cute puppy love
  • love bucket for your man
  • chocolate temptations
  • homemade
  • pomegranate spa retreat-she deserves this!
  • romantic night Valentine’s day gift
  • aromatherapy
  • organic and natural
  • spa-hand and foot therapy
  • gone fishing
  • gourmet foods
  • “sweet” them off their feet
  • tour on the wild side
  • I’m wild about you gift box
  • drink basket
  • for the outdoorsman


6. get well gift baskets can apply to any occasion such as hospital visits, short and long term sickness, after surgery, for kids and employees recovering from an illness, and lots more. Here is a list of some featured get well basket arrangements on this board:

get well gift basket Pinterest

men's get well soon gift basket

  • rest and renew post surgery gift basket-rejuvenate the body and mind
  • snacks, lotions and soaps get well tote bag
  • women’s get well gift basket
  • scented, relaxing bath soaps
  • healing from the inside out
  • gluten free and vegan products for the recovering health conscience person
  • total pampering arrangement
  • various get well gift basket ideas Pinterest pin
  • a complete relaxation gift
  • holiday care package
  • recovering from sport’s related injuries care package
  • encouragement for those battling cancer
  • gift meditation package
  • natural items that provide comfort and promote healing
  • honey, lemon and yellow theme


7. baby showers are a perfect occasion for a gift basket. Disposable and lasting baby items are always and forever in demand. You can’t go wrong with any of these arrangements for the occasion:

girl baby shower gift basket

Baby Einstein gift basket

  • Radio Flyer
  • bunny girl baby shower gift basket
  • puppy fun
  • nap time girl
  • special boy delivery
  • twin boys sports wagon
  • nap time boy
  • personalized
  • crib baby basket
  • organic monkey business
  • princess baby girl gift basket baby shower basket
  • Baby Einstein water wagon
  • Barnyard Buddies
  • owl always love you
  • froggy fun
  • party in the jungle
  • little miracle baby girl
  • lots more baby shower gift basket ideas Pinterest pins


8. looking for plenty of DIY gift basket ideas? Let this pinboard get the creative juices flowing with some of these doable and easy DIY gift basket arrangements:

bath salts gift basket

kitchen gift basket idea

  • pamper cake-perfect for new moms
  • sweet 16 basket
  • tea towel cake tutorial
  • money cake-this is cool
  • BBQ all the way
  • two peas in a pod diaper basket
  • baby shower gift
  • party favors candy cake
  • baby boy bath set
  • apple themed set
  • first days of school-classroom
  • DIY towel gift
  • coffee lover
  • Cinco de Mayo gift basket
  • DIY Christmas gift arrangement
  • bath salts, slippers and candles arrangement-relaxing
  • housewarming cake
  • frozen themed for kids
  • wedding party interests
  • fisherman’s gift basket
  • Italian wine and pasta
  • 25 DIY gift baskets for any occasion
  • soup mix and pot holders



9. Easter gift baskets and care packages are some of the most colorful and delightful arrangements you’ll find celebrating any occasion. Celebrate the Easter holiday with some of these pleasing gift basket ideas:


Easter gift basket ideas

  • Easter care package
  • inspiration cupcakes and cashmere
  • Frozen Anna themed
  • for babies
  • items for toddler
  • DIY Easter care package
  • Over 50 Easter gift ideas
  • Monster High for girls
  • creative play
  • Easter basket and filler themed ideas
  • tween
  • healthy
  • gardening themed
  • color coded


10. this Mother’s Day gift basket Pinterest dedicated pinboard has some great arrangement ideas that would sure make any mother happy. Give your mother what she deserves with some of these outstanding suggestions:

breakfast gift basket

Mother's Day gift basket sweets

  • flower garden
  • chocolate brunch
  • Mother’s Day gift basket Pinterest pin
  • breakfast in bed
  • bouquet of cookies
  • bath set
  • deluxe lavender vanilla bath set
  • coffee and sweets
  • gift ideas from the kids



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