Top 10 Happy Easter Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Free Download Websites

Easter is the most significant religious celebration in Christianity. For Christians around the globe it is a time to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter also is a blending of secular and nonsecular traditions. Traditions come alive on Easter Sunday such as painting and hiding Easter eggs for young children to find. But how did these two celebrations get intertwined?  

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Easter coincided with Spring where there were many planting and fertility rituals. These traditions incorporated things such as eggs and bunnies. These things eventually made their way into the total Easter celebration that Christians experience today.

For this reason there are many religious and nonreligious Easter Facebook Timeline Cover Photo free download websites you’ll see listed here. Some of the painted egg dye pictures below are some of the most vibrant images I’ve seen anywhere . Other featured images you’ll find on this list include bunnies, egg baskets, religious quotes, spring flowers, cross, and egg dyes.  All these images are free to download and can be used immediately on your Timeline.

Get ready for Easter this year on your new Facebook Timeline. Quantities below are subject to change as new pictures are added daily.

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Top 10 Happy Easter Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Websites


1. addacover: one of the premiere Facebook Cover websites out there has around 80 Happy Easter Facebook Cover Photos for you to download for your Timeline for free. There are some very nice illustration storybook style renderings of bunny rabbits and eggs, lots of Happy Easter Baskets and Eggs, Tulips, Spirit of Hope, Chocolate Bunnies, Rejoice and Be Thankful, Easter Quotes, Chicks and Flowers, Jellybeans, Painted Eggs, and Religious.

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2. freeprofilecover: has over 40 beautiful and colorful All EGGS Easter Facebook Cover images. There are some incredible looking painted and dyed Easter egg photos like Green Eggs on a Shelf, White Eggs in a Tree, Marble Covering, Glitter, Hidden in the Grass, Different Color Dyes, Golden and Red Eggs on a Pillow. You can use the special app to upload the desired image straight to your Timeline Photos by clicking on the “Upload to Facebook” button or right click on the preview image to save it to your computer.


3. firstcovers: has 12 beautiful and colorful Easter Photo Covers. Examples include Easter eggs, bunny, Happy Easter, Bright Spring, Religious and Egg Baskets.


4. fbcoverlover: there are some beautiful digital Easter Covers including Colorful Eggs, Easter Egg Basket, Bunny Rabbit, Easter 3D, and Yellow Chicken. Click on the image to see a preview of what the Cover will look like next to the profile picture. If you like the image you can right click and download it with the “save as” option.


5. myfbcovers: here you can find 7 very colorful Easter Covers using the “search feature and the keyword “Easter” that you can upload straight to your Timeline. Just click on the “Make my Facebook Cover” button to allow the app to upload your image straight to your Timeline photos. Some featured Easter holiday images include Holy Cross, Bunny Rabbits, Jelly Beans, Painted Eggs and Egg Basket.


6. blingify: has 10 different cute and colorful Easter theme wallpaper type Covers with patterns like Chickies, Pinkchick,  Yellow Bunny, Bunny head, Chickie, Purple Lamb, Rabbit Circles and Pink Rabbit. Click the Preview button to see what your image would look like on your Timeline or just right click and save it to your computer.


7. kawaiicovers: another 10 wallpaper type Easter Covers with some added ones like Kawaii Easter and Happy Easter Bunny. Just right click and save the image to your computer.


8. there are 4 high quality Happy Easter Covers to choose from with colorful Spring colors bordering the profile picture including a cool Bunny Rabbit painting an Easter Egg, Egg Hunt, Bunny Rabbit and Jesus on the Cross. Just right click and save.


9. believers4ever: a logical place to visit for Christian Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. Celebrate the resurrection of Christ with some inspirational religious quotes, scripture readings, inspirational sayings, love mankind quotes and more. Use the “save image as” option to download the selected Cover to your computer.

10. crosscards: this premiere site has over 60 Christian Timeline Covers including titles like Easter Angels, Hosanna, Risen Lord, John 3:16, Never Forget, I am Christian, and Love of Christ. If you like an image just right click and save it to your computer.


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