Top 10 Happy Halloween Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Download Websites

Halloween has to be one of everybody’s favorite holidays. Every year Halloween conjures up past experiences from our childhood when we would dress up in scary costumes, walk dark streets at night and trick or treat from house to house.  As we got older we would opt to stay home and create our own scary yard decorated with skeletons, bats, ghosts, the occasional zombie and a hanging or headless corpse in order to be on the other end of the candy exchange; the end that does all the scaring.

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Sometimes we went all out with ghost sounds, creaking noises and outright screams playing in the background on some Halloween sound effects CD while horrified kids slowly made their way to your front door step to grab a tootsie roll.

For the true Halloween fanatic getting scares from a successful spooky yard set up that included a fog machine outside with some sort of automated scary contraption like a coffin opening up and a corpse rising, a headless horseman holding his own talking head or a dangling skeleton’s dancing bones was the highlight of the evening.

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During our adult years it was time to take the kids out to relive the Halloween magic all over again. For the rest of us simply staying home, leaving the light on and handing out candy was plenty enough to get into the Halloween spirit every year.

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Halloween is a time for school carnivals, dressing up scary ( or not), trick or treating, bobbing for apples, playing scary music, visiting a haunted house or spooky graveyard, telling ghost stories, watching scary or horror movies, eating candy, sitting out on the porch handing out candy to all the excited children in the neighborhood and placing a Halloween Facebook Cover Photo on your new Facebook Timeline page. Come again?

That’s right, the Halloween tradition continues into the digital age and the world of social network sites like Facebook. Halloween was tailored made for the Facebook Timeline Cover. You can find hundreds of Halloween Facebook Covers on the Internet that you can download to your computer for free or upload straight to your Timeline photos by using the website’s special apps.

So get into the Halloween spirit yet once again and choose from hundreds of images of all types, styles and genres. I took some of the hassle out of finding these images and found 10 quality websites where you can download and upload Halloween Covers for free.  I placed all the top 10 website links in this post for your convenience.

I’ve done over 150 Facebook Cover posts and believe me when I say that the following websites are some of the best out there and all 10 have plenty of Covers to choose from. Enjoy and Happy Halloween.


Top 10 Happy Halloween Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. covermyfb: one of the best Facebook Cover websites out there covermyfb is loaded with Halloween Facebook Covers for your Timeline. There are over 150 Halloween images of all kinds, styles and types. If you can’t find something here then it must be hard to find. Here is a sample listing of some of the Halloween Covers you can download to your computer for free or upload straight to your Timeline photos using the website’s own special app: Happy Halloween, Witch Facebook Cover, Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, Scary, Trick or Treat, Jack and Sally Nightmare, Ghost Rider, Cute Anime, Black Cat, Party, Monsters, Skeletons, Spiders, Dia De los Muertos, Haunted House, Jack Skellington, Ghosts, Cute Little Monsters, Mummy, Hello Kitty Halloween, Vintage, Scrapbook, Horror Movies and Spooky Graveyard. 

2. firstcovers: has some unique and creative images with around 24 Halloween Timeline Covers including a Full Moon, Halloween Candy, Quote, Evil Clown, Haunted House, Pumpkin, Trick or Treat, Scarecrow, Boo, Ghosts, and a Happy Halloween Graveyard. Just right click on a cover to save the image to your computer.

3. pagecovers: this premiere site has around 11 high quality colorful Halloween Covers with some animated styles like a Ghost Trick or Treat, Witch Broom, Haunted House, Bats, Scary Carved Pumpkins Facebook Cover, Candy Corn and Fall Pumpkins. Use the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

4. fbcoverlover: there are around 11 Halloween images including some cool Halloween Costumes Covers, Scary Pumpkin, Spooky Graveyard, Trick or Treat Cover, Decorations, and Scary House.

5. myFBCovers: have over 30 standout Covers for this year’s holiday including a classic Happy Halloween Facebook Cover, Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin Patch, Angry Birds Halloween, Haunted House Facebook Cover, Babies in Pumpkins, Zombies, Real Graveyard Cover, Weird Ghost Face, 3D Trick or Treat, Humorous Dog Ghosts, Silhouette Trick or Treaters, and Halloween the Movie. Use the special app to upload your selected image straight to your Timeline photos by clicking on the “Make My Facebook Cover” green button or click to see a larger preview of the image and right click on the image and choose “save image as” to download it to your computer.

6. Kawaiicovers: looking for more Halloween Wallpaper Facebook Cover Timeline Photos? Kawiicovers has a distinct presentation of wallpaper titled style Covers including wallpaper Halloween Ghosts Cover, Kitty, Spider Webs, Happy Halloween Wallpaper Cover, Haunted House, Castle, Basket, Graveyard, Apple, Mickey Mouse Halloween Cover, Black Cat and October Orange Glow Spooky. Looking to download one of these Covers? Just right click and save the image to your computer.

7. snazzyspace: another unique wallpaper style Facebook Cover website that has close to 40 very different Halloween wallpaper titled style images including Scream Skull, Inverted Pumpkin, Jason Mask, Pumpkin Drawing, Family, Cobwebs,Ghosts N Stuff, Fluorescent Skeletons, Dripping Lips, Bone Finger, Zombie Girl, Witch Cat, Skull on Fire and a very bizarre Marilyn Monroe Zombie Cover.

8. freecodesource: has around 140 Halloween Facebook Timeline Covers including Happy Halloween, Simpsons, Ghosts, Michael Myers, Haunted, Cute, Collage, Jack Skellington, Bats and Spiders, Cute Little Witchy Poo, Trick or Treat, Monsters Ball, Cute Little Monsters, Dance of the Dead, Cauldron, Halloween Candy, a humorous Just Give Me The Damn Candy, and Dark Holiday.

9. kylesastrolounge.blogspot: I added this site with a sort of an alternative to your traditional Halloween Covers. This site has a nice selection of all your classic Horror movie Facebook Covers from the 1970’s and 80’s like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy vs Jason, The Evil Dead, John Carpenter’s Halloween Movie Cover, and Night of the Living Dead. 

10. facecoverz: last but not least is a nice selection and preview page of around 36 images to select from including Nightmare Before Christmas, Spooky Girl, Cute Mummy, Skeleton Dance, The Ring Samara’s Eye, The Reaper, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula 1958, Dia De Los Muertos, Beetlejuice, and The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.


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