Top 10 Happy Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Download Websites

There are plenty of Happy Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover Photos floating out there in cyberspace. But finding them all in one place can be quite a challenge. When it comes to looking for Facebook Covers for a particular subject or topic I believe more options are definitely better.

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I feature in this post my top 1o free Valentines Facebook Cover download websites where you can download free Happy Valentine’s Day Cover Photos to your computer, laptop, notebook, or smartphone or upload them straight to your Facebook Timeline photos.

Enjoy and have a Special and Happy Valentine’s Day.

1. covermyfb: I’ve done over 300 plus posts on various Facebook Cover themes and have featured this website the most. This premiere Cover site is literally loaded with Valentine’s Day Covers. Here are just a few: Be my Valentine? (chocolate and roses), Happy Valentine’s Day (red roses, white chocolate and candles), I Love You (teddy bears), Pink Love, Sweet Hearts, Chocolate Heart Box (says Happy Valentine’s Day), I Love You (key and heart), Reaching for Love (beautiful hand reaching for a heart in the water), I Love You candy hearts, Swans in Love, Charlie Brown Snoopy Happy Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover Photo, My Forever, Roses, You Hold the Key To My Heart, Dozen Roses, Chocolate Cake, Love Splash Cover, “You are the Love of my Life and I’ll be Yours Forever” quote, Girls and Guys Together Facebook Covers, and several anti-Valentine’s Day Covers like “Valentine’s Day Sucks”. 


Be my valentine Facebook Cover Photo

Charlie Brown Snoopy Happy Valentine's Day Facebook Cover Photo

Key to my heart Facebook Cover

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2.  getacover: this Facebook Cover featured website has a nice preview page loaded with Valentine’s Day Cover Photos. Just click on an image to see the actual size. Here are some examples of Covers that stood out for me: Neon Be My Valentines, Cartoon and Animated Happy Valentine’s Day Facebook Covers, Pink Roses, Arrow through Heart Facebook Cover, Couple Holding Hands, “I’ve Fallen In Love Many Times. Always With You.” quote Cover, Rose, Calendar, and a simple Silhouette Couple Facing Each Other in Love.


arrow through heart Facebook Cover

Silhoutte Love couple Facebook Cover

3. kawaiicovers: there are around 177 Valentine’s Day Facebook Covers featured here. Show your love this holiday with one of these standout images: many variations and styles for Happy Valentine’s Day and I Love My Valentines,  Cupid Arrow Facebook Cover Photo, Wish You A, Be Mine Heart, All You Need Is Love, Happy Sweet, Be My Valentines, Teddy Bear, Love Heart Tree, Various Heart Wallpaper Style Facebook Covers, Cute Valentine’s Hearts, Chocolate Hearts, and a beautiful Happy Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement.


Cupid Arrow Facebook Cover

Happy Valentine's Day Facebook Cover

Be My Valentine Facebook Cover

4. profilerehab: here you’ll find some high quality unique Valentines Facebook Covers. You’ll be amazed at some of these: Wooden Heart, Falling in Love, Watermelon Love, XOXO Valentines Cover, Notebook Paper Love, Red and Grey Heart Tree, Candy Hearts, Heart Hands, Rose, Artistic Heart, Cute Hearts Drawing, I’m In Your Every Thought, Red Heart Grunge Cover, Love Banner, All You Need Is Love, Black and White Love, various Love Quotes and several Love Valentine’s Collages. 

Watermelon I Love

Heart Hand Facebook Cover

Grunge Valentines Day Facebook Cover

5. covry: another site I’ve featured many time on Tweeting Covry has a long page of over 300 mostly Valentine’s Day Covers. There are just too many to list here, but if you’re looking for a Cover you need to check this site out. Perhaps some of these titles might interest you: Valentine’s Day Red Hearts, Teddy Bear and Candy Box Facebook Cover, Lovers, Abstract Heart, Be Mine, Celebrating, Couple in Love, Romantic Couple Sunset, Cupid Love, and a up close Valentine’s Day Kiss Facebook Cover


Teddy Bear Candy Box Facebook Cover

Valentine's Day Kiss Facebook Cover


6. if your like me you like to check Pinterest evey once and a while for collections of various kinds and types. Here, someone has put together a nice Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover Pinterest pinboard with over 80 pins/Covers such as I Love You, Love Hand Deck of Cards, Happy Valentine’s Day Written On Paper, Life is Nothing Without Love, Kiss, First Love, Valentine’s Hearts and Couple Silhouette.

Love deck of cards

Happy Valentine's Day Note Cover

First Love Facebook Cover


7. here are 50 Valentine Love Facebook Covers featured here that you can download or upload straight to your Facebook Timeline for free. There are lots to choose from here including Retro Love, “Sometimes the Heart sees what is Invisible to the Eye” quote (love this one), All You Need Is Love, Silhouette Girl Chasing Heart, I Found Love, Love Scrabble, Love Words Collage, and several powerful Love Quotes. 

Valentines Quote Cover

girl chasing love

Love words collage Cover


8.  9cover: another nice Cover site has many images listed here on this preview page including a Cool Open Heart Cover Photo, Classic Red Happy Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover Photo, Red Flowers Cover, Kissing Lips, My First Love, Red Love on the Wall, Spread Love, Love is All You Need, Pink Love, Couple Cupids, Little Red Heart, Several Heart Facebook Covers, Couples on the Beach, and Be My Valentine Facebook Cover Photo.

Kissing Lips Facebook Cover

Be Mine Valentine Facebook Cover

Heart Valentines Facebook Cover

9. freecodesource: this great image and graphic site has an extensive Valentine’s Facebook Cover category with over 100 images to select from. Click on the image of your choice save the image or click on the black “make this my Facebook Cover” button. Here is a small preview of some of the images showcased here: Valentine’s Purple Doves, Be Mine, Roses For Me, True Love Quote, Dreams, Love Song, Cute Teddy Bear, Crazy Love, Splash, Love Is In The Air, Be Mine Forever, and Be Mine Valentines Chocolate Candy Heart Red Box.


Valentines dove Facebook Cover

Happy Valentines Day Photo

Be Mine Heart Chocolate Box Facebook Cover

10. I save the last website for one dedicated to an all encompassing Love. There are several categories to choose from including Flowers, Romantic, Red Rose, Love Quotes, Grace, Peace, Heart Quotes, Unconditional Love Quotes, Sweet, Inspirational Quotes, Digital Art and Facebook Love.

Flower Facebook Covers

True Love Facebook Cover

Just a Rose Facebook Cover


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