Top 10 Internet Memes Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

The word “Memes” is actually an old term created decades ago. It was initially associated with facets of our culture that mimic features in biology such as the mimicking and replicating of genes. In our human culture these features include popular ideas that spread from person to person within a culture or society.

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In today’s technological social networking world memes may have found a permanent home. With the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest an enormous breeding ground for memes has been created.  

What exactly then is a meme? A meme can be an image, video, catchphrase, style or simply an idea. The success of these “viral” memes depends on many factors and the Internet offers up many ways for memes to gain traction and momentum.

Recent examples of memes that have become popular over the years include Rickrolling, LOL, and Epic Fail.   

Facebook has now introduced yet another way to show off a meme picture. It’s called the Facebook Cover Photo.

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Here are some famous memes character faces you’ll see on many Facebook Covers: Problem?, Forever Alone, Me Gusta, Y U NO Guy, Okay Guy, Cereal Guy, Troll face and Rage Face.

Here are some famous memes characters and sayings: You Fail, Epic Fail, Don’t Like Me? Cool, I don’t wake up every day to impress you, Ninjas can’t…,  and Sup Son?.

Here are 10  top websites that have a nice, quality selection of meme Facebook Cover Photos to choose from. All images are free to download and upload straight to your Timeline. Quantities below are subject to change as new Covers are added daily.

Top 10 Internet Meme Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites


1. addacover: this top rated Facebook Cover website does it again with an enormous collection of Internet memes Facebook Cover Photos. There are over 100 memes Covers with titles like Me: You:, Rainbow Barf, Memevengers Assemble, Meme Collage, Grumpy, Ninjas Can’t Catch You, Science Raptot, Music Loving, Salvador Dali Sliding Meme Faces, Epic Fail Guy Cover, Cereal Guy and Diamonds Are A Hello Gustas Best Friend. Addacover makes it easy to download an image. Either right click and use the “save image as” option or click the orange “Upload Cover to Facebook” and allow the addacover app to upload your chosen images straight to your Facebook Timeline for you.

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2. Coverphotobook: there are over 60 memes Facebook Cover Photos you can choose for your Timeline. Coverphotobook has a nice layout for previewing these images. Standout titles and characters include hahahahah, OMG You Got Facebook Too, Batman Word Retro, Cool Story Bro Cat Dog, This Guy Rocks, Part Time Ninja, Stop Following Me Evolution Gun, Deal With It, Forever Alone, Sup Son?, Facebook Addict, PedoBear, and Abducted by Aliens. Click on the “Make Fb Cover” button and log into your Facebook account to have your image upload to your Timeline.


3. Coverjunction: there are around 11 meme Cover images to choose from including some cool Danbo Hitchhiking, Danbo in the rain, Sad, Danbocalyspe, Meme Walkers, and trollface.

4. Facecoverz: there are over 20 meme style Covers including some popular animation and cartoon character and scenes such as Problem? Trollface, World of Internet Memes, Like A Boss, Nyan Cat, Me Gusta, Staredad, Ninjas and Longcat.  As always you can right click and “save image as” or use the special app to upload the image to your Timeline.


5. freetimelinecovers: there are over 35 classic meme Covers including Bunch of Memes, Forever Alone, Rage Face, U Mad Bro Troll face, and Meme Mario. Use both options to save your selected image to your Facebook Timeline.


6. fbprofilecovers: there are some unique memes Covers here with some great catchy expressions like Problem?, Best Cover Ever, Problem? With This Cover?, I’m Jealous of My Parents, Don’t Like Me, Y U No, and Me Gusta. Use the fbprofilecovers app to upload the image straight to your Facebook Timeline.

7. fbCoverLover: there are around 15 classic and unique memes pictures you can use for your Facebook Timeline.  Some of these titles and meme sayings are classics:

  • Look Left, You Fail
  • Don’t Like Me? Cool, I don’t wake up every day to impress you.
  • Forever Alone Timeline
  • Rage Comic Stairs
  • Rage Comic Poker Face
  • Rage Comic Alarm Clock
  • Colorful Internet Meme Faces




8. kawaiicovers: the Internet memes on this page are truly unique with over 15 clipart memes, cartoon pencil sketches of characters and sayings such as Troll, Oh, Rage, Not Bad, Challenge Accepted, and Not What I Said.  Right click and “save image as” to download these free images to your computer.


9. memecovers: you can download free meme Facebook Cover Photos and create your own meme pictures using their free editor. Lots of user submitted Covers using their free Cover editor. Use their free Create a Meme editor, choose an image and add your own text.



10. allfbcovers: has a specific memes category with over 15 interesting memes Covers. Featured titles include Stick Figures, Problem Guy, Epic Fail Cover, Ninja Meme, Scared Dad and a funny Let’s Get Medieval. Just right click and save the image to your computer.


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