Top 10 Love Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Download Websites

What is love? Love has a special meaning to each of us. There is the profound all encompassing love that partners, couples, lovers and husband and wife share together. There is the powerful love in seeing the good in people. There is spiritual love. Love is caring, feeling, compassionate, inspiring, devotion, dependable, forgiving, soulful, unconditional, giving, lasting and forever.

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With so many beautiful interpretations of love there needs to be plenty of Love Facebook Cover Timeline Photos that you can select from. And lucky for all of us, there is. I found literally thousands of Love Facebook Covers that you can download for free to your computer and upload using the website’s special apps straight to your Timeline photos. There is definitely something with love for everyone here.


Top 10 Love Facebook Cover Timeline Download Websites


1. covermyfb: this is just a huge category with over 600 Love Facebook Covers. If your looking for Love Covers you’re bound to find something here. Some featured images you’ll find in this category include basic Love, Last Kiss, I Love You Facebook Cover, Heart, Just You, Forever In Love, Till the End, More Than Anything, You Complete Me, Can Have Thorns, You and I, Roses and Bloom, In the Air, Promise, Kisses, and Give You My All. 

2. firstcovers: there are over 180 Love Covers with some memorable and emotional Love Quotes Covers. Some featured titles include Love You As Much As I Do, Today Tomorrow and Forever, Meeting You Was Fate, When I’m With You, All The Time, The Notebook Quote, True Love Doesn’t End, I’ll Do Anything, Most Unexpected Time, Please Love Me To, Till The End, Without Limits, Key To My Heart, You and Me, and Got Me Love Sick.

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3. 99Covers: has over 430 Love Facebook Covers of all types and styles. The amount of images is substantial so here is a small sampling of some of the titles: Love, We Go Together, Holding Hands, Love Quote Facebook Cover, Clever Math Formula, Couple Reunited, 3D, What Is Love, Emotion, Pink, Find Each Other Puzzle, Abstract Heart, and Love Song. 

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4. pagecovers: another premium website with around 300 Love and I love Facebook Covers. Use the special app to upload the images straight to your Timeline photos.  Here is a short list of some of the stand out titles: To Love Deeply, Crazy Stupid, Dozens of I Love… Covers, The Best Thing About You, Love to Shop, Falling In Love, Just Because, EMO Old Fashioned, Mommy, Couple, I’m Not A Fighter, We’re Getting Married, If You Want To Be, Wildly Misunderstood, and a classic Arrow Pointer of This Girl Is In Love Facebook Cover.

5. coverphotoz: has over 2,000 images with a Love related theme. Some  featured titles include Key To The Heart, I’m Glad That I Met You, Two Hearts, You Make Me Feel, Love Never Fails, The Perfect Boyfriend, Long Distance, Happy Couple, I Will Wait, My Heart Is Taken, I Miss You, Single, and Love You The Best You Can. 


6. coverjunction: another large selection of Love Covers with over 1,086 images including titles like “Words of Love, Imagination, Together Forever, My Kids, My Life, I love You and A Stolen Kiss.”  You can share these images on Twitter and Facebook and use the special app to upload them straight to your Timeline.

7. Get-Covers: has a nice selection of over 120 Love Facebook Covers including I’m Looking For My Other Half, Two holding hands form heart, Amore, Love hearts, Endless, Forever and Always, and Me plus You equals Love.


8. hercovers: a Facebook Covers site dedicated for women features around 100 Love images, photos, digital art and quotes that you can use on your Timeline.  Some titles include “Love is all around us, From me to you, A Love You Bedazzled and Let me love luv you.

9. covermaker: another large selection of over 400 Love Facebook Timeline images with some great examples including Please Call Me, He Loves Me,  For You, Piece Of Paper, and a Play With Your Heart. Double click on the image to get a larger preview then right click and save the image to your computer.

10. fbcoverlover: has around 140 Covers that you can use on your Timeline right now including some titles like I Love My Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Make Me Feel So Happy, Because I Love You, When I Saw You, I Miss You, Listen To Your Heart, Blowing Kisses, and Every Story Is Beautiful. Just right click and save the image to your computer.


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