Top 10 Pinterest Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinboards

The most amusing engagement ring story has to be my friend’s.  It just so happened that her engagement coincided with the first time she had ever gotten her nails done at the salon.  In her joy of getting engaged, she went straight to her Mom’s to tell her the news.  Excitedly she held out her hand to her Mom, proudly displaying her new diamond ring.  “Your nails!” was what her Mom said. Dejectedly, my friend pouted and said, “No, I got engaged!”

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Hopefully, your engagement announcement will go off a little more successfully than that!

But oh how exciting the whole engagement and wedding process is, concerning engagement rings and wedding bands, that is!  Sometimes you have a say in what engagement ring you want.  If that’s the case, then you will want to look at the first three pinboards in this Top 10 Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboards.  They focus on the most beautiful engagement rings you have ever seen, from simple diamond solitaires to unusual vintage and antique rings.

If you have already received your engagement ring, and are now in the talking-about-wedding-bands stage, Pinboards 4, 5 & 6 focus on matching wedding bands, commitment bands and union bands. Sometimes “matching” means between spouses, as in wedding band sets, and sometimes it means a bride’s engagement ring and matching wedding band.

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These three pinboards offer very traditional, simple wedding bands, as well as very gorgeous, ornate ones.  In addition, they have unique wedding band sets that will pique the interest of the couple searching for something away from the traditional.

Pinboard 7 is entitled Unique Women’s Wedding Bands.  The pinboard is true to its name with quite special and out of the ordinary wedding rings for you to choose from.  Pinboard 8 features men’s traditional wedding bands, while Pinboard 9 focuses on men’s unique wedding bands.  Whichever men’s pinboards you prefer, you are sure to find something you’re looking for!

Pinboard 10 will delight many of you:  the pinboard is called Geek Wedding Rings, and it specializes in Rings For Sci-Fi and Pop Culture Lovers. For example: the Han Solo/Princess Leia wedding bands which say “I love you”/”I know” appear, as well as Galadriel’s ring from Lord of the Rings, plus other rings from Star Trek, Dr. Who, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and several video games. If you are a sci-fi or pop culture lover, this pinboard is just right for you!

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Top 10 Pinterest Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinboards



1.  this first Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard captures spectacularly the thrill of being engaged.  The splendor displayed in these stunning engagement rings will speak for you and announce your joy in a breathtaking manner. Come see these rings, ranging from antique and vintage to contemporary styles and from diamonds and gold to sapphires and rubies. Take a look at this splendid pinboard.  You will not be disappointed!


oval engagement ring



swirling diamond engagement ring


stunning engagement ring



  • Pinterest Diamond Engagement Ring Pin-Swirling
  • Three Ritani Diamond Halo
  • Serene Raindrop Engagement Ring
  • Vintage Aquamarine
  • Delicate Infinity Band Engagement Ring
  • Vintage Ruby Solitaire Engagement Ring Platinum
  • Antique Art Deco Engagement Ring With a 1.60 carat Asscher Cut Diamond, circa 1930
  • The Enchanted Princess 14 k Gold Ruby Engagement Ring
  • Platinum Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring
  • Lab Created Sapphire Ring – Sterling Silver
  • Pinterest Diamond Engagement Ring With Ruby Sides And Eternity Band Pin
  • Tacori Wedding Ring
  • Three Stone Princess Cut Engagement Ring by Verragio
  • The Lorraine Ring Forever Brilliant Moissanite Unique Engagement Ring
  • Pinterest Platinum Sapphire Trio Diamond Ring Pin
  • Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Vintage Style
  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver Womens Opal & Diamond Vintage Art Nouveau Flower Ring


beautiful ruby engagement ring



victorian era ruby engagement ring



antique engagement ring



2.  come see this Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard!  It features diamond engagement rings of all sizes, colors and shapes, and it displays diamond rings that can be simple solitaires or elaborate diamonds surrounded by all kinds of different jewels including other diamonds.  In addition, many of the beautiful engagement rings are vintage.  Finally, there are many well-known names, like Tiffany and Cartier.  Come take a peek at the gorgeous diamond engagement rings on this special pinboard!



gorgeous engagement ring


wedding band and engagement ring


platinum oval wedding ring



  • Oval Shaped Engagement Ring, So Vintage and Different
  • Oval Moissanite and Diamond Halo Ring
  • Vintage Engagement Ring – So Unique
  • Chanel Bow Ring
  • Thick Diamond Wedding Bands
  • Pinterest Eternity Ring Pin
  • Belle by Harry Winston… aka Quatrefoil Engagement Ring
  • Tanzanite Engagement Ring
  • Rogers & Hollands
  • Swirly Band
  • Ascher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Made by Cartier in 1922
  • The Fleurie Ring- Antique, Art Nouveau, 1910
  • Tiffany Circlet Band Ring
  • Love This Triple Halo
  • Pinterest Beautiful White Gold Wedding Band Pin
  • Alliance Camélia – Chanel
  • Princess Cut
  • Harry Winston Micropavé Ring
  • ”Selene” Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Garland Diamond Eternity Ring


engagement diamond ring vintage



unique engagement ring



shimmering engagement ring



3.  you’re going to love this Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard.  It focuses on vintage engagement rings.  The styles and cuts of these gorgeous rings are so unique and many appear to be one-of-a-kind!  Some of the colors and gems are not typical of a traditional engagement or wedding ring.  Come browse this beautiful pinboard for some super ideas!


perfect vintage engagement ring



art deco engagement ring



unique engagement ring 2



  • Barcelona Filigree Hand Engraved Padparadscha Sapphire
  • Pinterest Victoria – Antique Engagement Ring Pin
  • 8ct Black Diamond Solitaire in White Gold
  • Art Deco Engagement Ring, circa 1920
  • Antique Art Nouveau Pearl Ring Cathedral Setting 10 Karat Rose Gold
  • Black Diamond Ring
  • Oval Champagne Peach Sapphire Diamond Ring 14k Rose Gold Engagement Ring
  • Seafoam Blue Green Aquamarine Halo Diamond Ring
  • Certified Black Diamond Princess Cut Bridal Set
  • Pinterest Marquise Diamond Wedding Ring in 14K White Gold Pin
  • Classic Elegance Engagement Ring from Ken and Dana Design
  • Coeur De Clara Ashley 3 Stone Engagement Ring
  • A Beautiful Celtic Vintage Inspired Piece
  • Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring From Doyle & Doyle
  • Tiffany Grace Diamond Engagement Ring With a Matching Wedding Band


ice blue vintage engagement ring



black diamond ring



art nouveau pearl engagement ring


4.  this is a lovely Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard featuring his and hers wedding bands, commitment bands and union bands.  There are many unusual rings in this pinboard for you to choose from, including latitude and longitude rings, set of you and me forever fingerprint rings, and a trendy set of rings in which the soundwaves of the bride and groom saying “I Do” are put into the ring.  In addition to unique rings, there are quite a few beautiful traditional rings for couples. This is quite a pinboard for you to visit when searching for wedding band sets, commitment bands and union bands!


wedding symmetry bands




soundwaves wedding band set




wooden wedding ring set



  • Inox Steel Copper Turquoise Wedding Set
  • Meteorite His and Hers Ring Set
  • Set of You and Me Forever Comfort Fit Fingerprint Wedding Bands
  • Latitude and Longitude Wedding Ring Set
  • Pinterest Wedding Ring Set Rune Engraved Gothic Pin
  • Personalized – Secret Message Engraved Wedding Set
  • Steam Punk Wedding Band Set
  • Wedding Bands, Committment Bands, Civil Union Bands
  • Pinterest Classic Armenian Wedding Band Set Pin
  • Lunar Wedding Band Set Made from Recycled Silver Metal
  • Heart on Tree Bark His and Hers Wedding Bands
  • His and Hers Sage Leaf Bands in Reclaimed Sterling Silver
  • Wedding Bands With the Sound Wave of the Couple’s Voices Saying “I do”
  • Deep Roots…Soaring Branches – Tree of Life Wedding Bands
  • Pinterest Wedding Rings Pin-Heaven On Earth
  • Sun and Moon Wedding Bands
  • Mokume Bat and Mokume Compass Rings
  • Two-Tone Ribbon Bands
  • Symmetry Bands
  • Think of a Wedding Ring as a Modern Art Sculpture to Wear on Your Finger



couple heart wedding bands


gorgeous wedding band set



titanium wedding bands


5.  this superb Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard is entitled Matching Wedding Bands.  For this pinboard, that means two things: matching wedding bands for the couple, as well as matching engagement ring and wedding band for the bride.  The rings and bands on this pinboard are all very pretty, and tend to be traditional.  Some of the matching bands are very simple, yet always lovely.  If you take a look here, you’ll find some exquisite examples of engagement rings and wedding bands.


diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band


your words engraved wedding band set


matching wedding bands infinity ring



  • 3.00 ct Blue Sapphire Trio Three Bridal Matching Wedding His & Her Ring Band Set
  • Heart Shape Diamond Butterfly Vintage Engagement Ring setting & Matching Wedding Band
  • Heart Shape Diamond Butterfly Vintage Engagement Ring Setting
  • Pinterest Modern Sterling Silver Wedding Band Set Pin
  • How To Pick A Wedding Band That Works With Your Engagement Ring
  • Top Ten Misconceptions About Diamonds
  • Simple Unique Wedding Band Set of Hammered Gold
  • Pinterest Simple Unique Wedding Band Set of Hammered Gold Pin
  • Find The Vintage Wedding Band That Fits Perfectly With Your Engagement Ring
  • Tiffany Legacy® Diamond Engagement Ring With a Matching Diamond Wedding Band
  • Modern Parallel Cut Two-Tone Wedding Ring Set
  • Furrer Jacot Platinum and Diamond Wedding Band and Matching Platinum Men’s Wedding Band
  • 30 Mind-Blowing New York Made Engagement Rings
  • Passion for Purple Titanium Wedding Bands
  • Pinterest Matching Wedding Bands Pin: Infinity Diamond Rings in Platinum
  • A Rustic Gold Wedding Band 18 K
  • Celtic Knot Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents & Matching Wedding Band
  • Handmade – Your Words, Black Matching Wedding Engagement Titanium Rings
  • Enjoy the Elegance of this Niki J Round Center Diamond Engagement Ring and  Matching Wedding Band
  • Matching Damascus Steel Heart Carved Ring


unique engagement ring ideas
tiffany engagement ring and wedding band
sterling silver wedding band set


6.  this Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard features a big selection of matching wedding band sets.  Some are sleeker and simpler in traditional colors, while some are a little more fancy in their design, yet still have the traditional feel of wedding band sets.  You’ll be happy if you stop by here for a look!


tungsten carbide wedding band set



palladium sterling wedding band set


tungsten wedding band set



  • Get “Your Song” Engraved on Your Wedding Bands
  • Pinterest 18K Yellow Gold Classic Wedding Band Set Pin
  • Blackened Oxidized Silver Ring Set, Gem of Your Choice
  • Moissanite and Mixed Metals Wedding Band Set Minimalist, Modern
  • Titanium Ring Set – Sandblasted Finish Domed Profile Rings
  • Pinterest Gold Wedding Bands Pin-Smooth, Simple Rose
  • Celtic Knot Wedding Band Set
  • Blue Box Elder Wood Inlay Rings
  • Christian Bauer Gorgeous Platinum Wedding Bands with Diamonds for Her
  • Matte and Oxidized Black Wedding Band Set
  • Black Tungsten Wedding Band Set
  • Pinterest Cobalt Blue and Gray Titanium Wedding Band Set Pin
  • Tungsten Carbide Width: 8 MM For His, 6MM For Her



titanium the sphinx wedding band set



lovely his and hers wedding band set



matte and oxidized black wedding band set


7.  you’re going to love this Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard that deals with “unique wedding bands for women.”  The wedding rings on this pinboard are not your typical band. They are unusual and ornate.  There are some creative designs that will stir your imagination.  Lock on to your inventive side, then look at the fantastic  rings on this pinboard!


magical wedding ring



atlantis eternity band


beautiful unique wedding band



  • Vineyard Ring With Diamond Accents
  • The Enchanted Wedding Band
  • Pinterest Band of Hearts Wedding Band Pin
  • French Bridal Wedding Band
  • Heartbeat Ring
  • Pinterest Diamond Wedding Band Pin-Whirlwind
  • Vine Leaf Band
  • Rose Gold Diamond Flower Wedding Ring
  • Puzzle Piece Wedding Band
  • Pinterest Dragonfly Wedding Band Pin
  • Georgia O’Keefe Inspired Wedding Band
  • The Vertebrae Collection
  • Murphy Knot Claddagh with Astrological Symbols
  • Celtic Ring
  • Hopscotch Eternity Band
  • Queen of Hearts–Black Majesty Crown Inspired Wedding Band
  • The Gold Branches Ring
  • Atlantis Eternity Band
  • Woven Branches Band








hopscotch eternity band



diamond leaf wedding ring


8.  this Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard offers a great collection of men’s traditional wedding bands, though some would be considered unique and inventive.  The wedding bands begin as very simple wedding rings, and evolve into more elaborate ones with non-traditional cuts and styles.  All the rings on this pinboard are elegant and classy.  Browse through the rings here, and you’ll love what you see!


black titanium men's wedding band


men's tungsten wedding ring


men's titanium wedding band



  • USMC Black Tungsten Ring engraved with Eagle, Globe & Anchor Symbol
  • Men’s Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band
  • Geode Men’s Ring
  • Titanium Wedding Ring Blue Wood and Stone
  • Men’s Wedding Band With Diamonds and Sapphires
  • Damascus Stainless Steel Domed Men’s Wedding Band Black Acid Finish
  • Circling Leaves Band
  • Laurel Band Set in Sterling Silver
  • Nature Inspired Wedding Band
  • Pinterest Black Diamond Wedding Ring Pin
  • Men’s Designer Yellow Gold Wedding Ring With 7 Diamonds
  • Men’s Wedding Ring Titanium Copper Classic
  • Vintage Wedding Rings For Men
  • Pinterest Men’s Wedding Ring Pin-Black Infinity
  • Men’s 10k White Gold Traditional Plain Wedding Band


men's yellow gold wedding band



men's white gold wedding band



diamond yellow gold men's band



men's diamond wedding band


9.  this is a fabulous Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard.  It specializes in Men’s Unique Wedding Bands.  If you take a look at these pins, you will agree that these men’s wedding bands are quite unusual, and not very traditional.  If you’re looking for rugged and distinct, dare I say, manly, this is the place for you. The colors, the materials, the cuts all bespeak today’s man.  Please stop by and have a look for yourself and see what this excellent pinboard has to offer!


men's modern italian blue gold wedding band


men's diamond titanium wedding band


gold celtic men's wedding band


unique men's wedding band



  • Warrior Wedding Ring
  • Black Ceramic Ring with Smalted Tamarind
  • Bourbon Barrel White Oak Stave  Wood Ring
  • Malaysian Blackwood and Malachite Titanium Ring
  • African Blackwood Ring With Turquoise and Titanium
  • Black Cherry With Turqouise Inlay Wedding Band
  • Men’s Platinum Ring With Emeralds
  • New Tungsten Rings
  • Pinterest Rose Gold Wedding Band Ring Tungsten Carbide Pin
  • Custom Made Gibeon Meteorite In Cobalt Chrome
  • Men’s Jade Studded Ring by Austin Moore
  • Gold And Turquoise Inlay Ring by Austin Moore
  • Steampunk Ball Bearing Ring by Austin Moore
  • Celtic Warrior Band by Paul Bierker
  • Film Strip Gold and Silver Ring
  • The Boba Gold Hunter Band- Gents by Paul Bierker
  • Men’s Rope Wedding Band by Lucas Horton
  • Chain Link Wedding Band by Lucas Horton
  • The Constellation Wedding Band  by Jeannie Hwang in San Francisco
  • Climber’s Knot Eternity Wedding Band – Repeating Figure Eight
  • Bamboo Inspired Wedding Band
  • Tree of Life Wedding Band
  • Wedding Band Shows Undulating Strata and Topography, Was Inspired by Graphic Geology
  • Mokume Rings
  • Pinterest Barbed Wire Wedding Band Pin
  • Jagged Mountain Peaks and Cirrus Clouds Corm This Simple Rugged Band
  • Sunrise Mountain Pines Wedding Ring
  • Snow Dust Landscape Wedding Band
  • Diamond, Lapis and Koa Wood Inlay Titanium Ring
  • Men’s Modern Italian 14K Blue Gold Orange Sapphire Cluster


men's 14 k gold wedding band


the boba gold hunter wedding band for men


warrior wedding ring



10.  this Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Pinterest Pinboard is a bit of a bonus, for sci-fi lovers that is!  This pinboard has gathered together rings inspired by your favorite sci-fi films, TV shows and even video games! To coincide with Star Wars 7, there are a number of Star Wars rings, such as the X-Wing & TIE Fighter wedding band set, and the I Love You/I Know wedding band set.

In addition to those, there are rings from LOTR, like Galadriel’s ring and rings engraved in elvish, Star Trek, like the Enterprise ring, several Dr. Who rings, and even some superhero rings, like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.  There are a variety of other movies and video game rings presented as well.  Come quickly to this totally cool sci-fi lovers pinterest pinboard and find the ring for you!



star wars wedding band set



video game themed wedding ring


enterprise wedding ring


dr who wedding band



  • LOTR Fans: Galadriel’s Ring!
  • MY LOVE FOREVER Norse Rune Love Spell Rings
  • Pinterest STAR WARS Inspired Engagement Ring Pin-Lightsaber
  • Stargate Inspired Wedding Rings
  • Tungsten Carbide LOTR Elvish Wedding Band Set
  • An Epic Princess Leia Ring To Go With An Epic Proposal
  • Harley Quinn Ring Ruby and Black Diamond Ring
  • Star Wars Custom R2-D2 Engagement Ring
  • Arc Reactor Ring
  • Navi, a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Engagement Ring
  • Tungsten Ring 8mm Black Dome Doctor Who Time Lord Design
  • TARDIS Ring Box & Engagement Ring
  • Wonder Woman Sterling Silver Ring
  • Star Wars: “I Love You,” “I Know.” Rings
  • Incredible Pokemon Engagement Ring
  • Storm Trooper Stainless Steel Wedding Ring
  • Batman Engagement Ring
  • Assasin’s Creed Ring
  • STARGATE SG-1 Inspired Sterling Silver Ring
  • Rings For Each Element In Avatar
  • Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement Ring
  • X-Wing & Tie Fighter Wedding Band Set


pokeball ring


batman wedding band



i love you i know wedding band set




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