Top 10 Pinterest Make A Turkey Craft Paper Bag, Plate, Toilet Tube Roll, Drawing and Handprint Ideas

Looking to make an arts and crafts Thanksgiving turkey with your family, children, kids in the community, or students at school? Well, let Pinterest be your final destination for finding free turkey printables, templates, cut-outs, designs, and lots more turkey craft ideas.

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I’ve searched through dozens of Pinterest crafts pinboards and found my top 10 individual make a turkey craft idea projects. Each of these Pinterest turkey craft ideas have a provided link which will include tutorials, guided steps with pictures, free print outs, templates, and general “how to” steps on how to make your turkey craft.

The following turkey craft ideas featured in this post are listed as the following:

  • Easy basic turkey printable, cut-out, color and paste
  • crafts with clay and pipe cleaners
  • pre-K and Kinder letter recognition “T” for turkey
  • basic turkey drawing tutorials pdf free downloads
  • toilet paper roll ideas crafts
  • brown paper bag turkey
  • art paper construction model
  • paper plate tutorial
  • paper fan how to guide
  • handprint painted creations


1. A turkey printable to color, cut and paste: this is a basic print out of a turkey with all the main parts you need to piece it together. The instructions simply state to glue, color and display your turkey for everyone to enjoy this Thanksgiving. This one craft idea is perfect for a young child or classroom student.

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2. Turkey craft with clay, beads and pipe cleaners: this is a great crafts idea for a more 3D looking model turkey. This model has a ball of play dough as the base/body along with pipe cleaner feathers. Be creative and draw your own turkey face and stick it on a toothpick. This featured Pinterest page is linked to more detailed instructions on how to put this turkey model craft together.


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3. T for Turkey: this is a great tutorial for making a turkey based on the first letter “T”. Links to a tutorial on step by step instructions on how to make this great craft idea for Thankgiving while focusing on the letter “T”.



4. Draw a turkey: looking for those perfect drawing templates for your Thanksgiving turkey drawing? Check this link out on Pinterest where you’ll find a step-by-step drawing a turkey tutorial. Included are 9 printer friendly free drawing a turkey pdf files.





5. TP Toilet Paper Roll turkey: a top 10 turkey arts and crafts post without featuring a Pinterest toilet paper TP roll turkey craft tutorial would be comparable to having Thanksgiving without a turkey. It’s just not possible.  Toilet paper roles are perfect for turkey crafts and this link will give you step-by-step instructions for building your very own TP turkey example. So start saving your toilet paper rolls right now.



6. Make a Brown Paper Bag Turkey: you also can’t have a top 1o list of turkey crafts on Pinterest without the standard, yet ever popular, brown paper bag turkey craft how to tutorial.  The Pinterest link will take you to a great tutorial on “how to” make a brown paper bag turkey tutorial using only tape as the adhesive, not glue. Find out more about this no mess brown bag turkey craft project with a provided step-by-step picture tutorial.



7. Turkey art tissue paper construction tutorial: art tissue paper crafts are also a common fixture in school classrooms around the world. It goes without saying that many students and kids will be making a tissue art turkey project this Thanksgiving. Here is a great link to a tutorial on how to make an art tissue turkey by number on Pinterest. This link will take you to a pictorial step-by-step guide on how to create your art tissue turkey craft using art tissue, glue, markers, scissors and a freetissue by number” printable turkey.




8. Classic paper plate turkey tutorial: another popular Thanksgiving arts and crafts material source is the paper plate. These paper plates can come in packages of 100 and are relatively inexpensive which makes for a great resource in the home, community center or classroom. Another great thing about these white plates are the symmetrical ridges that surround the circumference of the plate. These ridges make it easy to paste or paint colorful turkey feathers. Check out this link to a popular tutorial on how to make a paper plate turkey which includes instructions on how to paint the feathers, color choice patterns, the turkey’s beak and large eyes.




9. Paper fan turkey project idea: this is a great Pinterest link on how to fold paper fan style to look like turkey feathers as well as how to construct the final whole turkey.  The final completed turkey would make for an excellent place card on the Thanksgiving table.



10. Handprint Turkey Craft Project: kids love getting a little messy with paint. The turkey handprint paint step-by-step craft project is a real personal way to add your own touch, no pun intended, to your hand paint turkey creation. This link will reveal a step-by-step guide on how to paint your hand fingers to create different color feathers and the turkey body. Write a poem underneath or personal words of thanks.



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