Top 10 Snapchat Face Swap Ideas and Examples

The face swap lens is one of the greatest and disturbing ideas yet to be concocted by Snapchat. It’s simple really.  Use the Snapchat app, open to selfie, tap and hold onto your face until a white matrix appears, find the face swap option icon, find a friend or family member or other creative image to swap faces with, and align them up.  Finally, capture the image on your screen to share with your friends.

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Here are my favorite Top 10 Snapchat Face Swap Ideas and Examples:


1 . The Obama’s Face Swap. There is nothing like taking a Presidential couple and swapping faces. Have to love Barack Obama with that grimacing face in a dress.

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2.  The classic baby Face Swap is popular. Seeing an innocent baby face on a grown adult is pretty creepy. This one is especially frightening with the mixture of a baby face brow and facial hair.














3.  I love these.  The inanimate object, doll Face Swap. Capturing the smaller dolls face and enlarging it to cover the adult face, and vice-versa, creates some of the most hilarious face swap images.

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4.   Giant baby twin Face Swap.  Here is another baby Face Swap idea. The family photo of what looks like twins changed into a very funny, but disturbing image.













5.  Here is another doll Face Swap example.  The miniature human face on the doll works.














6.  The food cookie Face Swap idea.  In somewhat of a bizarre, yet creative and funny Face Swap idea, the person in question has decided to swap faces with a cookie. Hershey’s kisses eyes?
















7.   Continuing with the food and drink idea, here is another image with 2 creative examples of Snapchat Face Swap ideas.  Arranging the banana and fruit to create a smiling face to put over yours is pretty cool. The Starbucks face is a nice touch as well.















8.  The animal Face Swap idea. These are very popular.  Swapping faces with an animal can create some special images, although sometimes not so beautiful. Take for example the pig Face Swap.




















9.   Pet to pet Face Swap.  Trading the cat’s face with the dog’s is classic fun.

















10.  Another semi-food like Face Swap. Putting a creepy, carved pumpkin face on top of your own face is just plain freaky.