Top 10 Snapchat Real Ghost Pics, Photos and Selfies

In the spirit of Halloween this season here are some popular Snapchat real ghost pics, photos and selfies that are making their way around many social media sites. Some look down right scary. Fake or not, you be the judge.

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 Top 10 Snapchat Real Ghost Pics, Photos and Selfies

Picture # 1:  this hospital long hallway Snapchat picture sure shows some kind of ghostly apparition crossing from right to left. This viral photo is making the rounds around social media sites.


hospital ghost selfie


Picture #2: as you can see clearly in the background a women in a purple dress with her clutching hands.

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ghost lady in back selfie


Picture #3:  this family photo shows a happy group posing for this photo completely unaware of the ghostly head in the upper middle. Supposedly, the face of a person who drowned decades ago.


ghost in water selfie

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Picture #4: these friends claim to have taken this selfie in a pub that was vacant of any other patrons at the time of the photo. Well, that is except the smiling lady in the background middle with her head tilted up right between the two friends.

ghost face selfie

Picture #5:  this mom and son took this selfie unaware that on the left side is a ghostly hand clutching the shoulder of the women.

ghost hand selfie

Picture #6:  this photo clearly shows an older women’s face and eyes staring behind the girl straight into the camera as if posing for the photo herself.  Of course this can be clearly explained away as a real person except the photographer is claiming that no one else was in the room behind the little girl.

little girl and ghost face selfie

Picture #7:  this is a popular photo making that shows what at first looks like a clever prank- a head creeping out of a stone barrier behind the posing person with illuminating eyes.

headless ghost selfie

Picture #8:  another popular photo shows half a person’s head clearly visible between the two women on the right.  Another picture that the viewer would have no choice but to believe the authenticity of the photographer’s claims that there were only 3 girls posing for this picture at the time it was taken.

group ghost selfie

Picture #9:  another creepy ghost photo that shows a little girl upset and crying in the far right corner of the photo. However, that is not the interesting thing to see here. Supposedly, she was disturbed by the presence of another small child seen peering out between the legs of the two women in the middle of the photo.

little ghost selfie

Picture #10: this photo has a chilling image of a person on the right clutching the women’s upper arm as if to say “hey, let me join you all”.

creepy ghost selfie