Top 10 Spirits Food and Drink Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites

Food and Drinks have many connotations in modern society. Besides fulfilling our basic need to satisfy our appetites and the providing of the necessary nutrition and energy to sustain us the enjoyment of food and drinks has enormous economic, cultural, social and spiritual value.

How many of us identify foods with a particular culture or region of the Earth? Foods are an expressive representation of a particular region and its people. Cuisine traditions and meal preparations are perfected and passed down from generation to generation and quickly become trademarks of a culture’s diet. This rich diversity of foods has given us a ever growing repertoire of daily food selections and choices.

The consumption of food and drink is also a natural daily cycle. When you think of it the food chain and the energy of the sun are in constant flow. Respect for the Earth and nature can open up a spirituality side to eating foods. There is a spirituality to eating that can be traced as far back as primitive man. Connecting to the power of your inner self and living closer and having respect for nature can bring you to a more spiritually conscience view of fine foods. Eating healthy and right is just one way to obtain this spiritual growth.

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The obtainment of a holistic health approach is undeniable in most countries. However, we also eat to indulge and our instincts have a hard time supressing sugar sweet foods. Also, many of us relate food to our moods and spontaneous cravings. Many of us like sweets and desserts and look forward to eating them after a good meal or as a snack. There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence.

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As far as art is concerned food and drinks have been the centerpiece and subject matter of some of the great works of art over the centuries. Artists like Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne mastered some of the finest examples of Still Lifes using the natural inherent beauty of fruits and other foods as the subject material. A well decorated dinner table also, picnic scene or a large gathering of people for a feast were all subject matters for some of the world’s greatest paintings.

With this in mind you can see how displaying a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo of a particular food or drink can be an appropriate expression of yourself suggesting a particular mood, artistic appreciation, cultural meaning, spirituality or self indulgence. I’ve searched well over 100 websites and listed here 1o quality examples of Cover Photos of food and drinks. These 10 websites all had special categories for food and drinks with quite a variety of images to select from.

All images are free to download to your computer or upload to your Timeline using the special apps that allow you to log into your Facebook account. Without any more delay here they are.

 The top 10 Spirts Food and Drink Facebook Cover Photo download websites


1. Hercovers: has 24 food and drink Facebook Cover Photos that you can celebrate with your friends and family by showcasing it on your Timeline.  Here you might find some of your favorite food titles likeChocolate, Strawberries and Cream, Coffee Cafe, Berry Fruit, Dessert, Iced Tea by the Pool, Citrus Drink, Fruit and Espresso Cafe. Click on the “add banner to Facebook” blue button or right click and “save as” to your computer.

2. addacover: there is a nice food and drink category with 30 Facebook images for your Timeline Cover including Hot Cocoa, Another Coffee Love Quote, Quench Your Thirst, Tea Time, Chocolate Cover, and Holiday Treats. You have 2 options to get these Cover Photos: right click and use the “save as” option or click on the “Upload To Facebook Cover” button and allow the app to log into your Facebook account for easy upload straight to your Timeline.


3. myfacebookcover: has 24 delightful tasty treats that test our resistance to desserts with sprinkles like Donuts, Cookies, Sundae, icecream and cupcakes. Just right click and save the image to your computer.


4. facecoverz: perhaps your looking for some quirky, animated food Facebook Cover Photos. If so, give this site a look as it has 12 interesting funny cartoonish food images like Undress Me Banana, Orange Juice Mom, Sleeping Sushi, Crying Onion, and Happy Carrots. Have a little fun with your admiration for food and give your Timeline a humorous take on the new Nutrition Plate.  You can click on the green “add to your Facebook profile” button for an easy upload to your Timeline or right click and save to your computer.

5. coverjunction: turn some heads when people view your Facebook page as you stir up an appetite by showcasing some of these almost 50 images of foods and drinks includingChocolate Heaven, Gummi Bears, French Fries, Cheeseburger, Tea, Donuts, Citrus, and Pears and Apples Painting. Use the special app to upload the image to your Timeline photos or right click and save the image to your download folder.  

6. coverphotoz: has some nice food and drink brand images like Pepsi, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Red Bull, and Dunkin Donuts. Click on the “make this my Facebook Cover” and allow the app to upload the image straight to your Timeline or use the right click and save option.


7. myfbcovers: if your looking for good Spirits and drinks then you have to check this site out. There are over 50 mostly drinks and beverage images like Guinness Draught, Heineken, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Beer Tap, Coffee, Assorted Beers, Kiwi Martini, and Red Bull. Right click and save the image to your computer.

8. freeprofilecover: there are 56 food and drink Facebook Cover Photos like close-up shots of various fruits, cakes, wines, desserts, and nuts. Pictures are specially formatted for the Timeline Cover and can be saved to your computer with the right click option.  

9. Get-Covers: there are over 40 Food and Drink Cover images to choose from like a Sweets Collage, Assorted Chocolates, Cupcakes,  Danbo Starbucks, Fruit Loops, Donuts, Frozen Cherries, and Sushi. Images can be saved with an easy right click.


10. Coverswag: you will find almost 180 total food and drinkFacebook Cover images in 2 categories below:

  • Drinks: there are over 130 Drink images including Budweiser, Corona, Cocktail, Guinness, Absolut, Tiger, and Sam Adams.
  • Food: there are over 50 bright and colorful images of some delicious foods like a Banana Split, Chocolate Truffles, and Fresh Fruits.



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