Top 10 Thanksgiving Recipe and Turkey Dinner Menu Idea Pinterest Pinboards

Pinterest has made looking through old recipe books a thing of the past. In fact, besides guarded Thanksgiving recipe family secrets, you can find practically all of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes pinned somewhere on a Pinterest board.

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Basically, Pinterest offers among other things a visual online recipe encyclopedia full of food images and links on how to prepare and cook these foods.

I have searched thoroughly on Pinterest for the past couple of days and found these top 10 Thanksgiving recipe and turkey dinner menu idea pinboards that offer a nice variety of holiday food dishes including the following:

  • different ways to prepare a turkey
  • different ways to cook a turkey
  • recipes for classic side dishes including green been casserole and turkey stuffing
  • dressings and gravy mixes
  • ways to prepare a whole turkey dinner including side dishes and desserts
  • cooking dinner for the budget minded
  • how to make desserts such as pumpkin and pecan pies
  • basic turkey cooking tutorials
  • list of ingredients
  • turkey leftover ideas
  • slow cooker Thanksgiving recipes and cooking instructions
  • making a Thanksgiving turkey for beginners or first timers
  • vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas
  • using seasonal produce to make the best vegetable side dishes
  • healthy gluten free turkey dinner ideas
  • classic and tasty appetizers


Be forewarned, you may want to delay proceeding with this article until you’ve had a full and satisfying meal. However, if you want a heightened mouthwatering experience then continue on reading this post.

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Enjoy and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Top 10 Thanksgiving Recipe and Turkey Dinner Menu Idea Pinterest Pinboards



1. a huge Thanksgiving pin board with over 1,700 pins with lots of Thanksgiving dessert ideas. The images and recipes on this board seem endless. There are just too many recipes on this pin board to list, but here is a short sampling of some of my favorites: caramel apple spice cake, pumpkin spice no bake cookies, pumpkin spiced M&M brownies,  pumpkin fritters, pumpkin mac and cheese, candied yam pie, slow cooker cranberry sauce, potluck Thanksgiving, apple pie layer cake, apple cinnamon bread, caramel apple recipe ideas, Thanksgiving sweet potato stuffing, pumpkin pecan cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (yummy), pumpkin pie french toast, and pumpkin pecan pie with cornflakes.


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2. this is an excellent Pinboard for Thanksgiving recipes with around 370 pins and 1,400 followers. So get the turkey juices flowing with this sample list of these featured recipe ideas on this board: how to make Thanksgiving dinner on a budget, cajun glazed ham, southern fried turkey, cooking turkey for beginners, slow cooker spiral ham, herb roasted turkey, how to roast, Georgia ham, buttermilk fried okra, fried green beans, mayonnaise roasted turkey, mama’s cornbread dressing, cheddar biscuits with pecans, turkey gravy, twice baked sweet potato, 83 best Pinterest Thanksgiving side dish recipes, and a classic green bean casserole dish idea.



3. this Pinboard is quite unique because it displays mostly thanksgiving treat recipes like sweets, breads, deserts, pies, and cakes. You won’t disappoint your family and friends with some of these tasty pleasures: best I ever made pecan pie recipe, Thanksgiving turkey cookies, holiday fruit tart, mini pumpkin pie cookies, cranberry orange cupcakes, vanilla orange candied cranberries recipe, grandma’s pecan pie, spiced pumpkin cheesecake recipe, easy pie crust ideas, apple crisp cheesecake, pumpkin pie crust ideas, pear-cranberry pie, and Philadelphia 3-step pumpkin cheesecake recipe. 



4. here is another fantastic recipe Pinboard. You might want to check out this yummy herb roasted turkey recipe Pinterest style, pot pie, making perfect turkey gravy, make a-head mashed potatoes, old fashion stuffing, stress-free Thanksgiving turkey recipes, spinach dip, grandma’s green bean casserole, and stuffed mushroom appetizer.




5. here you’ll find some of the classic Thanksgiving recipes, especially some for the slow cooker. Here is a short sample list: slow cooker Thanksgiving recipe ideas Pinterest style, slow cooker candied yams, fresh turkey sausage and cornbread stuffing, clean green bean casserole, slow cooker mashed potatoes, apple cider margaritas, slow cooker green beans, prepare a turkey in a slow cooker, leftover turkey casserole leftovers, 66 different side dishes, huge Thanksgiving desserts selection and 19 slow cooker Thanksgiving ideas.


6. a vegan Thanksgiving recipe Pinterest board. This vegan board has over 12,000 followers. Try some of these great vegan recipe ideas out: garlic mashed potatoes, ginger-walnut rum balls, stuffed seitan roast, apple pumpkin crumble bars, roasted sweet potatoes, apple crumb pie, twice baked potatoes, quinoa and red lentil cutlets, yuba-wrapped double your tofurky roast with extra stuffing and rich brown gravy and gingerbread sweet potato.



7. this pinboard has over 120 pins of classic Thanksgiving recipe ideas. Here are some tasty dishes and ideas presented on this board: 83 best side dishes, butter pecan sweet potatoes, grill roasted turkey, crock pot ham, sausage apple cranberry stuffing, 101 recipe ideas, leftovers, cheesy corn casserole, herbed turkey meatballs, bacon wrapped green beans, ranch oyster crackers, best corn, cranberry salsa, the perfect hard boiled egg, Thanksgiving turkey leftover recipes Pinterest style, unique dishes, peanut butter apple dessert and snack with a chip dipped in peanut butter pumpkin dip.



8. a healthy Thanksgiving recipe board for those looking to not put on a few pounds over the holidays. Stay healthy eating some of these delights: gluten free stuffing, grain free pumpkin bars, low cal walnut apple ginger galette, pumpkin mousse, sweet potato casserole with pecan topping, Thanksgiving recipes for any day, baked apple, gluten free classic green bean casserole recipe ideas Pinterest style, cauliflower mash, pumpkin hummus, and skinny baked broccoli mac and cheese. 




9. this board is uniquely tailored to using seasonal produce when making your favorite Thanksgiving dishes this holiday season. Here are some featured food recipe ideas you might find interesting: rosemary roasted carrots, recipe for squash walnut wheat muffins, mashed sweet potatoes with sauteed apples, glazed roasted root vegetables, cranberry sauce recipe ideas, fresh green beans with beacon, maple-ginger roasted vegetables with garlic, and a fennel avocado grapefruit salad.



10. this final board on the list is pretty massive featuring almost 800 pins and over 1,600 followers. The name of this pinboard says it all (Thanksgiving dinner ideas). Here are some highlighted recipes from this board: 15 tasty side dishes, the perfect roast turkey recipe, maple roasted turkey, coca-cola glazed ham, sweet potatoes stuffed with apples, 12 Thanksgiving stuffing recipe ideas and dressing Pinterest pins, southern menu, turkey drippings brown gravy, pumpkin crisp, and baked mashed potatoes. 


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