Top 10 Thanksgiving Twitter Header Photo Download Websites

The Twitter Header photo that you place a top your Twitter profile page is a relatively new idea. It followed what Facebook had previously initiated several months earlier with their Facebook Timeline Covers.

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Both the Twitter Header photo and the Facebook Timeline Cover emphasize the importance of a photo or digital image to help us express our selves more fully. On both sites these images are the first thing that draws people’s eyes when family and friends visit your profile or Timeline page.

While there are literally hundreds of Facebook Cover websites floating out there in cyberspace there aren’t nearly as many Twitter Header photo download websites. But the ones that I have found are good and of high quality.

As the holiday season nears many of us Twitter people will be looking for that perfect Thanksgiving Twitter header photo to place atop our profile account real soon.

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I searched thoroughly around the Internet for Thanksgiving Headers and while I didn’t find many turkey Headers out there I did manage to find a few.

Thanksgiving Twitter Header Photo Downloads

twitter-header: this looks like a beautifully glazed Turkey, perhaps a Butterball. Comes with some vegetable fixings and healthy grapes.

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headersfortwitter: another classic turkey Header with stuffing and new potatoes. All ready to serve with your favorite glass of wine.

football: a black and white image of a football to celebrate Thanksgiving and the traditional NFL games scheduled for that day.

twitheaders: you can’t have a holiday photo or image without showcasing a cute one. Here we have black and white “Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like the portrait with a raw turkey”.

While images are still be added to these websites daily visit a post I did earlier on the top 10 Twitter Header download websites. There is a list of my top 10 Header websites with a listing of most of the special categories.

Top 10 Free Twitter Header Photo Image Download Websites