Top 10 Twilight Saga Free Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

With the Twilight Saga nearing its end I thought it would be an appropriate time to write an article on websites that feature free downloads of Twilight Facebook Timeline Covers capturing the essence and spirit of this classic book and movie series.  There is still one more movie to go, Breaking Dawn Part 2, but until you can enjoy the growing quantities of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn digitally designed Cover photos.

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I’ve discovered 10 websites that I believe display a variety of pictures covering all 4 movies to date, explicit scenes from the movies, interesting montages and collages, and the actors themselves.  There are literally hundreds of Twilight Facebook Covers, Robert Pattinson and Talyor Lautner to choose from and all are offered as free downloads to your computer or convenient uploads to your Timeline.

Here are 10 Twilight Saga Websites Offering Free Facebook Timeline Cover Downloads


1. freeprofilecover:  if your looking for all Twilight then this is the site for you. There are 91 Twilight Facebook Timeline Covers to select from with scenes from the movie, cool digital artist renderings of the characters, actors and actresses in various poses, movie quotes, cool Polaroids and Twilight Collages. This is a great website that has a specific category for Twilight and has a cool preview function. Just hover your mouse pointer over the picture and a preview image instantly comes up. Click the upload to Facebook button to grab the Cover.  

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Here are some standout Twilight Covers from this website: Edward, Bella and Jacob together, Edward and Bella Kiss, The Cullen Family head shots, the Volturi, Newborn Army, Victoria, Alice and Jasper, Jane, digital poses of Edward and James, Quotes “I’d rather die, then stay away from you”, Twilight book cover, and various Twilight character montages.

2. Addacover: this featured website has a ton of Twilight images to choose from. There are over 60 Twilight Saga Facebook Timeline Covers including Jackson Rathbone, Edward and Bella, Twilight Saga, Jasper and Alice, Cullens, Aro Volturi, Jacob Black, Newborn, Breaking Dawn, Emmet Cullen, Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, New Moon and Renesmee.  

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3. pagecovers: 11 unique Twilight and the new movie Breaking Dawn Timeline Covers are featured using the Twilight search feature. There are some pictures here not seen on any other site.  Covers include the Edward Bella wedding vows, a digitally enhanced Twilight cast, a stunning Ashley Greene image and the Cullen Family. Click the “click here to make this your profile cover” to load the image straight to your Timeline.

4. Coverjunction: has a small selection of Twilight user submitted images. Check out the most popular download, the Facebook Twilight Quotes Cover. Basically, a cover very similar to the Bella’s traveling places quilt.

5. Trendycovers: there are several featured pictures including a rather distinguished Earthy Twilight Cover.

6. Coverswag: you can find 12 quality Twilight Timeline pictures at Coverswag doing a search. Has lots of Edward and Bella head shots and a cool Breaking Dawn movie headline.


7. firstcovers: there are 12 featured Twilight images like Taylor Lautner, Twilight Quote, New Moon, Eclipse, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Just right click on the image of your choice and save to your computer.



8. Facecoverz: there are 13 Twilight Saga Covers including several Robert Pattinson poses, Twilight Cast, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and Edward and Bella embrace.  Just right click on the image and save to your computer.



9. Twilight: hercovers specializes in Covers designed and tailored towards the delicate and exquisite tastes of females. The Twilight category captures this quite well with 40 standout images from the movie with various characters and scenes like Edward and Bella in the meadow, Bella with Vampire Red Eyes in Breaking Dawn, Twilight movie quotes and Jacob on motorcycle.

 It’s Team Edward or Team Jacob all over again, but this time the battle is for Facebook Timeline Cover Supremacy.

  • Robert Pattinson: there are 23 Facebook Cover images of Robert Pattinson the actor who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight. If your looking for just Robert Pattinson then look no further. Poses of Pattinson mark the short span of his acting career to date. Just right click and save to your computer or click on the “Add Banner to your Facebook”.

  • Taylor Lautner: it goes without saying there is not Twilight without Taylor Lautner’s character Jacob Black. There are 20 great looking poses and scene stealing shots to select from, and yes, including the shirtless ones.

10. Blingify: there are 15 unique Twilight and Eclipse Facebook Cover collages. Click on the preview button, right click and save to your computer.

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