Top 10 Weddings Inspired From Around The World Pinterest Pinboards

Getting married is a universal concept.  People get married all over the world.  There are many similarities, but as we shall see in the following post, there are also many slight variations on a theme, and some quite distinct aspects of weddings celebrated throughout the world!  I have collected here the Top 10 Weddings Inspired From Around The World Pinterest Pinboards.  I tried to gather a wide assortment of cultures and countries to be represented here.

What’s amazing about all of them is that certain things, like cakes or rings, are fundamentally the same, but vary just a shade to offer that culture’s own take on it.  Other things are culture specific: some cultures have the beautiful body art of henna, and the Scottish have Tartan Wedding Dresses and Men’s Kilts.

The most delightful things to compare/contrast are the wedding dresses and head coverings ranging from headdresses to veils and crowns to ornate headpieces.  Please come along on a wonderful exploration of different wedding styles from around the globe!



Top 10 Weddings Inspired From Around The World Pinterest Pinboards



1. for our first Weddings Inspired From Around The World Pinterest Pinboard, we start with Indian inspired weddings.  There are many beautiful and breathtaking images in this pinboard featuring terrific examples of an Indian wedding.  Check them out!

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Indian Wedding


Indian Wedding 2


Indian Wedding 3

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  • Indian Bride and Groom With Flower Garlands, Jai Mala, and Red Indian Bridal Lehenga
  • Indian Weddings Inspirations
  • Gold Wedding Cake
  • Indian Wedding Decor Colorful Inspiration Ideas
  • Top 6 Tips To Save On Your Indian Wedding Trousseau
  • Henna – Heart Mehndi Design
  • Henna Bridal Feet
  • Indian Wedding Mandaps
  • Beautiful Indian Wedding Cakes
  • Mesmerizing Wedding Ambience
  • Long Floral Arrangement
  • Indian Wedding Makeup and Jewelry
  • Indian Bride and Groom Dolls
  • Ganesh and Garland
  • Indian Wedding Program and Tassel
  • Indian Wedding Favors: Mini Mango Chutney Jars


Indian Wedding 4


Indian Wedding 5


Indian Wedding 6


2. for our next Weddings Inspired From Around The World Pinterest Pinboard, we feature a pinboard about having a lovely Mexican inspired wedding. Take a look at the colorful images in this board for some great ideas!


Mexican Wedding 6


Mexican Wedding 4


Mexican Wedding 3

  • Mexican Wedding Traditions
  • Mexican Vintage Wedding
  • Mexican Fiesta Centerpieces
  • Fiesta Inspired Wedding
  • Colorful Bouquet
  • Mexican Wedding Music – Love the Mariachi Band!
  • Traditional Mexican Wedding Dress
  • Fiesta Decorations
  • Mexican  Wedding Inspiration
  • Mexican Talavera Flower Vase
  • Recipe Box: Mexican Wedding Cookies
  • Flowers In Her Hair
  • Flowers, Streamers, Pinatas


Mexican Wedding 2


Mexican Wedding 1


Mexican Wedding 5


3. one distinct style of wedding can be found on the next Weddings Inspired From Around the World Pinterest Pinboard: the Scottish wedding.  From castles to tartan dresses to kilts, this wedding style is a treasured one.  See what you can capture from these pins to add to your wedding!


Scottish Weddings 6


Scottish Weddings 7

  • Too Good To Eat Wedding Cakes – Scotland
  • Intimate Destination Wedding In a Castle In Scotland
  • Celtic Triangle and Thistle Knot Wedding Band
  • Tartan Wedding Dress
  • Monogrammed Plaid Blankets As Chair Decor
  • Scottish Wedding Bouquet
  • Thistle Boutonniere and Celtic Pin Against Tartan
  • Hand Binding During The Hand Fasting Ceremony
  • Scottish Thistle Wedding Invitation
  • Scottish Groom’s Cake
  • Victorian Scottish Luckenbooth Wedding Locket
  • Tartan Patterned Ideas and Inspirations
  • Scottish Wedding Ring
  • Scottish Crystal With Clan Crest
  • Scottish Wedding Apparel
  • Scottish Thistle Hair Comb Vintage Rhinestone
  • Classic Scottish Shortbread
  • Scottish Wedding Button
  • Scottish Wedding Horseshoe

Scottish Weddings 4



Scottish Weddings 5


Scottish Weddings 3


Scottish Weddings 1


4. what a beautiful Weddings Inspired From Around the World Pinterest Pinboard this is!  You’re going to love the brilliant selections offered for your gorgeous Chinese inspired wedding.  Breeze on by for a look!

Chinese Weddings 1


Chinese Weddings 3


Chinese Weddings 4

  • Traditional Chinese Wedding Shoes
  • Chinese Wedding Favors
  • Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony
  • Bamboo Orchids Wedding Cake
  • Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress
  • Chinese Wedding Table Setting
  • Elegant Beading Short Sleeve Red Chinese Wedding Dress
  • Chinese Wedding Cake With Dragon and Phoenix
  • Chopsticks Favor – Red and Gold Double Happiness Wrapping
  • Golden Double Happiness Chinese Wedding Lanterns
  • Traditional Chinese Wedding Headpiece
  • Ancient Chinese Wedding Bride Headpiece
  • Chinese Wedding Bouquet
  • Chinese Wedding Pinterest Pin-Invitation
  • Hanfu, the Classical Chinese Dress
  • Chinese Classic Auspicious Phoenix Wedding Dress


Chinese Weddings 6


Chinese Weddings 2


Chinese Weddings 5


Chinese Weddings 7


5. this is a short and sweet Weddings Inspired From Around the World Pinterest Pinboard which features pins from Korean style weddings.  Come view the lovely images to get ideas for your Korean inspired wedding!


Korean Weddings 1


Korean Weddings 2

  • Korean Wedding Chopsticks
  • Hanbok Wedding Dresses
  • Korean Wedding Hairstyles
  • Korean Wedding Procession
  • Korean Traditional Wedding – The Bride
  • Hanbok Korean Traditional Little Girls’s Dress
  • Korean Wedding Hair Accessories
  • Gorgeous Korean Wedding Dresses
  • Korean Wedding Shoes
  • Korean Wedding Favors
  • Wedding Dress Color Inspiration – The Korean Hanbok


Korean Weddings 3


Korean Weddings 4


6. this superb Weddings Inspired From Around the World Pinterest Pinboard captures some elegant examples of a Japanese inspired wedding. You’ll love these pins.  Come and get some ideas from this wonderful pinboard!


Japanese Weddings 6


Japanese Weddings 5


Japanese Weddings 3

  • Cherry Blossoms Nail Polish
  • Japanese Sweets
  • 1000 Paper Cranes
  • Red Origami Wedding Bouquet
  • Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake
  • Japanese Wedding Kimono
  • Japanese Bride
  • Japanese Silk Wedding Kimono From the 1950s
  • Japanese Wedding Origami
  • Japanese Wedding Cake
  • Japanese Wedding Matryoshka
  • Japanese Wedding Cookies
  • Japanese Jelly Candies


Japanese Weddings 2


Japanese Weddings 1


Japanese Weddings 4


7. this is a cool Weddings Inspired From Around the World Pinterest Pinboard.  There are some fantastic images of a Russian inspired wedding.  Come and delight in these awesome pins!


Russian Weddings 2


Russian Weddings 3


Russian Weddings 7


Russian Weddings 4



  • Russian Trinity Wedding Bands
  • Russian Countryside Wedding Inspiration
  • A Fairy Tale Wedding Dress Inspired By Russian Aristocratic Style
  • Matryoshka Wedding Favors
  • Russian Winter Wedding Dress Inspiration
  • A Bride And Groom In Old Russian Style
  • Russian Old Believers Bridal Veil
  • Russian Wedding Pinterest Pin-Decor Ideas
  • Russian Wedding Cake
  • Beautiful Wedding Dress – A Modern Twist On Traditional Russian Folk Attire
  • A Bride in the Russian National Headdress “Kokoshnik”
  • Romantic Russian Weddings
  • Nice Blue Coat For A Russian Winter Bride
  • Russian Bride’s Attire Is In The Latest Trends Of Fashion, Warm and Elegant


Russian Weddings 1


Russian Weddings 6


Russian Weddings 5


8. you’re not going to believe this breathtaking Weddings Inspired From Around the World Pinterest Pinboard focusing on the French inspired wedding!  The pins are fantastic, and there are many good ideas for your wedding.  Come and have a look!

French Weddings 1


French Weddings 2


French Weddings 3

  • Vintage Winter Wedding In Paris
  • Paris – Luxurious Wedding Inspiration
  • French Wedding Cake – Elegant Beyond Words
  • Wedding Dress Inspiration: Marie Antoinette
  • Wedding: French Countryside
  • Rustic French Wedding
  • French Lace Wedding Veil
  • French Appetizer Tray
  • Fleur De Lis Wedding Favors
  • Tiered Wedding Cake With French Rococo Theme
  • French Sweets: French Macaroons
  • Lavender and Champagne
  • Masquerade
  • Moulin Rouge Inspired Wedding Fashion
  • A Paris Wedding Table


French Weddings 4


French Weddings 5


French Weddings 6


9. this is a romantic Weddings Inspired From Around the World Pinterest Pinboard presenting aspects of a rustic Italian wedding.  It gives the feel of a country garden wedding, and offers up a lot of ambience.  Browse the following pinboard for some super ideas!


Rustic Italian Weddings 3


Rustic Italian Weddings 1

  • Elegant And Rustic Italian Wedding Inspiration
  • Rustic Italian Wedding Cake
  • Rustic And Shabby Chic Italian Wedding In Tuscany
  • Rustic Italian Inspired Calligraphy and Stationery
  • A Floral Wedding Gown For A Rustic Summer Garden Party Feast In Italy
  • Italian Wedding Menu
  • Rustic Romantic Reception Decor
  • Rustic Italian Wedding Colors
  • Rustic Italian Wedding Cake
  • Romantic Italian Florals
  • Rustic Italian Bouquet
  • Vintage Italian Lace For a Rustic Italian Wedding
  • Italian Millefoglie – The Centuries Old Wedding Cake


Rustic Italian Weddings 5


Rustic Italian Weddings 2


Rustic Italian Weddings 4


10.  this is a super colorful and gorgeous Weddings Inspired From Around the World Pinterest Pinboard featuring some fantastic pins of African Inspired weddings.  Stay here and view the exquisite images in these detailed pins!


African Weddings 1


African Weddings 2


African Weddings 3

  • African Wedding Reception
  • African Safari Wedding
  • African Wedding Inspiration
  • Gallery – African Wedding
  • East African Bridal Henna
  • Little Girls  – African Wedding Attire
  • Bold Colors – African Inspiration
  • Beading – African Wedding Inspiration
  • Unique African Wedding Ideas
  • Elegant Safari Wedding Cake
  • African Wedding – Kimono Styling
  • Beautiful African Bride
  • African Wedding Cakes
  • Inspired African Wedding Dress
  • Spectacular Handpainted African Artifact Cake
  • African Ankara Wedding


African Weddings 4


African Weddings 5


African Weddings 6




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