Top 20 Classic Scary Halloween Costume Masks Facebook Cover Timeline Photos

Dressing up for Halloween in spooky costumes and wearing scary masks was one of the most enjoyable activities experienced by many of us in our youth. Then we hit Junior High school and dressing up wasn’t so cool anymore. We just grew out of it and opted to stay home to watch scary movies instead.

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Occasionally we chuckled inside as we would witness a lone teenager holding a trick or treat bag at our door clinging on to the tradition of Halloween but perhaps oblivious to the fact that it has passed him or her by long ago.

But hear me now; we don’t have to age a slow Halloween death and be relegated to handing out candy at the door to trick or treaters then turning off the porch light at 7:00 p.m. to go to bed. Come on now, speak up, you know who you are. If this is you then don’t fret and please read on.

With all the possibilities of the Internet we once again can enjoy playing a game of “kick the can” and begin to rewind the clock back to the years of our youth.

Our once small familiar neighborhood has turned into a much larger social network of interactions where most of the porch lights belonging to your friends and family stay on all night long. What am I exactly talking about you ask? Well, Facebook of course.

It’s time to dust off the old Halloween costumes and masks and exchange them for virtual ones; Yes, I mean it’s time to choose one or several of your favorite scary Halloween Costume Masks Facebook Covers that you can place atop your Timeline during Halloween.

Who will you be this year?  A witch? Jason? Ghost? Leatherface? Michael Myers? The choice is plenty and I highly recommend going ahead and having some fun this Halloween by selecting that perfect classic scary Halloween Costume Mask Facebook Cover Timeline Photo for yourself.

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Below I feature 20 of the most notable, villainous, despicable, classic and popular scary Halloween masks known to our generation. This list includes some of the all time great horror and scary bad guys and villains over the past two generations.

Each Facebook Cover below can be downloaded to your computer, laptop or mobile device with a “right click” and save option or a ‘tap” on the smartphone and “save image” option.

Check out this quick summary list of classic Halloween Mask Facebook Covers:

  • Freddy Krueger Photo Cover
  • Michale Myers Mask Facebook Cover
  • Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • that creepy Chucky doll
  • the exorcist girl
  • the terrifying Saw mask Facebook Cover
  • the popular Scream mask
  • the old standby witch and ghost
  • classic Transylvania monsters in Frankenstein, Mummy and Werewolf
  • pop culture TV villain Hannibal Lecter
  • the ultimate death mask, the grim reaper
  • a menacing Ledger Joker face mask
  • a Predator mask
  • the shocking Pinhead
  • Jason from Friday the 13th
  • scary Grim Reaper Facebook Cover


 Michael Myers Mask Facebook Cover

Joker Mask Photo

Predator Mask Photo

IT Cover

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Photo

Friday the 13th, Jason Mask Facebook Photo

Chucky Mask

Freddy Krueger Mask Facebook Cover Photo

Exorcist Girl Facebook Cover Photo

Saw Mask Facebook Cover Photo 

Classic Frankenstein Cover

Sheet ghost


Scream Mask Facebook Cover Photo

Skull Skeleton Photo for Facebook

Snow White Witch Mask

A Scary Mummy Halloween Mask Picture for Facebook

Teen Wolf Mask Photo

Hannibel Lecter Halloween Mask Cover

Grim Reaper Facebook Cover Timeline Photo with Hood and Scythe

Bonus Post Cover-Halloween Masks Collage

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