Top 3 Christmas Crackers Pinterest Pinboards

Tom Smith, a London sweet maker, came up with an idea in 1847 to sell sweets wrapped in pretty paper, included with a small motto or riddle inside.  They didn’t sell well at first.  One night, sitting in front of his log fire, the crackle of the fire inspired him to tweak his candy wrapped in fancy paper into a tube wrapped in paper that could be filled with sweets and toys and that would CRACK when it was pulled in half.  So was the birth of the Christmas Cracker.

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Nowadays, the folks in the UK,  Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada celebrate the longstanding tradition of the Christmas Cracker by having two people pull on the cracker, arms crossed oftentimes, until the cracker splits open with a CRACK!  What spills forth is a toy or trinket, a written gem such as a motto, a riddle, a joke or trivia, and a paper hat resembling a crown that is worn all throughout the meal.

The wonderful part about the Christmas Cracker is the cracker itself.  It can be luxuriously ornate, it can be fun and festive, it can be dainty and elegant, and it can come in any number of themes.

Christmas Crackers can be purchased ready-made or they can be homemade, thus allowing for the tremendous variety of styles that speak for each person’s taste.  Perhaps searching for and acquiring or creating the precise, perfect cracker might be as fun as pulling open the cracker and hearing that delightful crack itself!

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For your enjoyment I have gathered here together the Top 3 Christmas Crackers Pinterest Pinboards to help get you in the spirit of Christmas and thoughts of partaking in this year’s Christmas Cracker Tradition!



 Top 3 Christmas Crackers Pinterest Pinboards



1. this Christmas Crackers Pinteres Pinboard is the top of the line in Christmas Crackers!  To jump straight to the top, we have Harrod’s Romanov Luxury Christmas Crackers with loads of jewelry, jeweled egg, a fancy pen, and a few other “simple” knick knacks!  Feast your eyes on this pinboard loaded with deluxe, premium, luxurious or upscaled Christmas Crackers with precious metal, black and gold, beautiful white lace or crystal-adorned themes, to name a few.  You’ll be amazed!


harrod's romanov christmas cracker

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deluxe black and gold christmas crackers



white christmas crackers with crystals



  • – White and Gold Party Cracker
  • – Stag Christmas Crackers
  • – Traditional “Seasons Greetings”
  • – Recycled Metallic Chevron Theme
  • – Precious Metals Theme
  • – Deluxe Gold and Black
  • – Commercial Crackers in the British Tradition
  • – Australian Products Co.
  • – Gold Foil
  • – Autumnal Deluxe
  • – Luxury Christmas Crackers Ideas Pinterest Pin
  • – Harrod’s Romanov Christmas Crackers
  • – Beautiful Variety
  • – Pinata Christmas Cracker!
  • – Lace Party Favor Style
  • – Victorian Dickens-Inspired Party
  • – Kids and Adults Will Enjoy These
  • – Luxury Jumbo Size Cracker
  • – Dictionary Paper or Vintage Music Sheet
  • – Glitter Gold Leaf Premium
  • – Estee Lauder
  • – Upscale Your Christmas Crackers


pinata christmas cracker


lace party favors christmas crackers



metallic theme christmas crackers


2.  this Christmas Crackers Pinterest Pinboard is full of joyous, vibrant and colorful images of the Christmas Cracker.  One thing that is great about this pinboard is the presentation of cracker and cracker accessories from different companies, like Fortnum & Mason Christmas Crackers, and a special Christmas Cracker poster from Tom Smith himself!  Take a look at this fantastic holiday pinboard!


dr. who christmas cracker


box of colorful christmas crackers


meri meri nutcracker christmas cracker



tom smith's christmas cracker poster


  • – Eco-Crackers
  • – Scottish Christmas Crackers
  • – Handmade Crackers
  • – Seriously Stylish!
  • – Mr. & Mrs. Liberty
  • – Hello Kitty
  • – Tom Smith’s Christmas Crackers Poster
  • – Fortnum & Mason
  • – Meri Meri Nutrcracker Style
  • How To Make A Christmas Cracker 
  • – Crackers for Christmas Morning! Breakfast is Better With a Paper Crown on!
  • – Christmas Crackers and Hats
  • – Label
  • – Homemade


forrum and mason christmas crackers
ruby cluster christmas cracker



handmade english christmas crackers


3. when one sees this Christmas Cracker Pinterest Pinboard, one thinks lovely, elegant, and festive.  The Christmas Crackers presented here fall into different themes.  For example, in one group of crackers are a vintage, a victorian, and even a 1950s cracker.  Some others are Liberty London and Union Jack Themes.  The crackers can be traditional, as with the Traditional Swirls and even Tom Smith Traditional Christmas Crackers.  But even without all the frilly names, the Christmas Crackers on this pinboard speak for themselves with their sweet beauty.  Come see them on this exquisite pinboard yourself!


Place Setting Christmas Cracker



Beautiful Christmas Cracker



london theme cracker



  • – Victorian Christmas Crackers
  • – I’m Dreaming of a Tartan Christmas: Tartan Table Setting With an English Cracker in Tartan
  • – 1950s English Christmas Crackers
  • – DIY Holiday Party Crackers – Personalize Every Detail and Leave Guests Flattered and in Awe
  • – Vintage Style
  • – Luxury, Rustic Theme
  • – Double as Snow Globes
  • – Union Jack Theme
  • – Traditional Swirls
  • – Tom Smith Traditional
  • – Liberty London
  • – 12 Red Pillar Box Christmas Crackers
  • – Robin Reed Holly Berry Christmas Crackers
  • – Williams Sonoma
  • – 12 Days of Christmas Party Crackers Ideas


lovely box of christmas crackers



colorful christmas crackers



fortnum and mason christmas crackers



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