Top 3 Collage Facebook Cover Maker Editors That Use Your Friends, Likes and Tagged Photos

Are you looking to make a cool collage out of your own photos including your friends, likes and tagged photos?  Here are 3 free online Facebook Cover Collage makers and design editors that allow you to create your very own collage Facebook Cover using your very own Facebook photos from friends, likes and tagged favorites. These online editors are pretty easy to use and require no downloads except for maybe a flash installation for your computer, laptop or mobile device’s browser if you are prompted to do so.

You will surely enjoy making a collage with these editors as many provide some awesome pre-made templates that you can use right away. All 3 Facebook Collage Cover maker editors come with free online Cover editing tools as well as options to insert special effects and upload backgrounds.


1. Timeline Collage 



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timelinecollage: Facebook Cover Photo Maker-choose from 12 templates that take your pre-existing Facebook tagged photos and randomly mixes them up creating a collage style Cover. You will need to log into the app to allow the script to access your tagged photos for creating these collage Facebook Covers. There are some awesome templates including a clothespin style design, modern picture frame, standard cork board, vintage wallpaper, world map, deep blue sky, pink and light blue style wallpaper, and blue stars.

The program will give you the option to check off the photos you would like to show up on your collage.  Click on the “Create Timeline Cover Image” button to see the results. Collage takes about 20 to 30 seconds to create. Once you are done you can easily save the image by using the click and “save image as” to your computer.

Log into your Facebook account and hover your mouse pointer over your Facebook Timeline Cover, select add image and upload the image to your Timeline photos. If you are unhappy about the arrangement and selection of your images for your Timeline collage you can go back and start over.

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2. Picscatter




picscatter: when you hit the home page you will need to log into your Facebook account so the editor can easily retrieve your friend’s profile photos, likes and your photo album. Once you log into this editor you need to choose a photo source. You have 3 options for your collage: friends, likes and albums.

Once you choose your source the app will retrieve the selected source photos for you can place them randomly in a collage type arrangement, easily fitting over 20 images per image. Once you’re satisfied you can click on the Finish button to go to the last step before closing out the app, this will take around 15 seconds or so.

If you like your collage simply click on step 1 the blue download button and a pop up screen will prompt you to save the personalized collage Cover to your computer. Later you can log into your Facebook account and change your Timeline Cover to your new collage.


 3. pizap



pizap: has a nice free online Facebook Timeline Cover collage editor with no registration required. Once you initialize the program you will be prompted to choose several photo editing features. Select Facebook Timeline Covers, then enter and select collage.  Next you will be presented with a preview screen of around 12 photo collage layouts. Once you’ve selected your template or layout you can start adding your photos from your photo album.  You can also upload photos and backgrounds from your computer or other sources into the editor.

Use the text editor to add interesting and relevant texts to your new Timeline Cover. The font styles are pretty amazing and eye-catching. There are also several speech and thought bubbles to choose from.

The “add cutout” option is great. Basically, you take any uploaded photo, shade the area you would like to cutout, and cut the image turning it into a sticker. You can also add various borders and other photos. Has an excellent auto feature as well. Once you are done with your photo you can either download the collage to your computer or upload the image using the app straight to your Timeline photos.


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