Top 3 Pinterest Pinboards Staging Your House To Sell

For those of you DIY-ers who are thinking of staging your house in order to sell it, you’ve come to the right place!  Collected here are the Top 3 Staging Your House To Sell Pinterest Pinboards which offer superb advice, hints and tips, fantastic suggestions, and how-to’s that really deliver!

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These pinboards are filled with pictures of expertly staged rooms and homes, incredible ideas for making your home look tons better eager buyers and help you get your house sold in no time.  Just stop by and browse through these helpful pinboards! (Check out the additional Bonus Pinboard!)


Top 3 Pinterest Pinboards Staging Your House To Sell

1.  this is a terrific Top 3 Staging Your House To Sell Pinterest Pinboard!  It has a wide variety of tips and suggestions for you to follow.  Take a look at this first pinboard to get a wealth of ideas on staging your home to sell!



home staging accessories

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quick home staging tip 3


  • A Veteran Home Stager: How to Avoid the Top 5 Common Staging Mistakes
  • 13 things to NOT do when selling your home. Staging tips.
  • Quick Home Staging Tips Pinterest Pin: A Buyer’s First Impression is the Only Impression!
  • Home Staging Secrets For a Quick Sell
  • Sofa Styling
  • Beautiful Front Door Paint Colors
  • Appeal To Buyers With an Organized Laundry Room
  • 7 Tips On How To Style a Bookcase
  • Quick Home Staging Tip: Stand in the Doorway To View The Room as the Buyer Would
  • 29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living
  • Faking a Bedroom- DIY Bedskirt
  • How to Sell Your House Fast – Declutter & Staging
  • Why you should make repairs before you sell your home.

 quick home staging tip 1

quick home staging tip 2



2.  what a helpful Staging Your House To Sell Pinterest Pinboard! There are so many How-T0’s of what to do and Numbered Lists of what items to use to better improve and maximize your home staging results!  Come and see for yourself!

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19 things to put on your porch


  • Room-By-Room Organization Tips
  • Top 10 DIY Projects For Your Home: Staging Props
  • How To Make Any Room Look Bigger
  • 33 Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Stuff Look More Expensive
  • Staging: Fall Home Maintenance Checklist
  • 99 Cheap Decorating Tricks
  • 10 Easy Ways to Update the Entrance to your Home
  • 19 Things To Put On Your Porch
  • 1 Sofa, 6 Different Looks
  • Avoid 20 Staging Mistakes
  • Home Staging: Drab to Fab!

staged dining room 1


home staging accessories 2



3.  this is a super Top 3 Staging Your House To Sell Pinterest Pinboard with even more How-Tos, Numbered Lists, Tips and DIY Projects!  Come have some fun while your getting all that work done!


hiding television cords


tips on interior painting


  • Decorating Mistakes That Make Your House Look Messy!
  • Decorating Mistakes & Learning Lessons: 1 Bedroom, 10 different ways
  • 17 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That Will Forever Change You
  • 22 Curb Appeal Make Overs From Better Homes and Gardens
  • How to Hide Cords on a Wall Mounted TV!
  • 6 Worst Mistakes When Hanging Curtains
  • Before & After: Jolie’s Bland to Glam Bathroom Makeover
  • 31 Home Decor Hacks That Are Borderline Genius
  • Keeping the Clutter off the Kitchen Counter
  • DIY Frame for your flat screen TV
  • How to paint walls Quickly – Great Time Saving Tips
  • 16 DIY Headboard Projects


how to spray paint decor accessories


staging your fron entry


Bonus:  this lovely Staging Your Home To Sell Pinterest Pinboard is entitled Home Staging Inspiration, and offers many motivating pictures, as well as very specific tips to help you stage your home to look more attractive to buyers and sell your home quickly!  Come and take a look!


staged bathroom 1


staged bedroom 1


staged dining room 2


  • Rent the Mandalay Room Divider
  • Rent the Marci Ottoman
  • Throw in a Mandalay Woven Cocktail Table to add texture to a room
  • Staging on a budget? Some tips to help you!
  • China Cabinet Staging
  • Sometimes an entryway shelf can be more sleek than a cluttered entryway table.
  • Complete the look with framed art and a splash of greenery.
  • Try staging two 6 foot tall Ficus trees in your entryway for a lush, green look.
  • Create a unique headboard by draping curtains over an ornate curtain rod hung above the bed.
  • Sideboard Staging Inspiration: masculine and rustic.
  • Sun Room Staging Inspiration Pinterest Pin 
  • Beautiful symmetry in action.
  • Use plants and greenery in “water” areas of the home i.e. near kitchen sink, in the bathroom, etc.
  • Polished, modern, or cozy? How to Style the Perfect Hearth.


staged entryway 1


staged living room 1