Top 3 Pinterest Thomas Kinkade Christmas Painting Pinboards

Nobody captures the emotional warmth of Christmas time better in their artwork than Thomas Kinkade. Look at most any Thomas Kinkade masterwork and you will notice these similarities: a suburb artistic rendering of natural and man-made lighting along with contrasting elements of shadow (chiaroscuro) and either natural landscape settings or man-made structures like homes, cottages, chapels and towns as subjects, or a combination of both.

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It’s no secret that Thomas Kinkade had affinity for Christmas and winter time. Perhaps it is this time of year that two important elements exist in the natural world that influence Kindade’s preference for winter time settings in his paintings.

One, the sun’s trajectory across the sky during the winter time is at its lowest arc, this creates a more blueish effect on the radiant light that we see as the sun’s light passes through more air and dust. The warmish, bluish natural light is clearly represented in various ways in Kinkade’s winter Christmas works.

Second, winter time is a time where people huddle cozily inside their homes to stay out the cold. Hence, kinkade’s use of man-made lighting is present as we view the windows of structures brightly lit with a yellowish-orange glow.

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Whether it be a brilliant bluish lit sky at mid-afternoon creeping over a mountainous landscape or an orange, warm glow radiating from a cottage window Thomas Kinkade’s use and effect of light in his paintings is boundless.

In tribute to the late Thomas Kinkade here are my top 3 Thomas Kinkade Christmas paintings pinboards.



Top 3 Pinterest Thomas Kinkade Christmas Painting Pinboards


1. featured first is this Thomas Kinkade Christmas dedicated Pinterest pinboard. It’s all Christmas paintings listed here. Check out some these favorites:

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Thomas Kinkade Christmas Pinterest

Pinterest kinkade

  • Thomas Kinkade Snowmen
  • Kinkade Pinterest Christmas at the House Pin
  • The Lights of Christmas Town
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Thomas Kinkade Christmas Evening
  • Home for Christmas
  • Evening Carolers
  • Christmas Chapel
  • Evening Glow
  • Wintertime
  • Outdoor Christmas Scene


2. this is the official’s own Pinterest Christmas art pinboard. Enjoy these works:

  • Silent Night
  • All Aboard for Christmas
  • Victorian Christmas Collection
  • Blessings of Christmas
  • Stonehearth Hutch
  • A Holiday Gathering
  • Symbols of Freedom


3. this is a massive Thomas Kinkade Pinterest pinboard listing over 800 pins. The Christmas related pins are scattered among the many different seasons and landscapes presented here. I managed to find this list of some of Kinkade’s more popular works:


Pinterest Thomas Kinkade

Pinterest Kinkade

  • Sunday Evening Sleigh Ride
  • Christmas Lodge
  • Christmas at Graceland
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Thomas Kinkade Christmas
  • Christmas in New York
  • Kinkade Winter Chapel
  • Christmas Welcome
  • Hometown
  • A Nostalgic Noel
  • Christmas at The Ahwanee
  • Pinterest Kinkade Christmas Cottage Pin
  • Winter’s End
  • Christmas Moonlight


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