Top 3 Plaid Facebook Timeline Cover Free Download Websites

Plaid:The Rodney Dangerfield Of Fabrics

Plaid Facebook Timeline Cover photos can be useful for a background or main image for your Timeline. Many people are opting to use this color when making their own Facebook Cover collages with their own photos. Others are choosing a plaid image that matches their profile picture.

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Plaid is a popular Cover image because it invokes a down to earth, nostalgic feel. But why do we feel so inclined to select this color for our Facebook Cover Timeline Cover Photo?

When you think of plaid, especially in America, the farmers and cowboys of the West and Midwest come to mind. No one thinks high fashion or decorative appeal when they think of plaid. Plaids make us think of practical and comfortable patterns.

Long before there was ever a plaid shirt these fabrics served a very different purpose. They weren’t even called plaids, they are Tartans. The Tartan was a fabric that was made of varying sizes of dyed wool woven together into a distinctive pattern.  They originated in the Scottish Highlands and were used to distinguish one clan from another.

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When the battle for Scotland with England began these Plaids became a symbol of pride and honor. The English sovereigns outlawed the wearing of the colors. This was not the first color or fabric that had been regulated by the governing party. Some colors were forbidden in some cultures to be owned by anyone who was not of noble blood. To this day in Scotland the plaids are worn with pride for the past that was and the future that is yet to be.

The Tartan came west and became a staple in the wardrobes of lumber jacks and cowpokes. Back in those days it was a way for men to add color to their plain clothing. In the north these plaids were made of wool fleece but in the west the materials had to be lighter so they used cotton or twill.

Today plaid has made yet another come back, it is one of the fabrics of choice for the grunge scene and new age hipsters.

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I searched the Internet and found 3 top quality websites that specialize in Facebook Covers. These websites have a nice selection of plaid images that you can download and upload to your Timeline for free.

1. snazzyspace: this could be the quintessential plaid Facebook Cover Timeline website which is loaded with plaid Covers. Here are some featured titles: Retro, Pink Plaid, Punk, Soft, Check, Green, Neon, Baby Blanket, Tablecloth, Cheesecake, Tartan, Valentine, Bubblegum, Aqua, Black n Blue, Fuzzy, Invert, and 3D Glasses. Click on the blue “connect using Facebook” button to allow the special app to upload your selected image straight to your Timeline.


2. covermyfb: has around 24 various plaid Covers including Plaid Covers in the colors pink, tan, grey, and blue. There are combination plaid backgrounds great for Facebook Covers with such color images like green yellow, pink teal, and pink yellow.  Other plaid images include a cool Girly Skull, Hello Kitty, Santa, and Harlequin. Like a particular Cover? Just right click and save to your computer or click on the orange “Upload Cover to Facebook” button and upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

3. blingify: download more plaid Covers here on blingify with around 30 more images. Lots of cool color combinations and varieties including Watermelon, Pink Plaid Facebook Covers, Ice Cream, Pink Grey, Punk Rock, Summer Breeze, Black and Pink, Sunshine, Chocolate Mint and Blue Plaid. Download your selected image to your computer by clicking the “download” button, then log into your Facebook account and select add/change Cover to select it from your Timeline photos.


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