Top 3 Snapchat Twitter Accounts

The popular Snapchat app is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.  What’s so great about Snapchat is the constant reinventing of itself as a cutting edge social media platform.  Snapchat is always introducing new interactive features including things like filters, lenses, bitmojis, Stories, stickers, Snap Maps, Context Cards and lots more. As of the writing of this post Snapchat is in the process of working on a new, user-friendly design to their app.

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This new design is set to roll out sometime in December 2017.  Rumors are floating around that Snapchat is wanting to integrate something similar to the Facebook news feed, but will still open up to the camera.  The goal could also be to make changes to the layout to accommodate Snapchat’s publishing partners.  To help keep up to date with the latest Snapchat design and features try following these Top 3 Snapchat Twitter accounts:




@Snapchat:  this is Snapchat’s official, verified Twitter account with almost 2 million followers.  Tweets include the latest info on Snapchat updates, new design details, filters, lenses, snapcodes, latest bitmojis, Stories, Search, Snap Maps and Context Cards.

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@snapchatsupport:  Snapchat’s official, verified Twitter account for technical app support. Tweets include updates on problems with the app, troubleshooting issues, help on “how to”,  info and news on the latest filters and lenses, how to use emojis and bitmojis, reminders, details about Snap Map, doodles, widgets, stickers, Context Cards and the latest roll-outs and features. The Snapchat support Twitter account is a must follow if you’re a Snapchat enthusiast.  This Twitter feed is closing in on 500,000 followers.



@spectacles: Snap Spectacles are sunglasses with miniature videos for recording made by Snapchat’s parent company. This is their Twitter account that features over 40 thousand followers.  This Twitter account is great with tweets on great ways to use these sunglasses and cool video recording ideas.  There are some great video suggestions that puts yourself right in the action with lots of first person point of view action videos.