Top 3 Staircase Makeovers and Renovations Pinterest Pinboards

Have you ever counted the steps while you were going up and down your stairs?  Or, maybe you know exactly on which step your stairs creak. This is how I know that there are 15 steps in our staircase and where not to step to avoid a creak.  I know there must be more folks like me who know their stairs so well from climbing up and down, up and down.

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So I can understand if some of you have decided to upgrade your long lasting staircases, so that your set of stairs will evolve with you and your family.  Well, guess what!  I have collected the Top 3 Staircase Makeovers and Renovations Pinterest Pinboards and one Bonus Pinboard for you to examine before and during your staircase makeover. You will be glad to know that these pinboards offer tons of tutorials, as well as tips and hints.

There are many images of some exquisite examples of staircase makeovers, including before and after shots, and in progress images.  You’ll feel you’re in good hands here on these pinboards geared specifically for your staircase renovation.  Please take a look and see what you can find!


Top 3 Staircase Makeovers and Renovations Pinterest Pinboards

1.  this is a fantastic Staircase Makeovers and Renovations Pinterest Pinboard for you to peruse!  Come check out the bright and colorful plus the simple and beautiful!  Come learn how to makeover your staircase with the awesome DIY tutorials and tips. Come see for  yourself!

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tile on the risers



staircase spindles




staircase makeover

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  • From Drab to Fab ~ DIY Staircase Remodel
  • Staircase Remodel Reveal
  • DIY: How to Stain and Paint an OAK Banister, Spindles, and Newel Posts (no sanding needed!)
  • How to build a newel post around an existing banister.
  • 10 Stairway Design Ideas Pinterest Pin 
  • Revamp your staircase: getting rid of old carpet and painting your stairs will make a huge difference!
  • How to stain an oak banister. Give your staircase a makeover with this DIY step-by-step tutorial.
  • This DIY staircase makeover was accomplished in a weekend and looks like a professional job!
  • Wrought Iron Banister Design
  • 26 Incredible Under The Stairs Utilization Ideas – Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas
  • Staircase solutions for small spaces.
  • TILE on the risers!
  • Cool banister – industrial stairs with stainless cable railing.
  • Three blue stripes in middle of painted white stairs in seaside cottage, copper pipe as handrail.


under the stairs ideas



mediteranean stair design



colorful staircase makeover design


2.  this Staircase Makeovers and Renovations Pinterest Pinboard is superb for showing How-Tos on staircase makeovers!  Not only does it show you what to do, but also what NOT to do!  These tutorials show you how to install different aspects of the staircase, as well as how to update and redo your staircase. Come and see what I mean!


use wallpaper to update a staircase

colorful no paint staircase


  • How to install iron balusters in one day.
  • How to paint stair railings.
  • Dress up your stairs with a DIY runner!
  • What not to do when staining stairs.
  • DIY Carpet to Wood
  • How to install new stair treads.
  • Turn unused under-stair space into a fun hangout for the little ones.
  • Redo your staircase using this simple tutorial.
  • Optimize the space under your stairs with extra storage.
  • This carpeted staircase got a modern makeover.
  • Hickory hardwood floors gave this staircase new life.
  • Update a basement staircase with paint.
  • Ten inspirational staircase makeovers
  • Updated staircase: the importance of a first impression.
  • A down and dirty staircase overhaul.
  • A simple but classy staircase transformation.


floral wallpaper staircase makeover

mommy approved staircase

3.  the people behind the pins on this Staircase Makeovers and Renovations Pinterest Pinboard are super excited about telling you how to makeover or renovate your staircase! They offer some awesome tips and suggestions that are tricks of the trade for the folks who check out this helpful pinboard! So come quick and take a look!


beautiful wooden staircase

unique wooden staircase

rock climb up the stairs

  • Banister Makeover
  • Go from carpet to wood stairs in one weekend.
  • Rock Climbing: For those who don’t like stairs.
  • 10 Space-Saving Modern Spiral Staircases
  • Start to finish staircase makeover.
  • Railing Detail
  • Stunning black staircase and foyer
  • Window Seat Landing!
  • Awesome rope railing!
  • Under stair shelving
  • Rainbow staircase
  • Hidden Storage
  • 1960s Palm Beach Style Staircase Makeover
  • 4 DIY decorating ideas for a staircase Pinterest Pin
  • Staircase with archway
  • How to build a newel post.
  • Painted stair runner
  • DIY: how to make a chevron pattern on stairs.


modern spiral staircase



gorgeous spiral staircase


very unique spiral staircase



tree staircase


Bonus Pinboard:  this no-nonsense Staircase Makeovers and Renovations gets straight to the point by presenting renovation tips and tutorials for upgrading your staircase. There are lots of pointers throughout the pins on this terrific pinboard. Come check it out!


measuring the staircase

before and after diy staircase makeover

40 minute staircase makeover

transform a staircase with paint

  • 40-minute $140 staircase makeover
  • This amazing DIY staircase makeover Pinterest Pin– looks like a professional job!
  • How to paint oak stair railing black and white.
  • Split Foyer Staircase Gets a Makeover
  • Spanish tiled risers
  • The absolutely amazing $200 staircase makeover.
  • Update your stairs without painting!
  • Beautiful Budget Staircase Remodel !
  • Open concept staircase to basement
  • Cookie cutter stairway makeover
  • Great tutorial (and pictures!) for removing carpet on stairs and staining
  • 11 staircases that are a big step up!
  • 1920’s Georgian Colonial staircase revived


totally cool staircase makeover



historic building gets modern staircase



nice modern staircase