Top 3 Total Solar Eclipse Facebook Cover Photo Downloads

Looking for Total Solar eclipse Facebook Cover Photos? This upcoming August 21, 2017 will be an amazing event. What better way to share this extraordinary astronomical rarity with your friends and family on Facebook than with a Total Solar Eclipse Facebook Cover Photo for your Facebook Timeline. There aren’t too many images of total solar eclipses out there, but I managed to find several websites where you can download some free covers.

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There are several sites listed below, more than 3, that include 2 that are basic image sites where you can create your own total solar eclipse Facebook cover. One of these is Enjoy and have a great Total Solar Eclipse viewing party on Facebook with your friends.

Top 3 Total Solar Eclipse Facebook Cover Photo Downloads plus Bonus


covermytimeline: there are some great August 21st, 2017 Facebook Cover Photos that you can download here including a “2017 Solar Eclipse”, “Partial Solar Eclipse” and “Total Solar Eclipse”.


Sponsored Links are you looking for a more science fiction, science fantasy type of solar eclipse Facebook Cover Photo? Try this site out. Here you’ll find some space images including “Space Art”, “Outer Space Planets” and “Hand in the Space.” here is a nice moon eclipse Facebook cover photo.

Bonus Image: this is a great Solar Eclipse Facebook Cover rising above the Earth. Nice.


Looking for more images and photos to create your own solar eclipse Facebook Cover. If so, try these 2 sites that feature outstanding photos and images of solar eclipses.


Bonus Solar Eclipse Photo and Image Sites: there are some great photos on NASA’s own .gov website. Their eclipse 2017 features a nice display of photos and images including some of these: “Eclipse Shadow from Space”, “Total Solar Eclipse”, “Total Solar Eclipse in the Southern Hemisphere”, “Total Eclipse still image of the Path of Totality”, and “Eclipse Shadow from the ISS”. These are amazing photos and images. Use one of these Facebook editors to make your specialized Solar Eclipse Facebook Cover Photo.




Pinterest Solar Eclipse Photos: these search results on Pinterest offer up a nice variety of solar eclipse photos and images.