Top 4 Christmas in Great Britain Pinterest Pinboards

There is no doubt that Great Britain is rich in tradition while also being a reflection of modern beauty and grandeur.  One terrific time to see how  amazing these countries can be is during the Holidays. England, Scotland and Wales all have their own traditions even as they share the traditions celebrated throughout Great Britain.


The pins in the following Top 4 Christmas in Great Britain Pinterest Pinboards depict spectacular views of a winter wonderland both in the cities and in the countryside.  One can sense elegance and charm, and an inviting coziness speaks to the viewer.  For a breathtaking view of these countries in this festive season, check out these welcoming pinboards!



Top 4 Christmas in Great Britain Pinterest Pinboards


1.  this is a lovely Christmas in Great Britain Pinterest Pinboard.  The pins offer picturesque views of England during Christmas.  At times, images of familiar objects in the city quilted in snow grace the pins, at others, those of the countryside appear.  In addition, popular items of the holidays are featured, such as the Christmas cracker and tasty Christmas pudding. The overall picture presented with these pins is quaint and cozy, the feel is inviting.  You’ll love a trip through this pinboard!


christmas in the uk 1

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christmas in the uk 2


christmas in the uk 3


christmas in the uk 4

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  • Pinterest Christmas England Pin- An English Christmas
  • – English Country Charm
  • – Big Ben – London
  • – Savory Christmas Pudding
  • – Holiday Tea By The Fireplace
  • – Country Manor Riding
  • – Beautiful Edibles
  • – Adorable Rocking Horse
  • – Warm and Cozy Red Plaid
  • – Traditional Golden Christmas Tree
  • – English Christmas Crackers
  • – Glittery Double-Decker Bus Ornament From Harrod’s
  • – Christmas Pie
  • – Red Phone Booth in the Snow
  • – Haworth During the Holidays – West Yorkshire, England
  • – Snow in Red Double-Decker Bus, London
  • – Decorated Window in Cambridge, England


christmas in the uk 5



christmas in the uk 6



christmas in the uk 7


2.  this fun Christmas in Great Britain Pinterest Pinboard focuses on the things that are unique to celebrating the Holidays in Scotland.  For starters, some Scottish cuisine is mentioned, like Dundee Cake, Scottish Empire Biscuits, Yule Bread, and Cock-A-Leekie Soup.  In addition, several Scottish locations are featured, such as Castle Dunvegan, the castle of Clan MacLeod, Christmas in Glasgow, Old Town in Edinburgh, and Christmas in Aberdeen.  Traditional tartan and plaid, as well as kilts and bagpipes make an appearance as well. Browse this holiday pinboard for an excellent look  at a Pinterest Scottish Christmas!


christmas in the uk 14



christmas in the uk 15


christmas in the uk 16



  • – Scottish Santa
  • – Rosslyn Chapel – Scotland
  • – Old Town at Christmas Time, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • – Dundee Cake – Famous Scottish Fruit Cake
  • – Hand-Carved Scottish Tartan Plaid Santa Tree Ornament
  • – Traditional Scottish Dessert Recipe: Cranachan with Raspberries and Shortbread
  • – Light a Candle in a Window – a Celtic Tradition
  • – Scottish Christmas Music
  • – Vintage Nutcracker – Scottish Santa
  • – Christmas in Glasgow, Scotland
  • – The Magnificent Jenners Christmas Tree
  • – Castle Dunvegan, Scotland,  The Castle of the Clan MacLeod, Christmas
  • – Narnia Deserted Road Near Dryburgh in the Scottish Borders After a Hard Frost
  • – Tartan Scotland Crown Christmas Decoration
  • – Embroidered Tartan Snowflake
  • – Celebrating the Holidays in Aberdeen
  • – Santa in Miniature Royal Stewart Tartan
  • – Plaid and Pines
  • – Scottish Styled Christmas Pudding
  • – The Holidays at the Dome, Edinburgh
  • – Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe
  • – The Baking of The Yule Bread
  • – Cock-a-leekie Soup
  • – Scottish Empire Biscuits


christmas in the uk 17



christmas in the uk 18



christmas in the uk 19


3.  this Christmas in Great Britain Pinterest Pinboard offers a look at a land and a people rich in tradition: Wales.  The pins depict holiday scenes and objects that are native to Wales, like the Mari Lwyd, Plygian Singing, and the festive Calennig.  Check out this pinboard for a joyous look at this country’s Christmas celebrations!


Welsh Christmas Traditions



tradtional Welsh Christmas Breakfast




Christmas calennig


  • – Slate Heart – Hand Made in Wales – Nadolig Llawen – Merry Christmas
  • – Votive Candle / Tea Light Holder
  • – Welsh Christmas photo that shows the leader of the ‘Mari Lwyd’ mummers
  • – Welsh Christmas Carols
  • – Lighthouse in Snow, Llandudno, Wales
  • – Things To Do In Cardiff in Winter
  • – North Wales at Sunrise
  • – Snow On Welsh Landscape
  • -Plygian Singing
  • – This Beautiful and Eerie Hobby Horse is a Mari Lwyd (Gray Mare), the Central Figure in the Welsh Mumming Festivals
  • – 22 Welsh Words and Phrases You Definitely Need This Christmas – Including ‘twrci’
  • – Calennig Gift Wrap
  • – Traditional Recipes For Breakfast Treats From a Time Gone By
  • Welsh Christmas Pinterest Pin Traditions You’ll Wish We Still Celebrated – St. Stephen’s Day, Catching a Wren and Bringing it Door to Door
  • – Christmas Quilts
  • – Letter to Santa Envelope Welsh
  • – ‘A CHILD’S CHRISTMAS IN WALES’ by Dylan Thomas. Illustrations by Peter Bailey
  • – Welsh “Santa Stop Here” with Children’s Names on Small Hearts


santa stop here welsh



christmas robin



nadolig llawen merry christmas


4.  what you’ll find with this Christmas in Great Britain Pinterest Pinboard, is that in London there is a mixture of the new and spectacular along with the old and wondrous.  What one may see during the Holidays in London is the London Eye, places to shop, like Cartier,Harrods and Selfridges, traditional sites like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge to name a few.  There are specific well-known places like Oxford Street, Borough Market, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, and the South Bank. Whatever beautiful sites you see, London during the Holidays should prove to be enchanting!


the london eye



christmas decorations in london



christmas on oxford street

  • – Possibly the Best Christmas Decorations in London: The Churchill Arms, Notting Hill
  • – Magic London Eye
  • – Big Ben in the Snow, Westminster Abbey, London
  • – Borough Market, London
  • – Harrods at Night. London – One of the Most Famous Retail Stores in the World
  • – Tower Bridge in London
  • – Cartier London – Old Bond Street
  • – Leadenhall Market, London
  • – Christmas at Windsor Castle
  • – Angel Crown Pub, St. Martin’s Lane, London
  • – Celebrating the Holidays in London – Oxford Street
  • – A Romantic Walk in the Snow: South Bank, London
  • – Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace London
  • – Get Your Skates on at the Best Ice Rinks in Britain: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London
  • – Rules – The Oldest Restaurant in London, and Wonderful – In Coventry Garden
  • – Regent Street, London Christmas Pinterest Pin
  • – London Christmas Decorations, Selfridges Department Store
  • – Sloane Square in London
  • – Zita-Elze- Florist-Shop – London
  • – Kentish Town, London, England
  • – Portobello Fresh Juice Bar | London


buckingham palace christmas


westminster abbey


kentish london