Top 4 Meaningful, Relaxing and Enjoyable Hobbies Pinterest Pinboards

When I think of the idea “hobbies,” I think of being productive and doing something important and helpful.  I think of charitable works and community service and helping others.  Although hobbies are meant to make a person feel relaxed and calm and content, their resulting effect on others is what adds to the joy and satisfaction of your most enjoyable hobbies.

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With this in mind, I collected four of the most helpful pinboards to present you with invigorating ideas to picking a meaningful hobby and putting it to good use, even as it benefits you in more ways you can count!  Look below to find a treasure trove of hobbies, activities and ideas.  You won’t be disappointed!

Top 4 Meaningful, Relaxing and Enjoyable Hobbies Pinterest Pinboards


1.  this fantastic Hobbies Pinterest Pinboard offers tips on all sorts of hobbies, such crocheting and sewing, and explores many different unusual or off-the-beaten-path hobbies to try.  There are even some suggestions for turning your hobby into a local or online business.  Come check out this awesome pinboard for some great ideas!


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  • Build Your Own Gift Bags For the Homeless in Your Community
  • What To Put in a Blessing Bag
  • 140 Websites That Pay Writers
  • Dreaming of Turning Your Hobby Into a Business?
  • Organize, Read and Share What Matters To You
  • 8 Unusual Hobbies For Women You May Fall in Love With


2.  this is more of a Pinterest pin page but offers numerous hobby and activity ideas divided into various categories to help all kinds of people seeking to find something to be creative, productive and helpful.  My favorite pins deal with super-charged exercise ideas and the ones with the most unique hobbies around, such as beginning beekeeping! Have fun searching.  You’re sure to find something suitable!

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  • 19 Awesome Things To Do Alone
  • How To Start Your Own Etsy Shop
  • The 10 Best Stress Busting Hobbies You Should Try Today
  • How To Stop Being Lazy and Start Being Productive


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3.  this super enjoyable pinboard offers so much!  One pin boasts “The Biggest List of Hobbies Ever,” while another shows you “How to Make Lotion That Smells Amazing.”  Plus, it too illustrates ways to make money with one’s hobby; in fact, several pins deal with lists of hobbies that make money.  Take a look at this cool pinboard, and you just may find what you are looking for!

  • 17 Hobbies To Try If You Suck At Hobbies
  • 90 Amazingly Awesome Hobbies You Should Consider
  • How To Make Lotion That Smells Amazing
  • 40+ Books That Will Change Your Life


  • 5 Ways To Be Creative Daily
  • Beginner Brush Lettering
  • How To Ice Dye
  • 7 Fun Ways To Make Extra Money


  • 10 Unexpected Hobbies To Try Immediately
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  • 23 Smart Ways To Sneak Me-Time Into Your Day



4.  this wonderful pinboard provides the perfect examples of how to turn your hobbies/skills into community service.  Some of the terrific ideas offered are making Blessing Bags, Chemo Care Kits, Blankets, and No Slip Socks, to name a few.  Some pins have long lists of ideas for people to peruse.  The images and ideas in this pinboard will warm your heart and inspire to take your hobbies to the next level!  Come see!



  • Bedtime Bags for Children in Shelters or Going Into Foster Care
  • Make a Chemo Care Kit For Local Cancer Center
  • Blessing Bags For Women
  • Host a Service Party to Make Blankets For Project Linus
  • 129 Great Examples of Community Service Projects
  • Bake Dog Treats For Animal Shelters
  • Make No-Slip Socks For Nursing Homes


  • Make Place Mats for Meals on Wheels
  • Kid Comfort Bags For Children In Traumatic Situations
  • Make Alzheimer’s Fidget Quilts