Top 5 Apple iPhone 5 Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Download Websites

We are in love with our iPhone. At least I am. I’ve been buying the latest iPhone models since the original version came out way back when. I was fascinated with the glossy black screen and the bright and shiny square app buttons. The original iPhone was flat and comfortable to hold as were the later models. The design was sleek and modern and Apple packaged the device in a sort of minimalistic type box.  

Later versions of the iPhone just got better and better with the latest iPhone made of glass and light metal parts.

The iPhone is a great innovation and with the latest iPhone 5 release I find myself tempted once again to plump down a couple of hundred dollars and a two year contract to purchase this latest version.

Being a fan of this smartphone I’ve already switched my Timeline Cover to a cool iPhone 5 Facebook Cover Timeline Photo. There are not too many Timeline Covers that showcase the latest version of the iPhone but I did manage to find a few. There are also several Covers of  the Apple logo and products that you can download to your computer.

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Top 5 Apple iPhone 5 Facebook Cover Download Websites


1. allfbcovers: a beautiful iPhone 5 Facebook Cover with black background.

2. firstcovers: funny iPhone 5 images LOL  Cover with keyboard layout of the apps.

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3. blucovers: iPhone 5 humorous image with the iPhone decorated atop with old antennas of all sorts. Funny.

4. blucovers: looking for Apple Facebook Covers? This site is loaded with them with over 60 images of Apple, iPhone and other Mac products that you can use for a Timeline Cover.

5. coverprofile: has 4 high quality Apple iPhone Facebook Covers that you can download straight to your computer by using the right click and save image as option.

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