Top 5 Barbecue BBQ Twitter Accounts

Everybody loves a good BBQ. Let’s face it, the smell of cooked ribs, brisket, chicken, and steaks on the grill or in a smoker can drive anyone into a feeding frenzy.  These Top 5 Barbecue BBQ Twitter accounts tweet everything Barbecue.

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You’ll find the obvious things like winning barbecue recipes, suggested flavors and ingredients, places to find the best barbecue across the country, menu ideas, contest winners, barbecue sauce recipes, how to prepare meats, barbecue video cooking tutorials and much more.

Here are the Top 5 Barbecue BBQ Twitter accounts:

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@BBQsnob: this is the verified Twitter account of Daniel Vaughn, the barbecue editor of the Texas Monthly with over 32,000 followers.  Tweets include links to articles on Texas barbecue, recipe ideas and presentations, upcoming events, local Texas BBQ restaurants menus and reviews in the Austin area, BBQ contests, BBQ facts, trivia, polls, and lots more.



@sraichlen:  the is one of the most popular barbecue blogs on the Internet. This is the official, verified Twitter account of Steven Raichlen, the writer, author and host of Smoke & Primal Grill on PBS. Here you’ll find tons of tweets with links to barbecue recipes, techniques and commentary all about BBQ, barbecue.  Here are some of more recent barbecue recipe idea tweets: stuffed smoked sausage balls, BBQ turkey, perfect roast chicken, grilled sandwiches, Kansas City baby backs, lamb shoulder, beer can chicken, grilled salmon, and barbecue chicken wings.

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@porkbarrelbbq:  here is the official Twitter account of the award winning Pork Barrel BBQ sauce company with over 45 thousand followers.  Tweets contain lots of images on Instagram from their online store, barbecue preparation photos and lots more. Take a look and enjoy.


@bbqaddictsjason:  another great barbecue Twitter account from the popular blog with over 8 thousand followers.  Tweets contain all things barbecue including links back to their blog articles that feature one-of-a kind recipe ideas, rubs and ingredients, contest photos of winning recipes, BBQ suggestions and tips, the bacon explosion, related videos and more.


@franklinbbq:  this is the official Twitter account of Texas’ most famous barbecue place, Franklin Barbecue in Austin Texas, with over 55 thousand loyal Twitter followers.  The standing wait times at this place are legendary.  If you want to get the latest Franklin Barbecue updates you need to follow this Twitter feed right now.  Franklin Barbecue is currently going through a remodeling phase as a fire in the smokehouse caused some damage, but this does not stop them from tweeting almost daily.