Top 5 Bird Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

Birds are no doubt beautiful and graceful creatures. There are many species of birds in existence and with the variety of color patterns, geographical specific locations and rarity of certain species the hobby of birdwatching which encompasses naked eye observation, photography and the completion of a particular life list (birds sighted and date recorded in a journal of some kind) has reached a pinnacle of interest.

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People love birds, and they like to possess anything and everything bird related; these might include bird decor in the home, paintings, jewelry  photographs, collectible bird figurines and more.

If your enthusiastic about birds you might have already been looking for bird or birds Facebook Timeline Photos that you can place atop your Timeline as a Cover.

To help you in this endeavor I searched the Internet thoroughly and found these top 5 bird Facebook Cover websites which have a large selection of bird images that you can download to your computer or upload straight to your Timeline photos. All images are free to use. Enjoy and happy birdwatching.


 Top 5 Bird Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites


1. freeprofilecovers: this might be the king of bird photograph Facebook Cover websites listing 255 bird Timeline Covers. If you can’t find a particular up close bird photograph Cover here then you might be hard pressed to find one anywhere else. All your popular and even rare birds are showcased here including the Red Cardinal, Toucan, Hummingbird, Bluejay Facebook Cover, Bald Eagles, Bluebirds, Blackbirds, Doves, Flamingos, Geese, Owls, Peacocks, Sparrows, Parrots, Kite, Heron, Hawk, Quail, Kingfisher, Flycatcher, Swan, and Woodpecker.

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2. covermyfb: has over 80 high quality digital photographs and images of birds including Birds in Paradise, Blue Birds Covers, Love, of a Feather, Hummingbird Facebook Cover Photo, Fairy, Unicorn, Free, Birds and Flowers, Singing, Flying, Wallpaper Style, Parakeets, Winter and Holly, Valentines, Berries, Cute, Nesting, Doves ,Collage, with Horse, Bluejay and Bird Cage. Like one of these Timeline Covers? Just right click on the image and select “save image as” to download it to your computer.



3. this is a little deviation from my normal posts on Facebook Covers; however, I’ve listed several Pinterest pinboards before. This pinboard of bird Facebook Covers has 64 pin pictures of beautiful and colorful birds of all types. The red cardinal Facebook Timeline Cover below is just stunning.

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4. punemate: nice inventory of bird photographs taken from Hadapsar Pune turned into Facebook Covers. Some birds listed alphabetically and by page numbers. The great thing about this site is the bird photograph covers are also accompanied with motivational quotes from famous people like Albert Einstein and Henry Ford. Here is a short list of featured bird photographs turned into Timeline Covers: Sparrow, Sandpiper, Egret, Fantail, Kingfisher, Weaver, Sunbird, Pipit, Kite, Magpie Robin and Fantail.

5.firstcover: this user submitted site has a lot of variety when it comes to their bird Timeline Covers and includes Love Birds Facebook Cover, Paintings, Fantasy, Birds Romance, Two on a Wire, Famous Quotes, Paradise, Fly High, Birdswire, Collage, Shadows, and Silhouettes. Just right click on an image and save it to your computer, then log into your Facebook account and upload the image straight to your Timeline Photos.

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