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Top 5 Cat and Cute Kitten Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites

Earlier this year I completed a Facebook Cover Photo post on general animals of all types. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this post (see related links post below) I thought it was time to create individual posts on popular pets by species.

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Of course it goes without saying cats and dogs lead the list of popular domesticated animals enjoyed and digitally photographed by people from all over the world. While not giving priority to one or the other I thought cats and cute kittens would be a good place to start.

Among all animals cats can be the subject of some of the most memorable pictures and photographs that can often be cute, funny, serious or just plain adorable. Cat lovers on Facebook have a lot of choices and options when it comes to choosing a Cat or Kitten Facebook Cover Photo. While most of these websites have general animal categories I visited some of the more popular ones that had specific “Cat” categories. On some featured websites I linked to a “Cat” search results page(s).

All these images are free to download and upload to your Timeline for your Facebook Cover. There are hundreds of cat and kitten pictures to choose from below. Enjoy.

Top 5 Cat and Kitten Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites

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1. firstcovers: there are over 15 memorable Cat Cover Photos to choose from including kittens in striking funny poses. Examples include a hilarious Hipster Kitten, Kitten and Fish, Cat with Glasses and Cute Kitten. Just click on the “add this to your profile” blue button to get a bigger image of the Cover Photo. Right click on this image and select the “save image as” option to download the picture to your special Facebook Covers folder. Don’t forget you can always allow the special app to upload the Cover image for you straight to your Timeline.


2. addacover: search results for “Cat” returned almost 200 Cat Cover Photos on this premiere website. If your a cat lover or enthusiast there is definetly a cat, big wild cat or small lovable kitten image here for you to discover. Check out some of these fanciful titles: Cat Lover, Eyes Quote, Cheetah Cubs, Black Cats, Cute, Meow, Smowy, Birthday, Country Kitchen and Cat on Porch. Images can be saved with the right click save as option.  You can also use the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline.

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3. allfbcovers: you’ll find close to 40 adorable, cute and funny cat and kitten Facebook Cover images at allfbcovers. There is a nice variety of pictures showing cats and kittens in their natural state doing what they do best, playing and looking cute. There are some awesome playful cat images including titles like kitten Sleeping, with puppy, playing with slipper, with ducks, in water pail, playing with christmas ornaments, and in the snow. Images can be saved to your computer using the right click “save image as” option or use the special app to allow a log in to your Facebook account and upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.


4. Get-Covers: look in the Cats category and you’ll find 60 incredible cat and kitten Covers Photos covering all varieties and types.  There are some high quality close-up shots of these beautiful felines including cute kittens Covers, angry and sleeping poses, gorgeous close up eyes, funny, smiling, flying, and piano. Just right click and choose the “save image as” option to download the image to your favorite Facebook Cover Photo downloads.


5. facecoverz: has 20 cat and kitten Facebook Cover images in the cat category including some anime, cartoon cat images and popular iconic cat brands like Hello Kitty. There are some cute and funny cat pictures here that you can download for free. Just right click and choose the “save image as” option to download this to your computer.


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